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Dermcare-Vet Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

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Dog developed severe eye ulcer

I will never use this product again. Be VERY careful. After following the directions, my dog developed a severe eye ulcer that required regular medication, multiple visits to the vet and $500. Never again!

Works great!

My Lacey has a bad case of bacterial infection secondary to a yeast infection. Was placed on 2 antibiotics, a steroid, ear drops and this shampoo. Within a day she experienced tremendous relief, and a few days later, I bathed her with this and it works great. Her skin and fur are back to normal with no adverse reactions.

Just what the doctor ordered.

My dog has suffered many years with a skin fungal infection that made him itch and scratch all the time which led him to have a smell owing to the bacteria. I tried several products with no success, until I read about Malaseb Medicated shampoo. After 2 weeks, 2 washes a week, he stopped scratching and the smell he had had all those years had gone. Now we use it once a week his coat is softer and he's pleasant to be around. The Important part of the treatment is that you apply the shampoo and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Its only my opinion :-)

Okay so use twice a week the product Dermcare Vet Malaseb making sure you scrub the skin with a BD E Z scrub surgical scrub brush one side is a sponge for after you have scrub the infected area with the other side with the hard Brussel side using gloves get this product from your local Veterinary Clinic I know it can be painful if the skin is really red still scrub and also going to the vet to get pain relief is a good option then once done use real manuka honey I know it can be expensive but it forms a barrier and helps moists the skin and rub it gently into the skin then let it dry and can be used when you see your animal itching I hope that helps. It would relieve the itching and use them both until healed and if not seen any improvement head to your local Veterinary Clinic.

? allergy

He may be allergic. Malaseb can dry out the dogs skin. Mix a good bathoil such as qv with some warm water and rinse. In fact this all i use on my little dogs to wash them now, it is hard to get a lather but once you've soaked them in it you don't need to rinse and leaves their coat very soft.

Adverse reactions

I used this on my puppy and he came out in lumps and bumps under his fur. On his head only. Has anyone else had a reaction to this shampoo

Great product for yeast infection in ears and between toes

Our gorgeous doggie has long ears and hair and has been prone to yeast ear infections caused by a lack of air getting to the ears. Also yeast between the toes where she is quite hairy, again lack of air, and under front arms. This product works! Hooray! Bathe the feet and underarms, but for the ears, mix one part Malaseb to 5 parts warm water and syringe into ears, slosh around and repeat. It kills the yeast. I usually follow up with Apex PMP ear drops for a few days.


My poor Pixie had a terrible case of dermatitis secondary to a sudden flea infestation. She was covered in itchy, flaky pieces of skin which, if rubbed off, caused bleeding. I used this shampoo just once, as directed. It lifted off ALL the flaky pieces of skin, without any adverse effects (none for me either and I have sensitive skin and didn't wear gloves). She still has a little bit of itching, but only scratches a little bit (before she was scratching and biting herself) and I am hoping that after a few treatments the dermatitis will be cured. Was not expecting such a dramatic result from just one treatment. Pixie is not suffering any more. Wish I had taken a "before" pic.


Well, after aloveen broke our girl out in horrible dermatatis and my hands in blisters we were tol by a pet ahop this would clear it up...

Let me start by saying.. it says to wear gloves .. now if I have to wear gloves and not get it on my skin I was apprehensive about using this all over my poor girls body.. and rightfully so..

This just made the issue worse..

If you need a medicated shampoo use PAW Mediderm with Nutriderm Conditioner.. A much kinder product for both pooch and human alike!

Dogs itching cured

All tests were negative for my dog. Her skin was so itchy she would throw herself on her back several times a night. Also, her pink skin was always turning black. One washing with this product and her skin crusted up by the next morning. Shes had 3 applications and itching is 90% gone. she has been suffering for years, I had tried other antifungals. This one finally worked,

An Amazing Treatment

On 29th June, I became the Owner of a small Kitten (about 4 weeks old), who was found on the side of the M1, Gold Coast. Unbeknown to me, the Kitten, who I named Bart had Ringworm. The only signs of Ringworm on Bart were a small dry area on each ear but the impact on others were extensive. I ended up with a huge amount of Ringworm on my face, neck and chest area and our Dog, Homer who we adopted 4 years ago from the Animal Welfare League, also had many areas of Ringworm and then finally my Husband succumbed with a few sites of Ringworm. Although it is not recommended for Human Use, the best treatment I found was the Malaseb Shampoo, purchased to treat our Dog, which was rubbed (until it became frothy) onto the affected areas and left on for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed off. The affects from using this Product were remarkable and more effective than any of the Suggested Medical Products and can be purchased from your Local Veterinary Clinics. A 250ml bottle will cost $25.81 but the results make it a truly worthwhile purchase.

The yeast solution...Finally!!

