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Delonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini109 reviews
PaolaMelbourne13 posts

Ideal Machine For Anyone

I have this fantastic machine which we use every where we go. We love Nespresso coffee and being able to carry on this little machine makes the most wonderful item for our trips. Both, machine and milk frother are easy to use and simple to clean. Highly recommend machine if you are traveller (best local trip as we haven't use this machine overseas). We haven't had any issue with the machine since purchased.

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FelicityComo5 posts

Coffee for emergencies

We have had more expensive, larger machines in the past which seemed to make better coffee even though the pods are the same. Really only suitable for an emergency coffee for one person, perhaps two at a pinch. the only real positive is that it only takes up a little bench space.

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TamaraSydney4 posts

Very Compact and Delivers results every time

I love this machine, it is very compact and does not occupy much space on my kitchen bench, it delivers great quality results and I love using it over and over again it produces the same great coffee without a glitch, there is a variety of capsules available and I love using them, all great.

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MichelleNTDarwin, NT6 posts
  Verified EN85WSOLO

Great coffee pod Machine

I brought this coffee pod machine from JB Hi-Fi a couple of months ago and love it. It comes with a box of sample Nespresso pods to try which was great. I shop at Coles and they have a good range of pods available plus I brought some Nespresso pods online. I find the quality of the coffee from this machine great.

Only downside, but I knew this from reading reviews before I purchased it - I have my coffee with milk so I use a mug. It was a tight fit under the spout so I simply removed the drip tray and put a dish cloth down to catch the drips.

This is a great machine for the price (around $120) especially given I already have a milk frother. I recently brought a second one for our holiday place.

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AnnWAPerth, WA15 posts

The first thing I go to every morning!

This coffee making machine is my favourite in the kitchen! It is simple to use, it doesn't take up much space on my kitchen counter. It brews the best coffee, just like having a coffee shop in your kitchen! The temperature of the coffee brewed is perfect too. It consistently brews a great cup of coffee. I highly recommend you buy this machine!

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Chelle9 posts

This is amazing, I can’t luve without

So my old pod machine dies on me, and I have always wanted a Nespresso machine. I will never use anything else. I received $50 free pods with my order as well so even better. The mini does me as I am on my own and only drink black coffee. I could not live without this machine. I even miss it when I go stay and visit friends who do not own one. I love, love, love it and could not live without it

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ZelenaBrisbane5 posts

Daily routine

Using this coffee machine becomes my daily routine, it is so easy to use as you only need to pour some water in it, put whatever capsule you like and then turn on the machine, that’s al! It tastes good, there’s not much noise while using it which is much better than my previous big w one

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SpoonSydney2 posts

Love it

I would say this is a more modern coffee machine, the size is really as it’s small so it’s easy to store, the coffee are tasty and there’s a variety of choices of capsules which is good, it’s easy to use.

Since the machine is so small so you cannot put a lot of water in it, but it’s still okay

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Wah!Tasmania4 posts

Using it everyday!

Got this from one of my birthday present, did not expect i would use that everyday now! The coffee outcome is great and it is really easy to use!

It’s small enough to go travel with it, it’s easy to clean and there’s a variety choice of capsules!

Definitely recommend you all to buy!

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VanguardPreston4 posts

Gets constsantly used

I would describe myself as a reluctant convert to pod coffee - I held out for years but eventually my wife bought this and the quickness and convenience are certainly positnes. It still cant beat a coffee from y local cafe but it has its place and this little DeLonghi does a great job

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Tania Cajna
Tania Cajna2 posts

This is perfect!

I love the style and size of this machine! It fits nicely in my kitchen as I have little bench space. It looks modern and good. Makes great coffee, works quickly and well. The machine is so easy to clean and put back together. Easy drawer to pull out and empty the pods too. Love it!

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FrapingMelbourne4 posts

Super convenient

Did not buy one for myself but bought one for my mum but still want to review this as I am one of the user as well

This coffee machine size is just perfect for small kitchen and the colour is also so modern

It’s sooooo convenient as it is so easy to make a coffee with the flavour that you want and it is also very easy to clean, you only have to wipe the thing that you put capsule in

My mum use that almost every morning

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Donna2 posts

Excellent coffee

Very easy to make and very delicious in all flavours. Easy to clean. We were making just instant coffee but now it’s to hard to resist the aroma of real coffee beans of a morning. Glad we purchased this. The staff at Harvey Norman were very friendly and sold the product well as she had one herself at home she had recently purchased.

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CouzygirlSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA11 posts

Great for Travelling

Bought this smaller machine specifically for when I travel. It's compact size doesn't take up much room and it's light to carry. Works just as well as the full size model, without the bulkiness. It came with a bonus Aeroccino that does a great job making cappuccinos. A fantastic purchase.

