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Never Again, Delta!!!

Our flight from Tampa, FL to Detroit, MI was delayed for 2 hours. When my son and I got to Detroit, our connecting flight to Chicago Midway (MDW) was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day at 12:00 PM. I insisted flying back to Chicago that same day and got re-booked for a flight to O'Hare airport. I always pay extra to travel via Midway since it's only 10 minutes from our house as opposed to an hour drive to O'Hare airport. I was informed that our original connecting flight to Chicago was cancelled "due to weather conditions." What weather conditions? It was clear in Detroit and Chicago had an unusually warm weather of 50 degrees. A Delta plane was able to fly to Chicago O'Hare but it couldn't fly to Chicago Midway due to weather conditions. Does that make sense at all? When my son and I got to O'Hare, my baggage was missing since it was placed on a plane going to Chicago MDW the next day. Delta staff said that it would be delivered to our house the following day by 12:00 PM. We had to miss going to church since someone had to be home for the delivery of the luggage. My 13-year-old son had to miss the church presentation that he was a part of. We actually could have gone to church since the luggage was not delivered until 6:00 PM. I was informed that I would be reimbursed for the luggage fee. It'll take more than $25.00 to make up for the inconvenience Delta has caused me and my son. It could not give back the time and energy that we wasted because of their incompetence. This was not the first time I had encountered flight delays with Delta but this one was definitely the last draw. I guess you get what you pay for since Delta fares are cheaper than others, but the price is really not worth the aggravation and undue stress. I vow never to fly via Delta Airlines ever again!

Very happy with Delta 777-200 business class (Delta One)

I'm puzzled by some of the negative reviews on here. I flew SYD-LAX return, with a seamless Virgin Australia domestic connection from/to Canberra, in July 2015. I found their business class cabin (which is now called Delta One, which I find a bit silly because it sounds like a spaceflight mission) on the 777-200 to be very comfortable and quiet. I was in row 7 on the way over and row 12 on the way back. Both were fine. The herringbone seating configuration allows everyone to have aisle access even if it is a bit odd facing away from the window (I understand that on the 747 the seats face the window). The seat becomes a narrow but perfectly comfortable flat bed. The entertainment system was extensive and the staff were all very efficient. What really impressed me was the food - it was excellent, and not just by airline standards. The wine list was very small but carefully selected.

I did have an economy domestic flight with Delta on a 737 while I was in the US, and that was not such a pleasant experience (I think Virgin America offers the best domestic service in the US), but I cannot fault Delta's intercontinental business class. I would recommend it and I would definitely fly with them again.

Delta - never again

Just came back from 2 weeks US flying with Delta. Never again. Too tired to go into details. Nearly missed my return flight in LAX. came in with Delta from Boston.

Delta average - Virgin Domestic codeshare Terrible

The Melbourne-Sydney Virgin/Delta experience:

1) As per the Delta website, the Melbourne-Sydney codeshare link was supposed to depart Melbourne at 7am to arrive at 8.25am giving plenty of time in excess of the mandatory 2hour-international connection requirement. Virgin, however, subsequently bumped this (without explanation) to 6am Melbourne departure requiring an additional Melbourne overnight stay.
2) The Melbourne Virgin domestic check-in lineup was long and glacial. Adding to the confusion was a hapless staff member attempting to identify potential Delta international passengers in the queue and divert them to one of the two wickets which could issue international as well as domestic boarding passes. Here the progress was even slower with the attendant blaming a “slow” computer. Whether or not the computer was actually “slow,” the problem was not helped by the fact as I subsequently realized she was trying to send my luggage (and me) to a Vancouver somewhere in the United States.
3) Access to and from the domestic flight in both Melbourne and Sydney was by way of unsightly back stairs to the tarmac and aircraft gangways.
4) In Sydney there was no indication as to where the airline shuttle departed from the Virgin quarantine area for the Sydney International terminal. Above the 7.30am peak-hour passengers one could identify a “Service Desk” above everyone’s head at the very end of the concourse. On reaching the desk, there was only one problem - absolutely no attendants during domestic peak hours and no indication of any alternative source of information.
5) Having finally established (from passers by) that the relevant shuttle left from Departure Lounge 37 the next challenge was to find the said Lounge. Here again the system failed. Lounge 39 is prominently highlighted followed by similarly highlighted Public Toilet notices but the next Departure Lounge is 35. No explanation!

