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Love my DeLonghi

This coffee machine delivers awesome tasting coffee every cup time after time. My daughter uses it every weekend when she stays for the weekend. She loved it so much she has now bought her own DeLonghi coffee machine. It's very easy to clean the machine. I can't fault it at all.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Milk doesn't heat up enough!

This is the 2nd coffee machine I have purchased under Delonghi due to experiencing too cool milk! I've tried changing settings to max heat and even sat the milk container out of the fridge however it only gets a tad warmer. It's a good machine as it's easy to clean and maintain. All my friends and family who have tried it out didn't have too much trouble working it without asking me too many questions which is a plus when I'm busy elsewhere to make the coffee for them!
So the only cons is milk not being hot enough so I sometimes need to microwave it for 30 seconds for those that prefer their cuppa hot!! It's lasted 2yrs with not many issues however I have needed to do water ph change more often now which sux as it's not cheap.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Lattissima+ was great, this is better

We had a Lattissima+ for a number of years and with the exception of the occasional problem with steam, it was excellent. Decided to upgrade to this model - wasn't sure whether it was worth the extra cost, it certainly is. Superior build quality and materials, larger water tank and milk jug, much easier cleaning process, better range of coffees, steamed milk , hot water etc. It's just a great improvement all round on a previous model that we liked anyway. Highly recommend, but make sure you don't pay full retail, it's well worth it.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Fantastic coffee machine. Best purchase ever

What can I say. This is the best coffee machine I have ever owned. I have always had a manual machine, but lattissima pro leaves the rest for dead. It makes great tasting lattes under 40 seconds. Handy when I am in a rush to leave in the mornings for work. Great for making coffee for 2+ guests. I needed at least a 4-5 minutes with the other machines. This machine is also self cleaning, and any left over milk goes straight into the fridge, minimising waste. Another + is that the machine cleans itself in seconds. I have also found great tasting coffee pads which cost under 50 cents. No need to rely on the expensive Nespresso range.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great long lasting machine

I've had this machine for over 2 years now and it's still working just like it did the first month. Makes fantastic coffees and the milk frother is great. I've never had any issues with the machine at all, the only gripe I have is that when selecting an auto option like cappuccino or latte the milk comes out before the coffee leaving the milk froth without any coffee taste at all. I manually do the coffee first and the coffee ends up perfect every time. Highly recommended!

My New Lattissima Pro Does Not Work At All!

I just bought my new nespresso lattissima pro machine from the nespresso shop in champs ellyyses in Paris France. Came back home anxious to have a nice coffee. I started the system cleaning process as what is written within the manual but unfortunately nothing happened the cleaning process did not operate and got the message: system empty - repeat delivery. Tried to understand what is this message but could not reach any clue and I left the machine and submitted a complaint.

A quality built product that looks classy

This is literally the top of the line Nespresso Coffee Machine. The difference in build quality between this and the next model down (the Lattissima Touch) is like chalk and cheese. Yes there is a big difference in price but so is there a big difference in the models. If you read the reviews on the Plus and the Touch. They are plagued with milk and steam system problems. I haven't seen any such comments about the Pro. Do yourself a favour and don't settle for any less than the best.

Should have done Due Diligence

The DeLonghi Lattisma cost several hundred dollars but it came with $90 coffee value or $70 cash back so I bought it and for 3 weeks thought it was great.
Then the milk frothing stopped working properly and all I was getting was steam so I came here looking for answers and OOPS! Should have read the reviews before I bought.

The other thing to catch me by surprise was the $90 coffee value deal. Sounded good and I went online to order and OOPS! The prices they charge are 30%- 40% higher than any shop or supermarket I've been to.

Most unreliable coffee machine ever.

I bought this machine in June 2015 based on some positive feedback I had read in forums. It was by no means the cheapest, and having tried Nespresso pods in a number of different machines, the coffee was no better, no worse.
I bought the machine in Melbourne @ Harvey Norman Sunshine however, as I share my time between Australia and the Philippines I decided to take the machine with me to Manila.
It worked perfectly for the first 3 weeks however not long thereafter the milk frother wouldn't heat. No amount of resetting or adjusting would correct this. I contacted the Nespresso Customer Service line who sent out a replacement canister however, the problem remained.
I was then advised to take the unit to the service centre - this proved to be a challenge as I was in the Philippines however, I managed to haul it down in July. The service centre were great and after a day or so the machine was returned with some circuit boards exchanged etc.
After being back in the Philippines for a month my Latissima Pro failed again with exactly the same problem - this time though I can smell the burnt circuit board.
I contacted Nespresso and expressed my dissatisfaction, advising them of the inconvenience in hauling the machine to and from the Philippines. They agreed that a replacement machine would be the best option however this was at the will of the manufacturer and that I should contact the seller (Harvey Norman) to discuss.
I've spoken with Harvey Norman who will be advocating this to DeLonghi and hopefuly when I'm next down in Melbourne they will agree to swap it out.
This has been an extremely bad experience with this machine and hopefully DeLonghi will do the right thing and replace it.

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Yehh, it's a pretty average machine that's for sure.

