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Darbyhazelwood park

renewing on line is impossible


get your act together or loose me . I can not believe a company of this size is so slack in renewing store cards

DJs Heritage Card - activation - (its confusing - but still straight forward)


they dont want your storecard


After getting a humiliating letter from David Jones about being overdue when I thought I was in credit I then tried to activate my storecard but could not find where to do it on the website. However when I rang to talk to them there was a button to push to CANCEL my storecard. I immediately pushed the button and my account was closed and I was ecstatic. They want you to cancel your store card account because they want you to have an American Express card with a high interest rate!!

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its very frustrating


trying to activate your card on line , keeps taking you to American express. you need to fix the problem if you would like more people shop at your store. your choice!!!

Pete l


  • 3 reviews

Activate card impossible


This is the worst system ever, could not activate my card no matter how I tried, asked question no one could help, crap on you David jones

Cannot activate card


This is most confusing to simply activate my card. I was directed to American Xpress which I do not want --all I want to do is activate the card and if I can't do this easily I will not shop at David Jones. I do not know if it is activated or not so I won't bother with it. David Jones please look at your disgruntled long time customers comments for we do not want American Xpress! Remember there are plenty of other stores out there

Frustrated with website.


Obviously DJ administration does not heed complaints and is not concerned with website problem when trying to activate new storecard. I notice complaints go back a number of years. Yet another dissatisfied customer!



continued chaos on storecard?


Yes there is an activation webpage but no sign of activation prompts, brings yet another dimension to user friendly?
May explain the fall off in retail? customer service? site fright?



Difficult website


no instructions about how to activate new storecard on the recommended website. Phoned number in small print on the back of the card - problem resolved. Judging by numerous comments on website, many people have trouble. Why should it be so difficult? I use websites successfully every day. DJs needs to fix theirs!

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  • 5 reviews

$30 late payment fee PLUS interest charges


I paid my account balance of less than $100 four days late. Have now been charged a $30 “overdue payment fee” plus interest charge of 24.74%. How on earth do they justify this exorbitant fee? I’ll be cancelling my account.

Activating store card


What a shame, a great shopping experience now trashed!


What a shame won't let me activate sound good and reads simple enough!


There has to be a simpler way of doing this! I will go and prefer human contact for activation of card!

Number to activate card


Just activated my DJ store card very easily by calling 1300368341, the number on their website. Shouldn't this be advertised on the sticker on the card as yes, the site is useless!!



I thought I was the problem


Until I decided to search for how to activate online my DJs storecard ...I thought I was the one making mistakes. Then I saw the reviews about it being April '18 and others not being able to do so either. I have no plans to a) spend extra to make a 1300 call or b) sit on hold. I too have shopped for over 30 yrs at DJs....looks like I will stick to cash or credit card and ditch the storecard. Darn

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David Jone Store Card - activation


Really bad.
Got my new card.
There is no Activation button to be found on their website.
Called 1300 number, and input my card number, then it went silent for a long time, then I dialled again and again, finally I gave up.

This is really bad for DJ!!!!


JohnnydibHunter Region, NSW

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  • Verified customer

Just Wanted A Storecard


Went to DJ's at Kotara, NSW, today, made a lot of purchases several of them advertising they were subject of 22% discount. Got to the counter to pay for the items, told I needed a storecard. The wife left her card at home, which the attendant refused to look up on their system. Asked to apply for a new card at the store and told we would have to pay $99.00, which we were told was like a credit card, with no mention of their being just a "free" storecard still available. Paid the full amount for our goods and left the store. Got home, went online and found that there is still a "free" storecard available - now really annoyed with DJ's, you just lost another customer, no wonder you're going broke!

David Jones Storecard cant be activated online!


Well here it is April 2018 and David Jones still have not fixed the web site problem of not being able tom activate their DJs Storecard! I too have been a DJ customer for 40+ years! and I too don't want the American Express DJs card. David Jones - what are you doing about this problem? Why bother racking up the costs of a new card, a sticker on the card directing us to use davidjones .com.au/activate to activate then card and the covering letter when it is all a waste of time and DJ's money!! I wonder why their profit line is down??



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Refunds not being reflected


I refunded an item in mid-March which has only now been reflected on my statement after I have called AMEX 3 times. I have now been charged interest for not paying an amount which should have been cleared. Absolutely annoying!



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Card cancelled by DJs


I have spent a great deal of time in travels overseas in the last few years, They do not have DJs in Europe, so I could not use it. I have settled in Australia again, and was told my card was cancelled due to lack of use. Not only that, the guy on the phone told me i had to go in store an reapply but wouldn't say whether i had to fill a new form in. He suggested asking when in store.I was in store and they told me to call! I don't know what info theyre told to tell customers I have since decided I don't want a card now and ask that they be more understanding with individual clients and their circumstances.

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sally nasr

sally nasrasked

Can I activate my card on line

2 answers

David Jones would like everyone to use an AMEX card, these cards cost $90 a year and I continued with my store card. This year I found it impossible to activate, I have not had trouble before and I was so annoyed that I cancelled my account after 36 years. Good luck.

wolemai S.
wolemai S.

Many years ago I was asked to be part of a market research group meeting where David Jones asked us about different types of card. A very dominating man flashed his black Americam Express Card around and virtually took over the meeting. Several of us stated firmly that we did NOT want American Express cards because they are very unpopular with countless stores because of the outrageous fees they charge the retailers.
A number of us at the group made it clear we did not want David Jones to adopt the Amex Card, but for some strange reason the woman running the group kept coming back to the loud American Express Card owner and it was obvious that she was listening to him and not to us.
When David Jones adpoted the Amex Card we were pressured every time we shopped there to change our card from the old store card to the Amex Card. We finally told them to stop hounding us or we would stop coming to their store!
Our old store card used to give us:
a discount on the purchase of products
an extended warranty on electrical products.
Both of these benefits were dropped some years ago.
Now the store card gives us virtually nothing except some obscure point system that offers little.
We gain far more from our Myer One card which regularly gives us $10 or $20 gift cards.
To cut a long story short - I have have had a David Jones Card since university days, many years ago! It had great benefits which have long gone.
I will NOT use Amex. I found it far too embarrasing to find store after store politely tell me they did not accept it, though most now have a prominent sign on their front desk telling customers that the Amex Card is either not accpeted or will cost noticeably more to use.
David Jones has gone downhill fast. Their service is alsmost non existent due to staff cutbacks and their store card is useless. It is obvious in fact that they are phasing out the Store Card in favour of the Amex Card.
So bye bye DJ's! Someone at the top has NO idea how to run a department store and NO idea how to keep loyal customers.



How do I find out my balance online

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Lorna F

Lorna Fasked

How do I activate my Storecard?

No answers

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