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DeLonghi PAC WE18INV

DeLonghi PAC WE18INV

MPN: 36018466
2.7 from 21 reviews

Very expensive for a unit that you're lucky to get 12 months from

I enjoyed the unit for the first 12 months despite it being quite loud and using a lot of electricity. BUT, today during a hot day, I noticed I was still very hot in the room and that it was blowing room temperature air even though it was on max cooling. Showing "F1 errror". Disappointed that it seems to have broken down 13 months after purchase in which I probably used it on less than 20 days in total.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Noisy, needed to replace filter, uses a lot of water, doesn't cool the room enough on hot days

I bought this Dec 2017. It doesn't cool the room enough when outside temp is 30 degrees or more, and it adds a lot of heat to the room from the back piping that leads out the window. If you put it on 18 degrees to try to get ahead of the heat first thing in the morning, (because it's going to be 30+ outside), water droplets form and gather on the top of the unit which is a safety risk. I can't stand to be in the room for too long due to the noise, because it causes ringing in the ears after a few hours. It uses a lot of water everyday. I'm having to add 10-20 L per day of water, which is high maintenance and wasteful, and it usually spills on the floor because it's hard to be accurate filling it with the way the tank is set up. I had to replace the limescale filter after one season use (3 months use) and it was expensive, about $80 inc post, AND Delonghi doesn't sell them! So I had to source it online and they took a month to send it to me because they were chasing the part from the supplier, which I imagine is Delonghi. It's not that portable, it's not on wheels and it's not that quick to set up in a window when you have to fiddle around with setting up the window frame and pipe and plug up all the gaps. I would have been better off investing in an air con that has the motor sitting outside the window and not in the room (hindsight).

Purchased in November 2017 at The Good Guys Online store for $1,099.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Poor
Room Type Living/Dining Area

Much poorer quality than the older model around 2009

I bought this unit on Feb 2017. It broke down after around 14 months. The power now does not turn on. The performance of this unit is actually poorer than the old model with lower power rating. It's very noisy. It's very slow to kick in (compressor kicks in and start cooling). The air direction is strangely veered to one side due to the new fan design.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Never ever buy again

Really bad, bought 2 years ago summer. In last year summer, it died. This product has lots problems, super noisy, Vibration is insane when it reaches max though-put and always stop by overheated in half an hour after start. Really terrible, should really read the review before buying it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Excellent cooling and very energy efficient

At its' bare bones this unit is not 5KW cooling, however at maximum cooling it's not far off it. I would say it's designed to cool an average sized room, in my case, a large master bedroom. It's much quieter than its counterparts, and blows the air upwards to allow it to come down on the room. I find the 10L water tank is always enough to get through the night, and between the more efficient cooling and the unit being an inverter (Can lower the output of the compressor and for example run at 50%, where non-inverter units are either off or running at 100%), my summer air con bill dropped $200. It is quite heavy, so up and down stairs is not that easy, but normally you're not going to move the unit from place to place. The loudest thing about the unit is actually the pump which sprays water over the condenser to cool it. The night time mode, and really even the normal mode when comparing to a non-inverter air con, is very easy to sleep with comfortably. Would recommend, and is very energy efficient.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Coils have been obliterated after 12 months

Extremely poorly made. Cooling coils obliterated leading to alloy shards being flung around the unit creating a horrible grinding noise. Customer support claim there doing their best but does replying once a day with no real info only sorry to hear count as support? Will not recommend product. Cooling doesnt work when its hotter than 30C.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Best purchase of 2017!

Purchased at beginning of December.
Does a fantastic job of fighting the heat in our north/east facing brick home (mostly glass windows/doors on northern side). We run it through the upstairs living areas with doors open to downstairs of house, bedrooms/bathrooms closed off.
Installation was easy. Did need to do a macgyver to properly seal the window from outside (not necessary) but nothing a $20 roll of insulation foil from bunnings and duct tape couldn't fix.
Makes noise only to be expected of having a compressor running indoors and actually, I really don't mind it! Wouldn't recommend it for use in bedroom if you need silence to sleep.
Nothing noticeable on our power bill either which was a pleasant surprise!
Will be purchasing a smaller model for main bedroom and recommending it to everyone!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Not good for Queensland summer

Not easy to set up, compartment for water does not open and close easily and very bulky. Extremely noisy, need ear plugs to sleep. Purchased for bedroom in rented apartment but needs to be set at 18 degrees to slightly cool fairly small room, not looking forward to first electricity account. Not worth the high price.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great for renters

The unit is easy to install simply vented out of a window or sliding door all required attachments come with the unit. Good for cooling a single room but works just as well in a smallish open plan lounge/dining/kitchen such as a unit especially if you couple with a fan at the opposite end of the space. The unit is louder than a split system or even the old fashioned type of air conditioner that was fitted into a wall or window, this is because the motor is inside so this should be expected.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great for a room type air conditioner

For a bedroom is excellent but will struggle with larger open areas, easy enough to use, can be a pain filling it with water but works better if you do, is on the noise side if your trying to sleep but you could get use to it, for this type of air conditioning though it's the best you can get

Date PurchasedNov 2015

it was okay

I bought it from the good guys on the hottest day of the year. No discount at all so it was a bit expensive. It does its job and cooled down the room. The aircon itself is quite noisy. it's hard to get to sleep with this machine on.. so only gave it 2 stars

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Excellent! Why are people complaining?

I have nothing but praise for this unit. It performs well compared to our similarly powerful wall mounted a split-system. For obvious reasons, it is not as quiet as the split, but it is like a church mouse compared to the budget portable model we had! The range of settings mean you can set it up how you want it to cool or just dehumidify. Another bonus is that the outlet vent pipe stays a lot cooler than our previous portable; it got so hot it counteracted the cooling.
Highly recommended!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Surprisingly underwhelmed...

