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Disgusting service - never again

Absolutely disgusted with the service received from dx.com

First issue - I made a purchase and the order got stuck at payment processing even though I had received an email to say payment had been completed and my credit card charged. It took multiple attempts for someone to escalate this and realise it was an issue. Previously I had been told "just wait longer".

Second issue - I was given an tracking number and a link to Toll website. When I tried to track the item it came back as invalid number. After trying for 4 days I spoke to Toll who advised the tracking number was invalid and to speak with dx.com. When I spoke with customer service I got the usual response "just wait longer" even though Toll had advised that the tracking would have updated on their site 24 hours after sending (if it had been sent). dx.com customer service says it takes up to a week for the tracking number to appear on Toll website - who is not telling the truth?

Third Issue - the customer service representative that I spoke to said that delivery time was 7-11 days (after handling). When I pointed out that the website says 3-5 days for my item she said that was not normal and that 7-11 days (more than double the time) was how long it usually takes. This is plain dishonest to underquote the time for delivery.

Fourth Issue - with this poor experience I requested to speak with a supervisor and the representative refused to escalate.

Fifth Issue - After being told to "wait longer", I have now been told that my items have been "returned to warehouse". If the previous representatives cared they would have been able to determine the item was not in transit like they said it was. They cannot tell me why it was returned but have offered to resend. How do I know if it is going to be returned again if they cannot tell me why first was returned??!!??? The chat service at DX.com is useless. They do not want to assist at all and refuse to let you speak to a supervisor.

DISGUSTING company to deal with!!

Quite good

Have given credit (on $100 item ) and replacement products (on cheap faulty $2 items) without hassle. Undelivered Item was replaced - although took a few months there was never any difficulty.

Credit to card refund was offered although I've never taken that up. I found the method to use credit was weird but I eventually got used to it

All items have been as advertised, and other than stuff from AUDirect delivered well within the advertised times.
The AUDirect site seems pointless - costs more and still comes from Hong-Kong

Fast delivery time

Ordered Xiomi Yi action camera with extra battery pack and charger on Sunday, items delivered on Friday.
Very impressed with fast delivery time.

Ripped me right off charged me different to what advertised

The price that they advertised for is not the price the advertised for so all be aware!!! Placed dispute they said they will refund me but they did not refund me they just send me the unwanted item costing more. Unauthorised transaction. Never going to buy from them. This is illegal. Terrible customer service.

Order a phone 40 days ago and still is missing.

Just don't get cheated for cheap price and make mistake to buy from this DX.COM. I am internet pro but made this mistake to trust this website without reading the review.

The story is I got a phone around 40$ cheaper than Sydney, on the website it was mentioned that the item is located in Australia warehouse and 24 hours delivery.
You know what happened?
It took 8 days to order get finalized and until now after 40 days I did not get the package. The sent me an email 20 days ago and said your order stuck in Netherland post .HA? Netherland? Who use Netherland post to send a package to Australia? funny crazy .
Then gave me new tracking number which for 12 days it says" The item is on transport to the country of destination"

It's been 60 days since I ordered it and still

It's been 60 days since I ordered it and still didn't receive it. I've been asked to wait 10 more day...for the 3rd time.

Last Email.

Dear rob,

Sorry to say that we understand you have waited a long time, and we also want to refund you, but we have policy to deal with packages, as we have no rights to refund at any time, we can only apply refund when we get the returned or lost information from the shipping post, so we hope your understanding.

Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice day!

Best regards,
[name removed]

Liar! Scam company! Beware! Bunch of thief!

Scam scam!! Do not buy from this site!!! They sent me wrong item, and when I asked for a refund they're gone!! No news! Beware!!! Customer service wasn't help whatsoever!! Bunch of thief!! You have been warned!! My first order will be the last!! Don't buy from this company

Do not trust this company!!! Scam scam scam!!!

I ordered what was supposed to be a Samsung leather 10.1 inch Tablet case and a recharger but what I received was a plastic piece of junk that would fit a Pendo and the regharger did not work. Then they continued to make transactions on my debit card that I NEVER MADE.

Asked for my passport and credit card when using paypal

WARNING: SCAM SITE - do not purchase - they ask for a copy of my passport when I bought a power bank.


I have been waiting for my order for 8 weeks, told it would be 2-6 weeks. No tracking number is listed for it yet they keep telling me to wait a few more days and they will find it. they send me my postal address to check. they thank me for my precious time. same old same old robotic response. I need my item for this Friday but looks like I wont have it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

AU "Direct" site AKA scam with high prices

As with previous reviewer, had to wait a week for items to ship, asked them why they said "have to preorder", effectively meaning that I just paid more for nothing.