Airway robbery

I sent this email to Delta last week:
Dear sir/madam, At the end of May this year my Mexican fiancee, Veronica, submitted a Prospective Marriage Visa to the Australian embassy (I am Australian). We were told to expect a processing period of between 3-8 months. On December 8 I received legal advice from Frank Mash of FISA Immigration Pty Ltd (Melbourne, Australia) that the expected waiting time had been upgraded to 15 months and that I should not expect to have the visa processed until August or September 2015. Having not seen Veronica since April, I decided to purchase a ticket to visit her for the sake of maintaining our relationship. On December 9, I purchased a return flight Melbourne-Mexico City via Los Angeles from Jetabroad.com for A$2,172. The following morning Veronica and I received notification that the visa had been approved! I immediately contacted Jetabroad.com, who said I needed to discuss the matter with you. I spoke with Liz from Delta at approximately 11.45am (Melbourne time), who informed me that Delta would be willing to extend the value of the ticket for one year, but not refund the cost or allow me to sell the ticket to someone else, as per Delta's policy. For a number of reasons, we will not be in a financial position to travel for several years and my original purchase was only to save our relationship. Whilst I understand that it is not your policy to provide refunds, I do believe that my circumstances are exceptional and the events were unforeseeable. The fact that I made contact with you within hours of purchase should be taken into consideration. Clearly, I am very angry about it and I hope you will decide that it is in your interests to be less heartless. If you refund me A$1500, you've still made nearly $700 out of nothing and I will go away. Alternatively, allow me to sell the ticket to someone else. Nick Compton'

4 days later, I received this automated reply. They hadn't even read the email!

'Dear Mr. Compton,

RE: Case Number 14497377

Thank you for your email to Delta Air Lines.

Email is not the optimal tool for changing a reservation since by the time a flight is offered and a response received, the availability and fare will have changed. Transmission of your credit card information over an unsecured internet could cause you to become significantly vulnerable. Further, our office responds to email 24 hours a day. Frequently working messages at a time of night when a phone call would not be welcome. Flight booking/changing services are available 24/7 via our online service, delta.com. Alternatively, please call Delta Reservations on 1800-144-917 (Sydney, Toll Free), or, if you are near to an airport served by Delta, our ticket office staff will be happy to assist.

Again, thank you for writing. We appreciate your selection of Delta and will always welcome the opportunity to be of service.'

Nice job, Delta. From what I've read, 2 large is a reasonable amount to pay to not fly with you anyway.

Rip You Off Airline, I don't care airline.

My Experience of Delta Airlines leaves a lot to be desired.

Flying international with this Airline is the Australian equivalent of a budget airline.

Despite flying international from Sydney to New York, on the second leg of the flight being almost six hours you are required to buy everything on board. Including food, drinks and inflight videos.

This Airline is not a full service airline to New York, for the full duration of the flight.

You have been warned, you get what you pay for and in this case a cheap budget airline.

Don't even get me started on the missed connection heading over and the flight breaking down on the return flight, that's another whole review in itself.

Its Faulty Towers in the air with this crew.

Seat allocation upon check in needs to be improved

Being from Australia, you are used to get your seat allocations once you have checked in. well not so with Delta, travelling from LA to Vegas and vice versa, , upon check in and dropping off of baggage you are still not given a seat confirmation. At the gates, they'll tell you to confirm your seat allocation 40 min before the flight. So we lined up, gave our boarding pass (with no seat alloc), the attendant get our names ( 2 adults and 2 kids below 7) and told us to wait for our names to be called out, same with some passengers. After some time, people start boarding, and so i ask them again about our seats. And they say, " Sorry but we have to bumped your family on to the next flight". I asked them why, and they say it's about seat configuration, well I protested, but nothing happened. And guess what that next flight got delayed for 3 hrs! Will never fly Delta again, even if they pay me!

Everything, except that we are still alive today!

Pleasantly Surprised

I usually fly United to Australia, but gave Delta a try this time out and was pleasantly surprised.

Flight was less expensive, brand new 777, seats were wider, more leg room, and the flight staff couldn't have been more attentive, welcoming, and helpful. They took very good care of us all.

I had to make two connecting, continental flights to LAX before flying onto Sydney and these Delta flight were also excellent.

I'll definitely fly them again. Good job, Delta!
On-time, helpful, welcoming, less expensive, more leg room, wider seats, great cabin staff.

