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Delonghi DES16EW

Delonghi DES16EW

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Works very well

I have and this unit for about 6 months now and use it extensively. I am very happy with its performance. It is not that noisy and takes the moisture out of the air very well. I have it set at 50% humidity, but you can adjust it to what you want. It will turn and off automatically to keep the level right. This seems to work well with decent breaks between on and off.

The controls are easy to use and operate. There is a power button, a plus and minus button for adjusting the humidity, a fan speed button (2 speeds), a mode button, and a temperate/humidity button. The latter is very handy as you can push it to determine the rooms humidity level. The power button has become worn and the plastic on the top is starting to tear - not good. The mode button has a normal humidity setting, drying mode (full power) smart mode, (it calculates the setting), and fan mode (fan only).

It has a handle and is on castors so it is very easy to move or push around. I think it is quite compact and a good form factor as it is not to deep and the vents are in the front so you can place close to a wall. It has a removal silver Ion filter.

The water tank holds a fair amount of water. It has some odd shapes to it so when you are pouring out the water you need to be careful as will come out of different places. Not a big issue, but I thought could have been solved by better design. The other issue is when you put the water tank back in, on some occasions it throws up an error code and won't function. You must pull out the tank and reinsert it, sometimes this takes multiple attempts. I am not sure why it does this, I do not think it is a fault, again I think it is a design issue. The tank has a level gauge and you can connect it to use and external drain. Overall a very good unit.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

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Delonghi DES16EW
Price (RRP) $399
Tank Capacity3L
Moisture Removal16L/24 hours

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