Yeast finally subsiding after 5 month battle!! Works much better than Dechra. This came highly recommended by my veterinarian. I wish I had found this sooner! I would recommend this for any dog who is battling a nasty yeast infection. The end of this long battle is finally in sight

Worked well on cat with unknown skin condition

I had a cat with a skin condition we could never discover the cause of. Lathering him in this, holding him in a towel for the 10 minutes and then rinsing off and applying a conditioner helped him out but did not cure him of the problem.
I have since acquired a rescue dog with terrible "hot spots" all over her body, but this shampoo did not work on her at all. I suggest it be used in combination with diet changes if possible as my dog benefited from only eating boiled chicken/turkey and certain vegetables such as carrot/pumpkin. If you have a dog with these symptoms (red rash, hot to the touch, fur either falling out or being bitten off) please take them off processed dog foods and try a different diet as well as the bathing.

a must have in our home!

Read all labels! 10minutes, high supervision required, if you cannot follow basic instructions well its simple don't own a pet. My 10year old tom cat suffers all bouts of seasonal allergies, food allergies, flea and mosquito allergies the list goes on. I normally warm dunk him in water, shampoo him up and nurse him in a towel. Like any shampoo it's not for their face and eyes der! Would you rub shampoo into your children's face and eyes? No? Good same goes for your furball. Steqdy warm rinse until no more foaming or bubbles, towel dry and he does the rest. Alleviates his poor itchies.
reliable by far!

Pet skin allergies gone

My 2 toy poodles have seasonal allergies and it was recomended I try Malaseb. I needed to give them a couple of baths before they stopped their scratching, with regular use they no longer scratch. The only drawback is having to leave the shampoo on them for 10 minutes, and preventing them from licking themselves.( I wrap them up in a towel).
It works
Having to leave it on for 10 minutes

Perfect for itchy, allergy prone dogs.

My mother had a Maltese who was prone to allergies, when the dog passed she gave me about 5 bottles of this stuff for my dogs.
I never used it until my Cavalier King Charles started having seasonal allergies, along with recurrent thrush infections on his paws and in his ears.
The stuff is perfect.
I started using it for his weekly baths and noticed his "hot spots" were less inflamed and the thrush infections were few and far between.
I wasn't aware you are suppose to let the shampoo sit on the dogs coat for 10 minutes so once my vet told me to start doing that my dogs coat was amazing, the thrush isn't an issue anymore and his allergies are a lot more controllable.
I find that although the smell isn't great, once my dog is dried after a bath he is left smelling good, no damp dog smell and his coat is very soft.
In between baths if I find him itching I just run a little on the itchy spots, leave for 10-20 mins, wash it off and it does the trick.
This product has saved us a lot of stress and many vet visits for allergies and thrush infections.
It works.
Expensive for a small bottle.


I find this shampoo very good for fungal infections as I have Clumbers and a Golden Retriever' inside their ears are apt to get a bit smelly but I do not have any more of those problems as I just shampoo inside their ears with Malaseb when they have their bath and no problems any more,I find this shampoo excellent.


I was told to use this by my local vet, the label failed to mention it shouldn't be used on the head and some of it went into my pet's nose and has now cause respiratory problems. Since this is a shampoo that's used on pets who are very unlikely to sit there quietly while you wash them, one would think the product would be created to cause the least amount of harm to this if something was ingested by accident. I ended up throwing away the bottle and will never put anything this strong on my pet, it's appalling to think that a product this dangerous is allowed on the market. One must wonder the long term effects on animals especially since humans have to wear gloves to use this. Stay away from this product!

Very dangerous to use

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I have never used gloves.


This is a good prodcut and worth the extra expense. I found that a little wen a long way and I did not have to use a lot. My dog seemed to enjoy the prodcut and stayed clean and itch free for quite some time. Overall, a great buy that worth the effort to locate it.
It worked. Although I have a very short haired dog he has dry, scaly and itchy skin which he lickes and makes worse. This worked really well and he smelt great
I found it difficult to get and had to get a pet supply store to special rder it.

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ebay sells it much cheaper than pet stores

This worked well

I have 2 Yorkies, but one has very sensitive skin, and had rashes on his back and used to lick his paw pads, which looked inflamed & sore.
I tried several other treatments, & then I asked my vet for advice. She recommended Malaseb Medicated shampoo, while it is very expensive it does work very well & I would recommend this product to others.
Works well at getting rid of the redness & irritations on my dogs skin
the cos, as it is quite expensive.

my staffy used to chew his feet big time! his feet were red and the fur was patchy. He'd keep us awake at night chewing. he had black between his toes. we started using diluted malaseb in spray bottle and the result was really amazing. his fur has grown back, he's stopped chewing and the redness and black between his toes has gone!used malaseb on my dog because he chewed the tops of his paws... fixed his problem

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Questions & Answers

Can malaseb be used to wash my dog on a monthly basis , and is it ok for there coat.
1 answer
I haven't used this for years because I found it to be a waste of money, smells digusting & really dried out coats on the dogs I tried it on. I've found having a great homeopathic vet is far more cost effective & much better for my dogs health than using any of these types of products especially for skin issues. I now have 4 dogs & the only chemical products I use are heartworm & regular worming tablets.

Is Malaseb ok to use on an open cut?
1 answer
Check with your vet but I don't think it would be.

Is maladabe shampoo effective against mange?
1 answer
It's more of a supplementary treatment. You need something like ivomec/ivomectin to treat the infestation. Once that is in place you can look at malaseb bathing.

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