Very Prompt

I have flown several times to and from the US in recent years using a variety of airlines including United (shocking), Qantas (not good), Virgin Australia (good) and Delta. Actually Delta co-share with Virgin in and out of Australia but within the US it's just Delta.

My past two trips I have booked through Delta, the price was right and within the US I found them to be generally on time and on a few occasions when I had very short lay overs between flights they always helped out to make sure I didn't miss my connection. In fact recently when arriving in LAX from Detroit I only had 45 minutes from the time we landed until the Virgin flight onto Australia was due to leave and then from another terminal. A Delta rep met me as I was getting off the Delta flight and escorted me out of that terminal and onto a bus which took me around to the terminal the Virgin flight was leaving from. Great service and I will also add that the Virgin Australia flights I've been on to and from LAX were also very good - just a pity that flight takes so long!
Prompt, effeciant

They helped out when virgin let us down

Their customer service ladyat the airport ' lax ng' was excellent she helped out where virgin went wrong which we are forever grateful. Virgin decided to put us on a flight a day later without telling us and for no reason, there were four seats on the flight we were scheduled to catch as per our itinerary but we were not allowed as virgin amercia had different dates from virgin australia and when we finally found a va person after an hour of arguing with v amercia to just give us the seats that were available for the day booked the va agent arranged for flights with delta as they must have realised their problem but gave the two tickets in the same name and it caused all sorts of dramas that no one wanted to know about until we found [Personal Name Removed] - thank you so much we appreciated your assistance. It wasnt just this leg of our journey brisbane to la and la to ft lauderdale we had to go via alantis now due to the mix up but we had to experience more dramas on the way back home with va definitely would use them for international longhaul travel again - they off load you to all sorts
b and bs keane - australia
Took a personal approach and escorted us thru the airport/security etc so that we could catch the flight that was due to leave so we could be with the rest of our family.

good onya delta

Many thanks delta- i booked Syd to las and somehow mixed up my return date- the staff at delta were awesome in fixing my mistake up, they even waived the additional fee- you have my loyalty forever -again thank you and well done .i have flown many airlines on the Syd-usa long-haul and continue to favor and recommend delta
great customer service

Had no issues

I flew Sydney to Manchester in 2010 via LA and Atlanta and returned from Man to Sydney via Houston...didn't have any problems , service good, food reasonable..would fly with them again.. I did have doubts before I flew with them. But was pleasantly surprised ...not my .number one airline but a definite in my top 5 airlines ....has a hand up on one of the big European airlines I have flown with in the past. When stopping off in Houston my bags missed the connecting flight from Atlanta, but they came on the next flight ..
Friendly service, good food , great entertainment service.
They only problem I had was on port of entry into the US , when we had to re check our bags off the flight and back on again,

Rip-Off Airline

On May 28 2013, we checked in at Orlando for a Delta flight to Raleigh/Durham, from where we had a further Delta flight booked to Dublin via JFK. About an hour before we were due to fly out, we were informed that the flight was cancelled. On contacting the Delta helpdesk, we were offered a couple of flights via other airports each of which would have arrived at RDU too late to get our connecting flight. However, we were then found a flight direct to JFK, where we could get our onward leg to Dublin. Great, except when we arrived home we found we had been charged $385 each (3 persons) for the flight to JFK.

We asked for a refund, but this was turned down, as although all flights were with Delta Airlines, they were not all booked on the same ticket.
So, through no fault of our own, and definitely Delta's fault, we are out of pocket $1155.
We feel that we have been totally ripped off and will not be flying with Delta Airlines again.

Ripped off over Delta's cancelled flight.