So disappointed. Bought last Jan to replace 10 yr old Delonghi Pinguino workhorse. Didn't realise how lucky I had been. So far at $200/use, it has proven itself a very expensive and not very effective fan, takes up a huge amount of space and 3 weeks ago decided to not turn on - just as the hot weather really hit. It was 5 uses in and had to be returned to be fixed under warranty. To be fair, the outsourced contractors Delonghi use were very quick considering their workload. The computer board had to be replaced; it now turns on but the performance is still pretty average and it no longer looks new. It in NO way compares to my previous Delonghi which valiantly held 40 degrees at bay downstairs in a 2 bedroom terrace. I find you have to fill the water tank often and it doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference anyway. Can't wait to get my power bill. So the lesson here is don't think that by buying a top of the line, more 'economic', more powerful model that you'll get an improved experience - or even a good experience. I'd be really curious to know if anyone that has purchased one is satisfied with it?

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Doesn't cool the place at 30C and above

Given it's size and weight, it's not easy to unbox it unless you have 2 people. We got the unit from Good Guys and they don't offer installation despite us stating disability. It wasn't easy to install and it needs a bit of a figuring out. Also, the unit only functions the first time properly. Subsequently, it doesn't cool the room at all and you can still feel the hot air above our heads. If the temperature is above 30C, the unit is useless. If it's a cool day, it does lower the temperature. That's definitely not functioning as an air-con. Cold air is also blown out skewed to one particular side and doesn't seem to come out through all the vents. Overall, a very disappointing product given its price.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Doesn't do what it's meant to & is a safety hazard

I purchased what's meant to be the top of the range of the portable Delonghi Airconditioners about a month ago, and had to have it replaced 3 times in the last month, brand new, and doesn't do what it's meant to. Condensation on the top of the machine dripping back into the vents creating a safety hazard (on AC temp 18 and even on 20), and it doesn't use any of the water from the water tank. After weeks, it is still full! Using it right, trouble shot with Delonghi, just an extremely bad experience. Unit looks good compared to others but isn't up to scratch by far. Seems like a big batch of faulty products made and according to Delonghi, there is no 'known' issue despite being told by them that there has been 72 faulty machines out of 1200 sold to date. Seems like a problem to me. Also to top it off, customer service is below ok. People don't care, just buffed me off, kept on replacing machine without any recognition of a bigger problem at hand. For a machine that costs $1200 its a waste!

Very good so far

Bought yesterday due to another 35+ weekend and our small evaporative cooler just couldn't cope. Yes it is very noisy but copes beautifully chilling our lounge/dining room down to a nice 18 degrees very quickly. We now have a large comfortable living area rather than a sweat box. Our apartment is open plan so we have also hung long curtains at the entrance to the kitchen, bedrooms and front door. This has helped keep the cool air contained and let's less of the hot air invade our new paradise. lol

Cools Bedroom Effectively

Had this unit for 2 weeks and it works well as far as cooling the bedroom, BUT it is so noisy. The compressor noise is so bad I thought it was faulty, but told to expect some noise. Once you get to sleep you are ok, I hope I'll get used to it.


I persisted with the PAC W160 A, despite all sorts of problems mainly associated with leaking. I then stupidly purchased the PACWE18INV. The only thing that works is the fan. No air con whatsoever. My feeling is that the company tests its products on consumers rather than in the factory. My suggestion? Avoid this air conditioner - choose something that works right out of the box. I've never been so angry with a product or a company.
The colour.
It doesn't work as an air conditioner. It's an expensive fan.

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The unit has now decided to work after I left it unplugged for 12 hours. The instruction manual was not clear about resolving the problem, suggesting only that the air conditioner not be switched on for one hour after moving/setting up. Bing Lee more helpful, suggesting I wait four hours. Service from Bing Lee excellent. Unit now working well, though noisier than the PAC W160. I'm happy to increase my original rating to three stars.

Ok unit

Have just recently purchased this unit and have been giving it a good test run. I have found it to be not as quiet as Delonghi states in the specs sheet with an average of 58db. 7+ metres away it still averages a touch over 60db closer to the unit it averages over 70db which is hard to have a phone call near the unit.

For it's 5.0kW cooling power which equates to close to 2hp it can only effectively cool a bedroom or small office area. When pushing the limits to trying to cool and office area plus another small room the unit struggles to cool. I guess I was expecting more form the 5.0kW and the added water-to-air function.

No real issues other than the above, it's on wheels so you can move it around pretty easy although it is quite heavy to take up and down stair. The water unit does as it says and lasts around 6 hours which was a good surprise as we were warned they don't last long before having to refill.

Good mobile unit if you are planning to cool a small area.
Bit noisy, would like more cooling for the 5.0kW

Perfect No issues at all with this one

I love this unit, quality is fine, quite and does as advertised . I would recommend one of these no problem
Reliable, inexpensive, energy efficient, and good price for what i got

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we have just bought an inverter aircon WE18INV. have had it running for 10 minutes & the F2 (inverter module failure) keeps coming on. Does plugging it into a power pack or straight into the wall make any difference? What is this & do we have to take it back to the shop? Regards Maureen Patterson
2 answers
I think your asking the wrong question on the wrong site, have you tried appliances on line as it's A technical service man's questionCheck your user guide - the unit may be faulty contact the retailer for advice on next steps


Price (RRP) $1349
Cooling Capacity5kW
Reverse CycleNo
Release dateOct 2011

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