Au DX not in Australia

Ordered from aud.dx.com instead of dx.com, assuming items would arrive in a timely manner. As they shipped it by "Expedited Delivery". Ok to have 3-4 days processing. But now after 1 week of being dispatched, the tracking number has not yet been updated. No clue where the items are.
On contacting customer support, I only received the usual "Do wait" answer. Now I lodge a complaint with PayPal and see if this "Expedites" their update of the tracking number.

Inept in Very Way.

Waited over a month for item. Live chat rude and unhelpful. "Be patient if you can spare your precious time."

Bad site

After waiting for 34 weeks I now find one package is going to chile
Have spoken to the live contact team only to get a turn page answer
I wonder if DX extreme nightmare was based in Australia, they would be out of business in 6 months
The issue is not able to track the item as it's just shows no activity now for 2 weeks
From my experience my lesson is better to pay a higher price and get the items in 7 days then to deal with this frustration of getting nowhere
So if you want to wait 2 months or longer then DX Extreme lie is for you
When or if my items arrive it will be the last order

Bought a cheap mic from them item not received after 2 months

Paid for a microphone from them for my GoPro after 2 months still didn't receive the item and they are not responding to my email.

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Update: it has been 3 years i still have not received the item i purchased yet they told me they are still working on it.

terrible customer service

Ordered through their website a laser meter on 22nd august 2015 to be delivered to australia. Got an email from them on 26th august 2015 stating they have to find another carrier due to some safety issues.
since then - nothing.
Have tried the live chat - nobody answered in 3 hours of waiting.
Tried to track it via the tracking number - got some text in chinese.
Tried to call their phone number - nobody is answering.

Never again with them. Do not waste your money and time with these guys.

Update: 25 september 2015
Just received the item I have ordered, a day after I wrote the review.
The delivery has nothing to do with my post as it arrived the following day.
But be aware that you will not be updated re your purchase if it is late.

worst customer service ever

"Worst customer service ever. before i placed my order i reached out to DX to ask them if my product would arrive on time for my holiday as i needed it to take with me. Given their long processing times and shipment times i thought i would be safe to ask. they assured me it would be ready by that date. after 6 business days i checked in to see if my order had been shipped yet and i was told it would be in a few days. when i expressed my concern and asked them to put a rush on it they dismissed my concern. so i said that given they guaranteed me the product would arrive on time when i ordered it and now they weren't giving me an answer with an arrival ETA if the product didnt come on time i would dispute the charge on my credit card. so they cancelled my order and disconnected the chat. they are dodgy at best. i wouldn't recommend them at all "

Extremely slow delivery!!! over 7 Weeks!

I ordered three small items, a LED light fitting, a USB / car cigarette fitting and small batteries for a car remote control. The prices were ok but it took more than 7 weeks for them to arrive to Sydney, when they claim otherwise. They over-promise and under-deliver. At least the items did eventually arrive, but you have to wait and wait and wonder if they will ever arrive.
Most of my other Internet orders from other web sites tend to arrive within 1-2 weeks!

The postage was extremely fast & communications were great, I highly recommend Deal Extreme!

I bought a DX Deal Extreme SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter with AC Power Adapter, is the best sata/ide converter out on the market. I've been a technition for over twenty years and found this is the only reliable brand on the market. Other brands blew up my hard drives, or they are complicated to set up or require software to be installed, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

The postage was extremely fast & communications were great, I highly recommend Deal Extreme!

Do not trust reviews on this web site

I used this web site regularly until recently. Products are cheap and for the most part you get what you pay for.

I tried to place a couple of negative reviews for two products that I thought were particularly bad (although the reviews on the site stated otherwise) and my reviews were not published.

Do not trust the reviews on this site, they are even more unreliable than the products.

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How and where do I return goods to get a refund?
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I have just received an email telling me that the tablet I ordered as a Christmas gift for a friend on December12 and paid extra to get before Christmas but arrived after New Year, now that gift is not the quad core 16gb I ordered but half the capacity and speed. I think the $30 discount voucher is an insult. You took my order plus the extra for expidited delivery. I paid in good faith and I want the product I ordered. I cannot return the tablet as it is now with my friend who lives in another city. I will pay an extra fee for the tablet I ordered to be sent to me but reject the $30 you offer considering the extra expense and embarrassment I suffered at Christmas when the gift I ordered on the 12th did not arrive. Please let me know when I can receive the tablet I ordered? Michele Fermanis Winward Tablet D101-HD 10" model MTK6582
1 answer
that was the tablet at $99.99 dlls? white and black models? i recieved 2 of them yesterday and wen i try to turn on them only turned on for 3 seconds with 1%of battery, i cant be able to charge in that moment but bot of them doesnt charge! i waited 3 months for those tablets and now dont work. any1 have the same problem? i really dont want to send them back for warranty, not because the tablet because the time, just imagine 3 months to arrive to "dx office" then with the fabric and then back to me? cmon maybe it gona take 24794462427842424 months!!