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KaySydney4 posts

Perfect tiny little machine

Love this little machine as this is quite suitable for my little modern kitchen, the coffee outcome is good and the steps are super easy, all you just have to do is to put some water into the pod and turn it on, the only thing that i am disappointed with the machine is the size of the water pod, but as this is called as a mini one, so do not expect too much!

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MichaelOld Noarlunga4 posts

Quick and easy to use

My coffee machine is so easy to use . And also so quick. I like that it is small and doesn’t take up much space in my kitchen, so much so that I keep it out on display.I also like it’s sleek and modern design. I would definitely buy this product again

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Clair Brooke
Clair BrookeWest Beach4 posts

Wonderful for a small appliance!

Can't believe how well this very small coffee maker makes fantastic coffee dispite the mini size of the appliance. The Captuals are easy to fit in the machine and come in a wide range of types. Very easy to use simply plug in put in the Captuals and away you go then you get a great drink at the end

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Ursula Matson
Ursula MatsonSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA6 posts

Coffee machine

This has been a brilliant machine from my office and is well hidden in a cupboard for my instant pleasure. My colleagues and clients have no idea what I'm up to although the machine does make a very loud noise when there is no other sound around. I also have a milk froth are which does and is also in the cupboard with the machine. The only issue I have is that Machine doesn't hold much water. Otherwise it is incredibly easy to use

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Julie TW
Julie TWNSWSydney, NSW10 posts

Perfect size for modern kitchen and lifestyle

I have been a Nespresso fan since the very beginning and have had a few machines. This little guy is just beautifully designed. Light and compact. Easy to clean. Water cistern comes out easily. No buttons to mess with. Capsules don't get stuck.

Milk frother also great.

We bought a black pod drawer that the machine and frother sit on, so we can just grab a pod and pop it in when we are in a rush. We also have the recycle cylinder so we can recycle our pods back to Nespresso.

Only downside is sometimes it drips a little afterwards. no biggie.

And, how good is the service at Nespresso?! Free coffee with the loveliest staff. I am a fan for life.

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MarianWodonga7 posts

Happy, happy, happy

This machine has been the best buy. It is so compact and easy to use. We use it in our house but it would be perfect for a caravan or even camping (if you have power). The coffee is always excellent, but I do regularly run a clean water through the machine to remove any coffee residue. If you're looking for compact, you can't beat this machine.

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JulesSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA8 posts

This DeLonghi Mini is excellent

This machine replaced a Cafitally Machine which I had returned 3 times to Woolworths and finally gave up and took a refund. This new machine is great. About a quarter of the size and does a fab job. The Nespresso coffee from Nespresso Club is so much better than any of the Cafitally brands. It was definitely a great choice.

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DinaVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC11 posts

After so many coffee machines finally this is the one for me

I'm so happy with this coffee machine amazing coffees affordable price and will always buy nespresso coffee machines I've tried so many others but nothing comes close to this one I would recommend it to everyone I'm very happy with it others are a waste of money and disgusting cofffeess

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CeliaBrisbane6 posts

Easy to use

Taste of coffee is great. It's so easy to use. I even get the nespresso compatible hot chocolate pods and even the kids can do it themselves. We use it everyday at least 3-4 times. Cleaning it is also very easy just run it under the tap and it's good as new

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Skidoo2Melbourne4 posts

Gets Used Every day

I was indifferent to this when my wife bought it but little by little have come to rely on it and now use it daily. The quickness is what got me in. I can bang a pod in and have a steaming coffee in under two minute. Lots of flavour options available and the machine is simple as pie to operate. Its become part of my routine now and I like it a lot.

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Sirius1geelong4 posts

Great Pod Machine

Great looking coffee maker. Slim and small on the bench. Makes a fabulous coffee. So many capsules available these days and now biodegradable ones are available too. Its very easy to use. I wasn't sure if I would like the pod coffees but I have taken to them with gusto and look forward to my first before I even get out of bed. Good buy!

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EnterprizeMelbourne4 posts

Awesome Little Machine

Love my coffee and with all the flavors you can get in pods these days it is so much fun to try out new ones. We replaced a very average Aldi machine with this and could not be happier. Its tiny but it produces the best coffees. It is easy as pie to use and there is no maintenance or skills required and no expensive cafe prices Its a great little machine

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Fozziemelbourne4 posts

Great Compact Coffee Maker

Love this thing,. Its tiny and takes up nearly no bench space but make beautiful coffees. It really easy to use too. You put a pod in, check the water, wait for it to heat and then just push the button and you have a delicious coffee long or short black. You can control how much water goes through the pod and so get the strength you like within reason. So long as you keep the water level up and empty the drip tray there is nothing else to do. Easy! Its a good machine for anybody.

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FlatlandsBallarat4 posts

Great Little Coffee Machine

This is a tiny pod machine but it delivers really good coffee with minimal effort. You can make either a long or short black and then add milk. The only con is that the water tank is quite small so you have to fill it often.It takes up very little bench space and theres heaps of different flavors you can get. Its a good machine and I am happy with it.