Terrible Airline- Never Fly With Them

Trying to contact this airline has been an absolute nightmare- nevermind trying to change your flights. I'm currently in Australia, trying to fly home to Canada. I had originally had my flights booked home for mid-February, but I decided to extend my vacation until June. I called the airline and have asked if I can have an open return, they told me they didn't offer open returns. So, I had chose a date that for the end of June. They told me it will be a $300 charge for flight changes, without any dispute, I agreed to pay the fee. I asked if I were to change my flights again, how much would it cost, they told me $300. This is the second time I had asked, with $300 being the answer both times. Now, I've been trying to change my flight to mid June due to an illness in my family, so I'm trying to get home as soon as possible. I called the airline, and after being on hold for nearly 20 minutes, I finally spoke to a representative, she had no idea what to do, so I asked to speak to her manager. He then told me, if I wanted to change my flight, I would have to pay a $1300 fine. I was shocked. I told him that that is not what I was told twice before by 2 different reprsentatives. I then went to explain to him how my Uncle is ill, and I cant afford to pay the $1300 charge. He still refused to help me in any way. I went on to complain about the terrible service and experinces I've had with the airline and that this company doesn't know the meaning of customer service. He went on to refuse any further assistance. This airline is absolutely terrible, dealing with them has been nothing but a nightmare. I refuse to do any more business with them. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I'm absolutely disgusted with the way they had spoke to me.

Worst customer service

I booked my tickets in December for my flight that is month. My husband purchased a 1st class ticket for himself and I. When I logged into his account to print out our itinerary I noticed I had been moved out of first class and into economy, which means I would no longer be sitting anywhere near my husband. I called to have them fixed it and was told seats are booked on a first serve basis and that I purchased my tickets in April and that someone else had booked my seats!! I have a email receipt showing my purchase date and seat arrangements.

I had to call Delta 3 times when I received my original email because they kept spelling my name completely wrong. My name is Rebecca how hard is that to spell? Well I tried to explain that all I did was call to have my name fixed and I told them I could send them the original email and after speaking to several representatives and supervisors I was told nothing can be done. I was also being given an attitude by all of them as if I am the one that did something wrong.

My husband called back and spoke to a different supervisor who put my back in first class but said he can not fix my seat and I would have to sit 2 rows away from my husband. After my self and my husband called back 3 more times each, I finally got a supervisor who was willing to help us and he was on his phone with a director who also said she would fix the problem. The "director" ending up fixing everything while the supervisor I was speaking to was trying to fix it.

I do not understand how everyone that I spoke to could not see what was going on and that a mistake had to be made. It took us more than 6 calls to have everything fixed. I also have a 3 month old daughter who I was trying to feed and put to bed and by me being on the phone for over an hour she would not go to bed and was screaming crying. To make things worst I wrote a complaint email about my situation on the Delta website and this is the response I received " By way of explanation and not as an excuse, the seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis up to 331 days prior to departure.

However, seat assignments are never guaranteed. Due to aircraft changes
or operational constraints, we may have to reassign seats. We regret any
inconvenience." I would understand if there was an aircraft issue and no one was able to sit next to my husband or if I booked my tickets late, but I was told by everyone that someone else booked that sit first, which was not even true, so that response is just ridiculous to me.

How can an airline not see when a ticket was purchased? Oh and I was also told I never booked 1st class meanwhile my husbands email shows the same price paid for both tickets and where the seats were assigned. My sister in law is getting married and we have to be on the same flight for them but if it wasn't for that reason I would have cancelled my flight and went with another airline. I can not believe how unprofessional and rude the Delta representatives and supervisors are. I will never fly Delta again.

Horrible Experience

On January 11, 2013 I have purchased a Delta ticket with departure from Montreal to Monrovia (Liberia) on January 31, 2013 and return flight for Ottawa on February 10, 2013. I have paid directly on Delta site.

My flight experience was so negative both ways that I had to write two separate parts of this Review: one is about generally unpleasant and unprofessional customer service on my way to Monrovia and absolutely horrific experience on my way back.

My first flight, Montreal – JFK 4231 was delayed for so long that my trip was rerouted through Paris with Air France. I went to clarify the situation before moving to the International flight section from the USA zone of Montréal airport since I was already checked in for the NYC flight and went through the USA passport control.

The Delta Agent was extremely rude, when I asked her about my flight details, she refused giving me any information, then she looked at her colleague, giggled sarcastically and said with patronizing voice: “I hate repeating, I just said it twice already!”

I am not going here into further details about being sent back and forth by Delta and Air France representative, and through USA customs, Canadian Borders, and International customs in order to simply arrange my seat and to have my luggage transferred.

When I got on my first plane that night of 25 hours flight I felt like I already travelled the world and was very exhausted. I have purchased comfort seats from Canada to Monrovia, and it took me a while since the available seats showing online were not available, and i had to call few times to fix the issue (apparently Delta offices between Canada and Accra do not communicate and the seats booked from Accra do not show on their system).