No more coffee shops for me now thanks to Lattissima Pro

Have spent small fortune on coffee machines (and daily at coffee shops) and at last I've found my perfect barista-quality machine. I LOVE love love my Lattissima pro (LP) which kindly gives me a VERY frothy cappuccino or allows me to reduce froth for others, or just gives great blacks. Nespresso capsules have gone from strength to strength over the years and I can select my flavour to suit my mood. Since purchasing LP I have not bought one cappuccino; I make my own and take to work in glass Maxwell & Wiliams hot/cold mug and 30 minutes later it's as good as fresh made. The LP is the easiest, no fuss machine I've ever used and the milk frother is exceptional. Thank you DeLonghi

Great Machine

I have just invested in a new machine the Lattissima Pro upgrading from the Lattissima Plus that will now be used in the caravan, I found the Pro easy to use with its touch screen and the frothed milk is far better than the plus, also the milk jug on the Pro does not get warm like it does on the Plus model which turned the milk off quicker than it should have, and if I need a tea you can have hot water in 12 seconds I do recommend you take a look at this machine if you are in the market for one.

Absolutely love it

After returning the highly disappointing Lattissima Plus model which was incapable of frothing milk to a latte standard, the Pro exceeded our expectations in this area. Granted, this machine was twice the price of the Plus, but in my opinion, worth the extra. The coffee and milk froth are unparalleled. With the Plus, I found I could not even force myself to drink the latte it made due to the milk being overfrothed and the coffee tasting like water due to not mixing with the milk.

The Pro is easy to use, and a much more substantial machine than the Plus which looked pokey and flimsy. It is of a higher manufacturing quality, and as the sales person explained to me, has a much better mechanism for making the coffee and frothing the milk. The latte milk is frothed to perfection, which in case you can't tell, is the most important factor for me. I also like the LCD display and that it reminds you to clean the milk spout after use, then to return it to its prior setting.
Magnificent lattes and coffee in general, perfect milk froth consistency, robust and quality build, the silver colour is pleasing
Expensive, twice the price of the model down

The new lattissma pro

I wish I read some of these reviews before I bought this machine. I agree with the service side and customer service. They need to brush up their customer service if they only want you to use their exclusive coffee.
My milk frother has a problem after 3 months. I bought the higher version of this one.
I recommend you look at other machines so that if it breaks you can use generic coffee.
I have waited over 3 days for my machine to be collected and had to buy my coffee.
None broke after 3 months
Bad service

Delonghi lattissmo pro Do not buy one!

Hi bought a nespresso from Harvey Norman in caringbah after 3 months it broke down.
Booked a service call with nespresso after waiting 3 days for a pickup still no one has come to collect it. The problem is that you can't use the pods for another machine so you are restricted if it's breaks down. While TNT will deliver another machine however I have waited 3 days so far and yet no coffee machine. If I could I would not have bought it. Be aware of this it may not happen however if it does you are stuck with pods you can't use on another machine or using hot water. So I will need to go out to buy coffee for visitors while my machine is eventually collected....never again nespresso

Bad customer service for warranty

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Questions & Answers

nespresso Lattissima Pro: Quantity of shot is right on and I get the appropriate amount of water in the drip tray, but I also get water going under the drip tray, and it somehow misses the tray and ends up in a pool underneath it. Please advise?
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Did you think to ask Delonghi?Thanks Andy, DeLonghi referred me to Nespresso help since I purchased from them. The coffee specialist had me check for calcium flakes but there were none since I really do regular maintenance and, use filtered water. She had me run multiple Lungo shots and no flakes. She had me take apart the milk frothier head and soak all the parts for an hour in warm soapy water, which I'm doing now. I will post if this makes a difference. Thanks.This seemed to work, I was surprised.

How do I clean the Coffee Spout of the Latisima pro. Is there a way to remove it and wash it like the Milk Frother?
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If you just run a long black with no pod in it then that gives it a good rinse with just hot water after using it. Then you do a descaling once in a while. I've never tried to remove the spout.Thank you. We run a short before every time we switch off the machine. We also do the descaling. We wanted to do the same as with the milk frother and give it a through clean every six months or so. But thank you for taking the time to suggest this.

I have a lattissima EN750 touch and despite disassembling the entire milk jug head piece and ensuring every orifice is clean, It seems the pressure is not allowing the milk to push up the tube out the spout. steaming and cleaning works well. is it the machine itself? Alex
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I have the pro so not sure if the same will apply to you. On my machine, the tube has two little holes that are inserted into the top part where you control froth and cleaning. One of the holes in the tube has to align with a dot in the centre of the top part i.e the hole in the tube has to align with the spout where the milk comes out. This resolved the issue for me. Hoping it’s as simple a fix for you.


Lattissima Pro EN750MB
Price (RRP) $699.00
Pump Pressure19 bar
Input Power1,400 W
Water Tank Capacity1.3 L
Colour / Finish Metal
Dimensions 274 x 194 x 332 mm
Weight6.5 kg
Capsule CompatabilityNespresso
Milk FrotherIntegrated
Heat-up Time 25 seconds
Auto Shut-offYes
Shot FunctionsEspresso, Lungo and Ristretto
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Release dateMar 2014

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN12: 044387407502
  • GTIN13: 8004399327900
  • MPN: EN750.MB

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