DeLonghi kettle leaks

We purchased both the DeLonghi kettle and matching toaster in 2017 (based on looks). The kettle began leaking about 6 months ago. This was an expensive kettle and I would expect a much longer life than this out of a kettle - and of course it is out of warranty. I put up with the leaking and it's just getting worse, so I just purchased a Russell Hobbs kettle to replace it, which I had previously had, with a much longer life (10 years). So forget the fancy looking matching DeLonghi, go for something that actually lasts. Now they don't match, but they work!

Purchased in January 2017 for $139.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

Very disappointing Product

We bought a Delonghi Sculpture Kettle in June 2017 for $139 at a sale, and we found it began leaking two days ago. So just over 18 months, we have to throw it away since it is out of warranty. Now we have to go out and get another kettle - not Delonghi this time. How disappointing....... DELONGHI!

Date PurchasedJun 2017


I Have a kettle that i overpaid for based on the cost of other Brands, assuming Quality would come with the Name.
The Name or the price is Not living up to Expectations, The Kettle Leaks and is Dangerous sitting in water on the base.
I have 3 friends experiencing the same so not a one off.
What Do DeLonghi do to stand by there Products??

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Very disappointing brand

I bought this kettle paying $189 thinking that it was a great brand with higher quality and that it would last longer than a every day $50 one. Unfortunately it has stopped working. Although it is out of the one year warranty, it should not have broken down. I would strongly recommend the $50 kettle which looks similar and has a 3 year warranty. Unfortunately DeLonghi is not very flexible. It seems that DeLonghi does not respect its own image as much as consumers do.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Dont waste your money

Purchased both Kettle & toaster, naturally just after warranty ran out Kettle started leaking water and would settle over the base in large amounts. Was way too dangerous to use, so had to buy another kettle (Different brand of coarse). When spending the best part of $500 for products you would assume you were getting quality, clearly not! Will never buy DeLonghi again, dont waste your money.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Don’t waste your moneys

I thought I was buying quality lasted a little over 18 months on and off switch not working anymore, went to Kmart this morning purchased one for $35.00 if it last 12 months I am way in front , would not recommend , purchased from Harvey Norman for $175.00
Unfortunately everything made overseas with cheap plastic and poor quality control

Date PurchasedNov 2016


I bought this kettle and matching toaster kettle cracked on multiple places and leaks thisnis the second replacement so disappointing when you spend over $600 for the pair thought I was buying a quality brand tried to contact delonghi and they said I had to pay to get it repaired

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Looks really good ll

I bought this kettle to match my brand new kitchen 6 months of having it it has started leaking from the base so disappointing.. I have a delonghi coffee machine which I have had no problem with this is why I didn't mind paying so much for a kettle thinking it will last more than 6 months.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

A total waste of money

Bought the toaster and kettle bundle in May 2015. After having such a great coffee machine and excellent customer service when it was faulty, thought I would splash out on a kettle from Delonghi. The kettle started leaking from the base about 8 months ago to the point now it leaks heavily. The switch has also become loose, not through mishandling but just poor quality. Had a sunbeam kettle before this one and could not fault it at all. Great looking kettle and that is where the great ends. Don’t waste your hard earned money on such an inferior product.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Beautiful, however very poor quality

The switch broke after 3-4 mo. of use.
Very lightly used, we're are 3 member household of which only 2 use the kettle, our son isn't there yet:)
The switch broke today, and it leaks through the same hole where a broken switch is. Pretty disappointing. We had Morphy RIchards beforehand that lasted 5 years that we purchased at big W. And I thought if it lasts a few months that will do until we can buy something better.. Now the 'better' lasted 3 months.. it is absolutely infuriating. It was 199 and I purchased it for 169 just before xmas from David Jones.
I wanted to add, we are very gentle and careful with our appliances and really care for our things so it's not like we took things for granted and it broke because if was miss-handled.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

classic look

Looks great, Lovely colour . We have also the 4 slice toaster to compliment the kettle. They look fabulous in our kitchen with their classic looking design. Boils very quickly. Had an issue with the noise level.
Support from Service was excellent. The issue was very quickly resolved through the service provider.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


Bought this Kettle from Good Guys approx. June 2015 and paid around $140.00. Year and a half later, the on/off switch has become loose and kettle doesn't work. Very disappointing considering money spent and after reading other reviews it seems this is an ongoing issue. I suggest DeLonghi needs to rectify this fault, this was not a cheap kettle. Buyer be aware, if you love this kettle maybe take out the extra store warranty.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Not recommended

This is a beautiful looking kettle.... but that is all. I paid £89.99 for my DeLonghi Scultura kettle in May 2015. It worked well but the lid was always sticking tight causing a problem that I might get scalded as I tugged at the lid removal. December 2017 (2.5 years only) the on/off switch went loose. Looked underneath and found the switch workings were made of thin plastic. Not impressed with the cheapness of the workings. Would not buy another one. - NOT RECOMMENDED