When they moved my flight to Air France, they refused to give me Economy comfort, and they told me to check in Paris airport with Delta/Air France counter, which I did. However, I was informed that there is no proof i have economy comfort, even though I had the receipts in my hand and showed them to the agent, She actually called Delta airlines and to my shock and surprise, they said The passenger did not purchase any comfort seats.

I didn't know what to say, and some passengers behind me in line were even more surprised since I had the receipts in my hand, for comfort seating, 99$ for each flight. There was nothing I could do and I had to just call back later of course.

The most outrageous situation however happened on my way back to Canada. This time I was accompanied by my brother who was flying to Michigan. After Delta’s response to our complaints, We are forwarding them to the Canadian Transportation Agency and to the US Department of Transportation respectively.

What happened to us is unbelievable and insulting and we will pursue this case until it is clarified to our satisfaction including a possible legal path.

On February 10, 2013 I checked in online with my luggage on Delta flight 27 from Monrovia. I printed my boarding passes and we both arrived to the Delta terminal 1 Hour and 40 minutes before the flight in order to drop off the checked in baggage and to board.

To our biggest surprise and shock we were told by the terminal security that Delta agents directed them not to let anyone on the plane anymore as we are too late and the plane is closed. Holding my Boarding passes we requested to be allowed on the plane however they refused to let us in and sent us to a Delta representative.

Behind me were approximately 15 other people who were refused to be let in.
We run to the Delta office, few steps away from gate. At the office, sitting behind a counter, a Delta representative, playing Angry Birds with her iPad, refused to look at me then yelled at me (still not looking) “There's nothing I can do” before I actually say anything to her.

I explained to her that we were already checked in and have boarding passes printed. She said (still playing Angry Birds) “It's not my responsibility and you should talk to the Security”. So we got back to the security gate the guards said that it was not their fault and it should be dealt with delta…

This humiliation went on and on for a while. During that time few newly arrived people were let in! The security agent tried to convince me they were already checked in. At this time I was completely desperate and we tried to explain to those people that I am also already checked in and have my boarding passes.

The security took our passports and boarding passes but came back in 5 minutes refusing us on board since “we are too late by now”! We actually offered them to let us on board without our check-in luggage so we would arrange it to be sent later at our expense but we were bluntly refused.

At this time, another Delta agent came out, looked at our luggage, chuckled and said: “You have luggage and trying to get in? Yeah, nice try!” Then she left.

A bit later (still about 40 minutes before the departure) a Delta Stewardess came out and announced that the plane is almost ready for the flight. When I tried talking to her she rudely and dismissively told me to step away, that it's not her fault that I am late and not "checked in" on time.

I called Delta Customer Service in North America and I waited for 27 minutes on my Canadian phone with Roaming in Africa which is about 4$ a minute before someone answered me. The agent told me “Sir if you already have your boarding pass you should be able to get in. what's your confirmation number?”

She checked her systems, and insisted that I am not checked in! I told her that I am holding the boarding passes in my hands that I received from online check-in. She replied that there must be something wrong with their system and I need to check-in again.

She asked me to pass my phone to the Delta agent in the office. Then, the same non-stop Angry Birds playing Delta representative told her colleague on the phone “Yes he was very late for his check-in and there's nothing we can do!” I asked her why is she lying and she just gave me my phone back, and went back to her game.

After that exchange the North American representative over the phone told me that I would be put on the flight next Friday! That Delta decided I have to stay for 5 more days in Liberia. I requested to talk to a supervisor.

I explained my situation to the supervisor and asked, since it was Delta’s fault, if I could be refunded the second part of the trip so I would book a closer flight or otherwise who would compensate for my loss of work for 4 days and accommodations?

She completely refused to refund or even discuss anything, and she said: “We don't compensate for anything on Delta and I can't do a refund because "you were late" and you "didn't check in"… I asked for her name and she gave me "Michelle", I am not sure if that is even her real name.

She told me there is nothing she can do and she won’t refund me and there is nothing that she can do but book me a flight on Friday. Later that day I called Delta airlines number in North America again (the office in Liberia is closed on Sundays), I waited for 47 minutes, talked to some agent who said he will put me on hold and hung up on me …

When later I managed to call though and finally talked to some sane people who found my original check-in, got shocked over all those absurd notes made on our reservations and put me on the closest Air France flight on Tuesday February 12, 2013 I still could not believe that all that actually happened to us.

