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I ordered a watch on 25 August, and paid extra for 3-5days delivery. I have been emailing Lorry, but have been told the watch is in Hong Kong got dispatch. I would expect to receive this by tomorrow at the latest, but still haven’t even received a tracking number. I’ve fully paid for this, and am concerned that I will never actually receive the watch. Please can someone assist me. Order number 100009759.

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I've ordered 2 weeks ago and paid for 3-5 day delivery. Lorry said you've had to switch to Aus Post. This was a week ago. I have emailed Lorry and asked for a tracking number with Aus Post and an ETA, haven't heard anything back. Condition of my postage option was 'fully insured, web tracking with sms updates'. I've had to chase you up for any updates. This is beginning to look rather unprofessional and some of the reviews I've read are not helping...
I would appreciate an update on when i will receive my watch.
Tracking Number
Shipment #100006475 for Order #100009704

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Has anyone actually received the item they ordered?
I still have not received tracking info, and I filed a fraud claim with my credit card company to get reimbursed.

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After 40 days I got my money back.


Did your item ever come?


How did u get your money back??


Hello everyone !
This is Mahesh,

I am looking forward to buy "Sevenfriday Racer P3-1 black flashy red men's watch " its a huge purchase for me. so don't want myself to get screwed. After reading all the reviews, I am bit confused whether to buy from this site or no as its a big purchase. Need some suggestions ...please help me.

Thank you in advance

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Hi, I am not having a good experience with them.
I bought a watch and in the invoice, was saying they'd post the watch in the same day when they received my money, and it has not happened.
Moreover, I sent emails to them and I didn't receive the answer.
I do not recommend them!!


Hi All,

Im planning to take Calvin Klein (model: K2G271C3) watch, it is very cheap in designerswatches.

Is this a good site? can i trust it?


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No - do not trust this site. I have still not been refunded the money I paid for a watch I never received. If you have money to throw around and want to pay this company and don't really want the watch then go for it!

Hi karthik,

We are happy to provide you with a photo of the watch if you request it via email or call us directly. We are very sorry about the customers that had issues with us while we are away. Hhowever we do have tons of happy customers who would love to remain undisturbed or not bother to checking our reviews or say anything.

We do not know who CVJ is. However we do offer paypal and you can claim your money back if you do not receive the product. It is safe for you and for us.

Hope i help with your queries.

Thank you.


Ditto - don't trust it at all. They don't ship the products and won't reply to any emails or phone calls until you send them a Consumer Protection complaint number.

Tasia Camacho
Tasia Camachoasked

Yes we ordered a watch on the 24th no watch no response And the email keeps bouncing back! Has anyone had any success with the phone number?

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It's a scam website. The only way to get a refund seems to be by lodging a complaint with consumer protection.

Tasia Camacho
Tasia Camacho


Hi Tasia,

We were on holiday from late Jan to early Feb. As Yani mentioned. Our site went offline briefly during this time. We have got it online once we came back. We are sorry for delay in shipping your order. Hope you like the watch that we sent you.

Thank you for your business here.

Warm regards,
Designers Watch


How did you go with your complaint? I think I've been scammed as well - wish I'd read this review before "purchasing" as there's no response from any means of contact :(

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Hey, I took it to the dept of fair trading. Once I sent the case details from fair trading to their sales email I got a call almost immediately. It seems that they do send the item, just when and how they feel like doing it, while making zero contact with the customer, no matter how much you harass them,they'll just keep ignoring you. We finally received the item a couple of days later and I will say, the watch was genuine and a great purchase. The buying process though was a nightmare. Just keep at them as best you can. If you decide to go to fair trading, their real business name is Jacaranda, registered in St Ives, NSW. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply - much appreciated :) I'm about to lodge a complaint with consumer protection so hopefully that will motivate them to reply!

Anna S
Anna S


I got scammed by this website too, now they seem to not even exist anymore
Would you mind helping me with the claim at fair trading? Do you have extra info on them so I can locate the thieves?

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