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Great way to clear

I was able to hold off on any interest charges whilst I sorted out a lengthy process of sorting out my finances. Once I had the money to clear all my debts they covered the admin of clearing quickly and efficiently.

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Glad to hear your opinion, and Congratulations on getting your finances sorted! Debt Cutter


Weigh up; fees vs interest. Then; live to your means. It's amazing how things improve. A live lesson that should be learned before 20.

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We completely agree, and truly believe this is something that schools don't teach enough! Nonetheless, we're very glad to have helped you in controlling your finances going forward.

A helping hand when needed

The process was easy, the staff very understanding & accomodating. I was only getting deeper into debt trying to pay the barest minimum due to a change in my husbands employment. Debt Cutter sorted everything for me & kept me up to date at all times. Highly recommend them

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As so many of our staff and management have been there before, we do try very hard to be accommodating to those we are helping. We're very glad you are happy with our service :) Debt Cutter

This was a wonderful experience.

At first I was a little sceptical, but after a while I realised I'd made the right choice. Through the 5 years I've been with debt cutter they have been nothing short of amazing. Very understand on weeks where cash has been a bit tight and needed to miss a payment. I would and have recommended these guys to anyone in financial difficulties. AMAZING!!!! Thank you to your team so very much!!

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Hi Natasha, We really appreciate just how much of a leap of faith it is to commit to such a life change, and we're so glad you pushed through and came out the other end. Just remember, while we do try our hardest, it is our clients who are the real Heroes for making that leap!

Compassionate and efficient

Would like to compliment on efficiency and compassion. Would like to sincerely thank Amy and Ben - they were amazing. Thanks so much.

I have passed your message on Leanne! Thank you so much for letting us know! Debt CutterThank you!!!!


Very happy now my life is back to normal.
I feel i can move forward and start living like an normal person

Very happy

Very happy with debt cutter, great help & support from all staff i spoke to. Thank you to everyone at debt cutter!

Debt cutter helped me

Helped me clear my debts and were always helpful when my finances were stretched and im glad i went through debtcutter

Out of the pit of hell of debt and regaining life without constant depression and suicidal thoughts

My life has been rescued and I again feel safe to go on with my life. I once again have hope.

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it has been 5 years now that we have been debt free. One of the things to do is get rid of your Visa or any credit cards and you will get used to living within your means. Get a Visa Debit card and you can only spend your own money, once its gone you realise there is no more until the next pay. When this happens a few times and you miss out on food, petrol or some dog food you learn to use what is in your pantry and make your money go further. Another good tip is to really have a good look at what your family eats. This will stop the junk food shopping and buy food from the fruit and veg shop this means NO GST. Same as buying at the butcher, fish monger NO GST so automatic savings. Just make a weekly menu, then a monthly menu then rotate your meals and use spices and flavouring all natural and this will change flavours and increase the variety of your foods. Freeze left overs and use on weekends, save some work and give you come you time. Cheers Marleen

It Saved my financial future

If it wasnt for debt cutter i would never hsve been able to get myself out of debt and back into a position where i could get my life back on track and start saving again. Now i look forward to a future where i can have a house.

This was life changing for my circumstances

going no where until I read the advertisement, history now and happy. Now able to walk with head held high.

wonderful people Great service

They were the help I needed to get my life back on track. I would highly recommend Debt Cutter to anyone that needs help.

Debt Agreement

my experience with the personnel at Debt Cutters has been great. Particularly Ben and Amy, who have been very, very, very patient with me. As I dishonoured so many payments coming out of my salary and then having to make arrangements to pay back. Ben was always accomodating and never refused any of my requests for payment plans. SO A REALLY BIG THANK-YOU TO BEN. Cheers Colleen

Help keep us on our feet

Without this my family would still be struggling and not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good service, but be careful...

The service itself was very good and they did everything that they said they would, which is what you would want in any product. I guess the only thing I feel I should add is if you are reading this, just be 100% sure that this service is your way out and use it as a last resort, as it will kill off your credit for a good 10 years after you sign on the dotted line, and you will always have a mark next to your name. In hindsight, if I wasn't young and naive, I could have gotten myself out of it without needing to resort to this. However, if you have decided that this is right for you, then I highly recommend them.

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Hi Shane, Thank you for your feedback. Just so you are aware the Debt Agreement only stays on your credit file for 5 years and the only reason it would be on for longer is if the agreement has to be extended. We hope this clears a few things up for you and if you have any questions about when the Debt Agreement will come off your credit file just give one of our consultants a call on 1300 887 211. Thanks, The Debt Cutter Team

Best financial thing I've ever done :)

Going out the door backwards with bills and interest adding up every day. Contacted Debtcutters and the pressure stopped immediately and I was amazed with the amount of money required to make the repayments. On the two occasions over the five year period of repayments that I was going to fall short of the agreement, I contacted them and reorganised the schedule of payments and they couldn't have been nicer. I would definitely reccomend Debtcutter to any one. Thank you for your help. :)

This helped me very much

I would like to thank everyone for helping me get through my debt cutters contract and being very friendly to me

Fantastic service.

Right from the start the people were friendly and helpful. They explained everything to us in easy to understand terms. They were understanding when we need to rearrange payments and always helpful when I needed them. Would recommend to friends.

grateful for the help

I can't thank Debt Cutter enough for the arrangement, I never would have been able to dig myself out of the hole that I had managed to get myself in. It was simple, painless and I can't find enough words to say thank you. I have learnt my lesson and I hope to never have to use your services again. I would recommend your company to anyone who finds themselves in debt.

Great way to start again.

I found debt cutter to be friendly and easy going helping me pay off my debt in a positive way. They accomodated for my maternity leave. Thank you Debt cutter.

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Questions & Answers

I am considering but was informed that I'm not the primary account holder when you set up an account with Westpac for my salary to be paid into. How can I be sure that the money is under my ownership?
2 answers
Hi Katie, If you are talking about our Financial Freedom program, this is not the case. All monies we hold, are held under your name with your own account number - this means you still have full ownership of your money. We hope this clears up your question! Thanks, Debt CutterThank you but I was told you have your own BSB with Westpac and the account is set up under your name but client accounts are set up as sub accounts preventing me from having access to this account. Is that not correct?

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