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Dewalt DW718

Dewalt DW718

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One of the most hardy and durable drop saws

I believe this is one of the most trusted saws in the market. This model was discontinued in 2008-2010 period.
I bought this machine, secondhand, in 2018 from a tradie who had it for severl years who’s used it for framing.
I had no experience with mitre saws and bought it for diy jobs. I also bought a Makita later on. And I took a part both machines for servicing since both were second hand. I was in fact amazed by the build quality of the Dewalt comparing the two, while even the Makita being a well trusted machine. In my opinion, the Makita was built to last for a reasonable time period while the Dewalt was clearly built to last a lifetime.
Even after ten years, the machine is still in real good nick.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

At last an effortless power saw that cuts exactly how you want it to!

My husband and I usually work together on home renovation projects - I take the measurements, draw the cut lines and hold the bits of timber steady, while he is responsible for making the cuts using a power saw. While he is reasonably enthusiastic regarding these tasks, his skills with power tools do occasionally leave something to be desired. Somehow the cuts made using our trusty old Bosch circular saw were often a bit uneven or went off the line, especially when cutting through large pieces of timber. So last Xmas I decided to buy him a 12" compound sliding mitre saw as a gift that might make cutting timber a bit faster and less problematic. It would also enable us to do the sort of complicated mitre cuts that would be either impossible or very difficult to achieve with a circular or hand saw.

When choosing which brand of CSM saw to purchase it was really a toss-up between Makita and Dewalt. Both of these have good reputations and we have been very satisfied with the power tools we have bought from both these makers in the past. I eventually settled on the Dewalt because it was available from Sydney Tools at a good price and came with a Dewalt saw stand at no additional cost.

The saw and stand were very easy to set up and the controls are well-placed and pretty straightforward. So far its performance has been excellent on both large and small pieces of timber. The machine is quieter than expected, and the cuts are very rapid and smooth. The mitre function is easy to set up, and it cuts at exactly the angle selected. The saw stand was an excellent addition for cutting long lengths without having to clear off bench tops. The only drawback is that this particular model doesn't come with a laser cutting guide. However, a laser attachment can be added on, so that will probably be my next purchase.
Cuts even large pieces of timber effortlessly; easy to set-up and use; seems to be very solidly built

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