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Waste of money, poor reference for DeLonghi

Received as a present, failed after about 18mths due to toggle switch becoming loose. Apart from that, it is noisy, the fluid indicator is in an obscure position behind the handle and therefore had to see.
Gone back to the old backup plastic kettle which is many years old. Not a great recommendation for DeLonghi

Date PurchasedMay 2016

NOW they 'discont

$180 is not a cheap kettle. You'd expect a couple of years use. The knob on the lid - that you use the open the lid to fill the kettle - fell off. The paint on that pseudo Art Deco base peels off when you try to clean it, exposing patches of bare metal. Soon after it's turned on it's so noisy it sounds as if it's drawing a thousand volts straight from the main electricity grid. Retro products would be great if they were as robust as the originals were a few decades back.
This doesn't position DeLonghi in the prestige product bracket.

Date PurchasedJul 2016


This is a product that is all about cosmetic looks....not about function.
Very noisy in operation (hard to believe they can get such noise from a device just heating water!). Difficult to fill with water & unbalanced for pouring.
There are so many other brands at half the price that would do this simple task of boiling water so much better....AVOID
My complaints to the Good Guys ( & hope of a return) was met with a shrug of the shoulders & a....” Thats just the way it is”...
Extremely bad product & equally bad customer service from the people selling this garbage.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

terrible, leaks everwhere, surprised still on the market

My wife kept saying i was filling kettle too full and was overflowing, fair comment.
However soon realised it wasn't me but the kettle, leaking from 4 areas at base, only had it 2 months.
Obviously not the only purchaser who has had problems.
Cost $135, our old $10 did a much better job with no leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just shows you, well known high end brand name means nothing.
Ringing them first thing tomorrow morning then a trip to The Good Guys

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Poor quality

Purchased this kettle & toaster set mainly for the aesthetics & display of my kitchen but unfortunately it couldn't even live up to that. I hardly use the set, but after a short time the paint started to bubble. Kettle & toaster work like any $10 brand, so save yourself the money!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Disappointment plus

Bought the set, kettle & toaster. Nice design. Had them for about 2 years & the kettle spout leaks everywhere. For the price I expected so much more. Replaced it today with a cheaper kettle as I'm not going to fork out so much money again, only to be disappointed

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Great design, shame about the works

Toaster and kettle bought from JB Hifi for around $120 each. Toaster face bubbled after a couple of months. Replaced no problem. Has shorted out occasionally for the last year or so. Kettle been leaking for a few months now. Checked warranty: only 18 months: rats. Aldi have matching toaster and kettle this week (March 2017) for $40 each. Bought them. Checked warranty. Three years..... yes three years.... and the $120 (now $170) de longhi gives 18 months! DeLonghi used to equal quality. Not now it doesn't. Utter rubbish.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

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Brought a Scultra Kettle and toaster for my mum when l got my new job as a present and she loved it. Just under 2 years ago l brought it. The switch to turn the kettle on or off is now broken and the chrome around the switch has began to come off as well. Mum has been using a pot on the stove to boil her water for coffee and l'm not happy concidering l payed so much for the kettle for her. The kettle looks brand new even with the chrome coming off. Can anyone help me l need to fix this for my mum.
1 answer
We have the same problems, with 2 kettles purchased. Both kettles also leak water onto the electrical hob they sit on. Dangerous and very poor quality considering the price. Not what I expected at all. Not Happy but Cleary they don’t read these reviews on their products as I have never heard from them.

Hi my partner and I bought my DeLonghi Scultura Kettle eighteen months ago from JB Hifi - the kettle was purchased for $180 - higher price for better quality; In the last week the on off switch does not turn off - so we retuned kettle to JB who advised us the kettle was out of warranty and to contact you direct - can you please advise how we can replace this faulty item your help and support appreciated?
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I would suggest you contact DELonghi directly. Regardless of the warranty period. Their service support is excellent.

Can the KBZ 2001 on/off switch be repaired? Expensive jug to only last 14 months
3 answers
Hi Debbie, I suggest you call Delonghi and they will refer you to a local repairer to see if it can be fixed. I had a leaky spout and had the Kettle for 23 months. They gave me the location the local repairer. I dropped it in and the repairer called me a couple of weeks later and Delonghi had replaced my kettle for a brand new one. Same type even though it was out of warranty.I don't know if it can be repaired or if it was even that switch. I do not expect an expensive small appliance to just pack up and die so soon. I promptly threw it into the bin in disgust. I now own a plain white $7.50 kettle from Target which is perfect! I had my kettle replaced after 8 months, we bought the toaster, kettle and coffee machine as they all looked so smart together. These items were expensive compared to Sumbeam, we have had the kettle replaced, the coffee machine has been back twice as it was exploding when you took the handle off to make a second cup, it was like the pressure built up and once you released the handle, steam and coffee grains would explode out., Not happy with the quality of these goods. I would send an email to Delinghi and express your disappointment with the product., Maybe they will organize for it to go to your nearest service centre.

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