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Great service instore & installation

Nick J & Dominic at Homebush store were great- kept us informed of delivery date and even came out on a Saturday to measure up. They helped us select a great colour floorboard & we receive lots of compliments on it (a type of medium grey). Ryan from HRTimber flooring did installation; very professional & timely. We’d definitely recommend Decorug. Excellent service, fair price, transparent & professional.

Job Satisfaction

Terrible store

I had chosen this company for installation of my floor boards as well as carpets, even though the actual quality of the material was fine the customer service of this company was atrocious. After paying a deposit as we were told to do so we were informed that someone would call us back in 1-3 days regarding a date, well its funny how 1-3 days was actually over a month. After finally getting into contact with the manager of the company we were told a voucher would be given for the inconvenience. So fast forward to when we FINALLY had the carpets installed, they realized they had actually had the wrong measurement and were short a meter or so with the carpet so we were told they would be back in a day or 2 to fix the part of the floor that had nothing on it. Well of course that 1 or 2 day was actually 2 weeks before someone decided to come and fix that.

So finally after waiting over 2 months to actually get our flooring installed I had tried to contact the store manager regarding the voucher for the rug. I called the store 3 times to contact the store manager and even told the person on the phone that it was regarding the carpet voucher and each time I was told that he was unsure and that the manager would call me back as soon as he was finished with the customer he was with. Well that never happened. Then finally I was told by one of the staff members that work there that the manager actually said he had no idea what we were talking about and that he had never promised this. Great customer service isnt it when the manager himself can not even contact you to discuss this matter.

Unfortunately this company is horrendous and its almost impossible to get into contact with anyone that has authority to answer any questions or fix any issues. I would never go back to this company and I definitely do not recommend anyone else to ever go here.

Job Satisfaction

Great service, store way too hot.

I went to the decorug store at aspley and i was greated by very plesent staff who helped me with what i was looking for. Unfortunately i wasnt able to make a decision that day. After spending not even 20 minutes in the store i had to get out as there was no air conditioning and it was so hot. For a store full of rugs and not very good air flow youd think there would be some kind of cooling. After spending less then 20 minutes i couldnt think clearley and wasnt able to make a decision. If i couldn't spend 20minutes in there.I hate to think what the staff have to deal with everyday.

Very happy with my new floors!

I chose a German made laminate floor (Krono) at the Caringbah store.
After I had paid the deposit, there was almost zero customer service. I had to ring, chase up and hound to make any progress on my order.
Contact with head office was not much better, no one had contacted me I had to keep ringing and was getting nowhere.

I was ready to cancel my order when my details were finally given to my amazing Project Manager Mark!
Mark came out and was so reassuring and made the rest of the process a breeze. His chosen installers Naz and Sri were fantastic and I am so happy with the floors and the installation process.
I cannot speak highly enough of the installation team. Thank you.

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