I arrived on Tuesday to the airport 4 hours before the check-in, but we were not let into the airport till Delta Agents opened their counters, which was 3 hours before the flight. We went in (checked in and boarding passes printed), and up until less than 30 minutes before the flight, they were still letting people check-in and board the plane.

I asked security personnel with Delta badge: “How come they are still letting people in and we are in line boarding the plane, he said it’s because these are the First Class people. I found out later that was actually a lie: these people were seated in the same economy class with me. I have photos of people checking into Delta Terminals up to 30 minutes before the flight, with the actual time showing.

To add to the story, I booked comfort seats (80$ Canadian plus 80$ US for our seats) on Delta flight from Paris to Michigan because it’s a 9 hours flight, I get on the plane, and the seat infront of me had a huge black box under it, and my seat had the safety vest dangling under it, I couldn’t extend my legs neither backwards nor forward.

I told the stewardess and she said there are few seats available and I will be moved as soon as the plane is in the air. However, as soon as the plane was in the air and the seatbelt signs got off, people from economy seats rushed to the front, took all the economy plus seats, (couple of them took the whole middle row with 4 seats and just slept there throughout the flight).

It was outrageous since none of the staff said anything and none of these people paid the extra money for those seats… I don’t think they’ll allow that for business or first class. I contacted Delta, and they apologized but refused any refund saying I paid for the seat I’m sitting in and it was the staff’s responsibility to fix the issue !?

To conclude the story: the situation on our departure that was created entirely by Delta personnel is unacceptable. We were humiliated, insulted and lied to.

We lost money, we lost time. I was charged for Calling Delta to fix my ticket 25$ every time (phone reservation fees) There was not even a little fault from our side while we were unceremoniously blamed for obvious Delta technical and staff issues.

With regards to my financial loss:
- 2 days of uncompensated salary
- Over 2.5 hours of overseas phone call to Delta in roaming form Africa, over 600 CAD
- Expenses while in Liberia from February 10 to February 12, 2013.

I forwarded this complaint to Delta, and they replied by offering me 25$ gift certificate to be redeemed in few places in U.S.A. Which is beyond insulting and frustrating and just adds insult to injury.
Entertainment system on some flights
Horrible Customer Service...

Sydney to LA flight - Delta/virgin Australia

Just been to LA from sydney on a virgin australia/delta flight in Jan 2013. Honestly, was a bit anxious when i started hearing/reading reviews about delta so i had expected for the worst. Our group of six were on a tight budget and Delta's price to america were reasonable and affordable to us. Once we boarded our flight to LA, there was no problem. Everything moved like clockwork. Our domestic flights to Vegas and San francisco were also covered by Delta and I have all the praises for them. Being a first timer to the USA, they helped me with the boarding procedures and for help with our domestic flights. The ground staff were very polite and helpful in LAX, Vegas and San Francisco. We were transient passengers from San Francisco to LAX and then Sydney. Delta arranged our shuttle transfer from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 in LAX for our return flight to sydney. By doing this, we skipped going through security again in Terminal 3. We had plenty of time before our flight to Sydney left LAX. Our luggages were also transferred automatially to our return flight home.
Delta flights were all located in one terminal at LAX. We just change gates during our domestic flights.
Luggage allowance was only 23kgs per passenger. Would have wanted more. Of course, you can always pay for the additional luggage but most airlines do allow two luggages per person. Airplanes during domestic flights are small and cramped.

Will never recommend Delta and Virgin to anyone

It was my first trip from Sydney to Los Angeles. I travelled on Delta and Virgin Australia in November 2012. After this trip, I said to everyone I met that I will never recommend these two airlines to anyone. I was recommended to these airlines by a travel agent.

It was a bad choice because of the terrible services provided by these airlines. When I was in L.A, I contacted Delta on the phone to order a vegetarian meal and to pre-purchase 2 extra baggages for my return trip to Syd on the next day. For peace of mind and to pay a lower fee, I always make sure I prepay for any extra checked bags online or over the phone than at the airport. Delta consultant gave me a phone number and asked me to call Virgin Australia directly.

