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Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant

Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant

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My absolute favourite product from Dermalogica

This product is the bomb! It is gentle yet a very effective exfoliant. It is fun to use; like a mask but not, and you smother it over your face like a cream mask then leave it on for a bit while you go on with your life. Then wash off and bam, you get a smooth and clean, bright, baby-like skin! So totally recommend anyone to use this once a week!


Love this alternative to scrubbing away with abrasive exfoliants. Part of my weekly routine which is just right for me. Skin feels soft and clean after using and it doesn't dry it out like others I've tried.

Gentle but deep cleaning

I have sensitive skin so need to be careful what I use. This was recommended to me after a facial and I’ve found it to be gentle yet effective, leaving my skin noticeably smoother, cleaner and clearer looking without any irritation. It smells good and washes off easily without leaving any residue. It can also be used frequently without irritating my skin.
Effective!!! Gentle and leaves skin feeling fresh and pure
Is a bit expensive and has to be bought in salons or large department stores

Love this!

This is the best exfoliant I have ever used. It is is in no way abrasive on the skin. Its easy to use and not messy to remove. It is applied like a mask and there are no bits in it. I have sensitive skin and my face feels soft and calm afterwards.


This is a fantastic exfoliant for anyone because it is so gentle on skin and its also very relaxing having it on the face for 10-15mins. Good excuse to lay on the couch doing nothing. My skin is brighter the day after using it
the scrub is so gentle and i dont even have to do anything, just leave it on for 10-15 minutes. it leaves skin feeling so soft and removes all dead skin and rough patches on your face.
expensive and hard to find in stores (cause it sells out). leaves a light tingling feeling which makes you worry


If you're going to use this, you should definately ask a beautician or a doctor, because it could be wrong for other skin types. For my skin type, it works so well. I saw less pimples and blackheads, and my face was much smoother. If you have a beautician, ask for samples samples samples! It will help you so much, and beauticians usually have heaps. The only thing is the major price tag, it could put such a dent in your pocket, but trust me, it's worth it!
Wot, this works so so so well. I saw less pimples after using it, it was easy to use and it wasn't too harsh and you didn't have to scrub. It didn't even really feel like an exfoliator!
It could get so pricey if you used it all the time, but I suppose how well it works makes up for the expensive price.

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Gentle Cream Exfoliant
Price (RRP) $59
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Release dateJun 2008

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