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Snappy2Melbourne4 posts

Awesome Cofee Machine

I got this on special at the Good Guys and it has been awesome. Its my first coffee machine and I use it every morning. It is extremely simple to operate. You just put a pod in, wait for it to heat (very quick) and press the button. Instant delicious coffee! You can buy lots of different flavored pods and they are often on specials and there is lots of choice. It's a reliable and good machine

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Dalton1melbourne4 posts

Excellent Little Coffee Machine

I got this from the Good Guys on special and its the best.

I can have excellent cafe coffee at home any time I want. It's really simple to use and clean - nothing to it. Just fill it up with water pop in a pod, turn it on and bang! That's all there is to it There are so many pod flavors available. I still haven't tried them all. It looks good and takes up very little space. Very happy with it,

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SheikMaroubra34 posts
  Verified EN85WSOLO

Good for the price

This machin is good for price . Works perfectly . Don’t have any issues . Easy to clean . Has a small tank but it is cheap .machin terms off automatically after non use of few minutes which is good for energy savings . It is suitable for a single person

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Go_Pies1Moorabin5 posts

OK For A Pod Machine

I was given this and I usually prefer real espresso but I can do pods too, I just think of them as a different type of coffee. It is very fast to use and that's a good thing. I can have a hot steaming cup of coffee in nio time and here is no fiddling around. The machine is small and light and easily fits on the benchtop I usually get the most espresso type pods I can find.

There is no maintenance with this, you just put water and pods in and that's it.

It is simple and easy to use.

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Y SSydney4 posts

Great, consistent machine that delivers great coffee

I have used a previous Nespresso machine that used an automatic capsule ejector which failed

This product has a manual capsule ejector which is excellent. The machine takes up little countertop space - and I like the box-like design

Overall, I have no complaints at all - so far very reliable and easy to maintain

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Mark7melbourne6 posts

Excellent Coffee Machine for the price

I got this machine from Goodguys while Nespresso was running a cashback promo as well as coffee credit promo. I paid 100 dollars for it and got 60 dollars worth the coffee credit and 40 bucks cashback so basically the machine was free. I use it every day in office (kept it on my desk) and can't complain at all. I have another Nespresso Lattisima Plus at home which is going strong for past 4 years now. Yes, capsules can be expensive but its still cheaper than buying cafe coffee and I think coffee is better than most cafe coffees out there.

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Jill G
Jill GAU3 posts

Thank you Nespresso

Love! Love! Love! My coffee machine. Have owned a few different brands over the years but glad I finally bought a Nespresso.

Super easy to use and clean. Serves a nice hot coffe every time.

Excellent service from Nespresso and app easy to use and order.

So impressed I purchased one for my sister for her birthday !!

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KPT7 posts

Loving the coffee and the savings

This is a simple little machine that is saving me $3 a day compared to my usual coffee routine. I love being able to easily use it to get boiled water for a cup of tea too! It is easy to keep clean and it looks great in the kitchen.

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Mel E.
Mel E.Perth7 posts
  Verified EN85RAE

Well Loved

We had a lattisima machine as a hand me down when it broke we bought this as a replacement. While I like that one, this Essenza is way better as it only uses less space on our kitchen bench. Absolutely love the milk frother that comes with it. It'll save me a ton of money as compared to the pricey coffee shops and it's very easy to clean.

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SaidhbheSMelbourne5 posts
  Verified EN85WAE

Great coffee machine. Compact, simple and straightforward

I love this machine. It's pretty sleek, looks great when on display and doesn't take up too much space on my worktop. It's easy to clean, you simply pull out the storage compartments for the empty pods, and drips, and give them a rinse in the sink or throw them in the dishwasher.

I also find the Nespresso pods to be easily the nicest tasting of the coffee machines on the market, with also the best variety, and the saving using this compared to buying a coffee on the way to work every morning is remarkable.

Delighted I made this purchase last year and the extra bonus was that it came with a milk foamer!

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K3nperth3 posts

Part of my morning routine love it to bits!

Can't rave enough about how easy it is to use this machine and the clean up is ridiculously simple. Just rinse the water canister and wipe the drip tray that's all! I love it's small size which doesn't take up much room on the kitchen counter. Coffee taste amazing and takes no time to prepare. I have a busy morning schedule with a baby so time saving is very important to me. the lime green adds a splash of colour to my white kitchen without being too bright. I love the service from Nespresso they even taught me how to make coffee properly so that I can enjoy this machine more! It is affordable enjoyment and lifts my morning mood every day.

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JoJoIpswich4 posts
  Nespresso Essenza Mini

What a great little machine!

What a great little machine! It is compact and has delivered beautiful coffee time after time. Highly recommend and have done so to all my friends. Easily transportable for holidays as well - we took this machine on a recent holiday to the gold coast and saved on the cost of a bought coffee every morning. Recommend you get the milk frother to accompany this little beauty.

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