When I rang that number, it was through to United Airways. I went online to look up the phone number and finally got through to Virgin Australia consultant. I was then told to call Delta because my ticket was issued with the code DL. I told them that I just wanted to order the vegetarian meal and prepay for 2 extra baggages for my return trip. Virgin said my request for vegetarian meal has been entered on the system but insisted I check with Delta regarding the fee for the excess baggages. I then rang Delta again and was told that because my next flight was with Virgin therefore Delta could not take the payment for the excess baggages. I had spent more than an hour calling around to tell them I wanted to prepay for 2 excess baggages. Anyway, none of them seem to care. I told them that I was very dissatisfied with their service. I then repacked everything and finally managed to have only 1 extra luggage.

When I got to the airport, Virgin Ground crew was a joke. I was told to put my carry-on bag on the scale first which weighted 8.10kg. I was told to take 1kg out and put it in my backpack. As for the excess checked bag, I paid USD75 for it. It was their bad customer service on the phone which made me decided to have only 1 extra checked bag instead of 2. Otherwise, I would have paid $150. Thanks to their bad service which saved me some money. I have left a few things behind in L.A which I can collect on my next trip. Anyway, when I got through the security check point, I removed that 1kg from my backpack and put it back in the carry-on bag. What a hassle. I will choose other airlines but not Delta and Virgin Australia for my next trip to America.

Bad customer service.

just use someone else :-(

ugh I knew better and still allowed Delta to do it to me again!
Had to book a last minute flight from California to Managua Nicaragua (mom fell down and hurt herself big time). Thought I'd be able to get out of here in 5 days, but she's in pretty bad shape. SO....had to rebook (do you know where this is headed?) and asked, given the circumstances:
- if they would wave the $150 change fee. Provided all the info, but then OH NO its international, you have to pay the fee and then later show the airport a Doctor's certificate, etc if you want a refund....and once I agreed, ( Dr's certificate, no problem I can work with that) now its suddenly "sorry its too late, you already paid the change fee you CANNOT get a refund." Wish I had recorded the entire conversation!
- note 1: $150 change fee
- note 2: I feel like I just dealt with a slimy used car salesman
- note 3: Had a similar international circumstance 2yrs back with United, & as I started into my explanation they offered to cancel the change fee. Way to go United!
- note 3: I do business in Atlanta, thank GOD both United and Southwest fly to Atlanta

seem hell bent on charging you for anything and everything

This was a long travel

I was traveling with Delta Airlines from Los Angeles to Sydney International Flight. We all passengers boarded the plane, announcement was done that entertainment system is broken down and we are trying to fix it, apologies for any inconvenience,and guess what people, it didn't work at all so we traveled for 14 hours with no entertainment, no music no movies, just sleeping and drinking Juice and beer lol. Thank god it was a night flight so had chance to sleep. I don't mind traveling with Delta again as long as thir systems are working. All systems including engines..haha

Entertainment System broke down

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Hi I’m flying with delta airlines early next year and I’m flying with virgin airlines first and I’m worried about their checked in luggage allowance saying the measurement is 157cm (L+W+H). I work at a bag store with luggage and majority of our large cases are over that. Are they very strict?
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My experience with Delta checked luggage is that they are more concerned with weight rather than dimensions. Delta just wants your money per suitcase. Check if Delta and Virgin are booking partners and if all your bookings are through Virgin, then ask Virgin if Delta will cause problems. Do not expect help from Delta staff in USA. They will just 'pass the buck' onto someone else. If you are going to pay for the baggage at each USA airport, then be advised that check in and luggage payment is done at kiosks. You attach kiosk supplied baggage labels to the suitcase, then take the luggage to a counter to hand over for it to be security checked behind the walls and loaded onto planes. As for cabin bags, Americans try to take as much as they can to avoid paying for checked luggage. Some of their carry-on are so big they would not be allowed on Qantas or Virgin. So the overhead lockers get filled up very quickly. If you are not used to the American accent, the call up for the seating can mean that you board as last group and miss out on overhead locker space. Hope you have a better experience than I did earlier this year (2018).

Is there in flight entertainment on DL40 leaving Sydney 19th July to LAX at 1115?
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Yes there should be in flight entertainment.

i am flying sydney to los angeles monday 26th august arrive la 6 .45 am connecting flight to calgary with westjet at8.50 am. is 2hrs and 5 minutes enough valid connection time?
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It should be ...it will sldo be dependent on the terminal.from which.you cstch your connecting flightWas it enough time ?? I'm flying Sydney to LA arriving 6.10 need to connect to another flight to Minneapolis at 8.4. Hope we make it


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