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38 reviews
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Love it


Been on Dietlicious for three weeks now and lost 3kg, Started with 5 day cleanse. Love it, I agree, easiest diet i have been on. I cook for my family every night and just eat my food with them . I am rarely hungry and am actually really full after dinner .Feel much healthier too.

Best Diet I've ever been on!



  • 4 reviews

Lost 4kgs in 2 weeks - Great food, good service & it works

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Dishonest company delivering rotten food.


I received a rotten tomato and called Dietlicious. I was promised that this issue wouldn't happen again.

The subsequent week, I received another rotten tomato. When I called again and spoke to the business owner, I was told that "I had too much time on my hands to be complaining about a rotten tomato".

I would absolutely avoid dealing with this dishonest company at all costs. It's more expensive than Lite N Easy, although I've never had an issue when ordering from Lite N Easy in the past.

It's just not worth wasting your money on a dishonest company which thrives on passive aggressive and dishonest customer service.



The Yellow Brick Road of Diet Advice/Guidance


Seriously, I've been a fan (of Dietlicious) for some time now and not that I don't research these matters myself but being time poor (who isn't), its just great to get the expert advice and guidance inherent in the Dietlicious approach, where you can simply choose & follow the easy (& yummy) progression through cleanse. Into a 1200 Cal Plan to get the kickstart we all need, & then simply maintain by eating dietlicious 3-4 days a week (you'll quickly find your favourites. SO MANY to choose from) and Voila Weight Loss Achieved & Maintained!!
WooHoo!! Loving it :)



  • 2 reviews

Amazing flavours - I'll never cook again!



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We don't usually get convenience meals but were given a voucher after a sickness in the family. We really loved all the meals, could happily eat them again and again.

For us it is way too expensive though, plus delivery cost, and I can't hang around all day waiting for delivery. However if I did not have to be careful with my food budget and could work out something with the deliveries, I would get these meals a LOT, better than a personal chef and so easy!!

Mr Toasty

Mr ToastySydney

  • 2 reviews

The New Salads are EXCELLENT


I'm a fan of so many dishes on the menu..having eaten many of my faves for some time.. but I couldn't believe how good (& Large) the New Salads are.
The Chicken is exceptional.. the sauce.. the nuts..the Flavour.. The Freshness of the leaves..I needed a Bigger plate!.. Fantastic!! Lovem.. I'm hooked :) Keep'em coming Dietlicious!!

First diet I can stick to


I am now in week 4 of my diet and am not Hungry at all. The food is great quality especially the fish, lamb and Asian dishes
It's real food and tastes good and it's very simple to organise especially the lunch and snacks.
Recommended for anyone who wants tasty food.

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RebeccaSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Even though they had a gluten free option, the food caused me problems..


I am gluten intolerant and ordered the 1200 calorie gluten free 5 day meal plan to try. I had to stop it after the 3rd day because the food was giving me constant flatulence and burping which is symptomatic for me of the presence of gluten or preservatives. It's a shame because the meals are tasty and the portion sizes are decent. I think the what may have bothered my gut was the heavy sauces on the dinner meals like the arabian beef and cinammon scented lamb. Overall this is definitely superior to Lite'n'easy and if you don't have any particular food intolerances then give it a try.

Delicious food, so convenient


I have been using GDS and Dietlicious for over two years and my husband and I absolutely love it. We just started the 1200 calories weekly meals again and don't get hungry, even though we are both over 6ft tall. My favourite are the curries, there is such a great variety you don't get sick of the food. Very happy with the customer service too, would recommend to anyone!



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Meals are too small



Great food - considering they come prepaid


I think the thing that people get confused by is that - a chef is NOT in your home cooking a meal for you. It is pre made, packed and shipped to you. Its not going to taste like a 5 star restaurant...be realistic. On another note - I keep seeing reviews that Dietlicious portions are too small - well take a quick peek at the name of the company? D.I.E.T.L.I.C.I.O.U.S - key word diet, they only provide you with what you need.

I trialled the 10 day detox and it was amazing - great food, great results.

Key thing I wanted to get across in this review - be realistic.

Shonna :)


CaseyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Fresh. Tasty. Easy!


Awful and watery


After weeks of saving up to be able to buy and try out a 10 day menu i must say i dont agree with the reviews. I found the food watery and it gave me very bad indigestion. After writing to the company i found that they were very unsympathetic and uninterested in what i had to say. It wss less than 48hrs that ive had the product and i regret every minute of it.

Very watery and a bit smelly

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  • 18 reviews

Excellent food


This service is more expensive than lite n easy but the food is so much better. Every ingredient in the packages is exactly what you'd use at home. It's a diet for foodies.
It's also not so heavy on the carbs as Lite N Easy is.
They also have another service called Gourmet Dinner Service so you can order man/family meals with the dietlicious food.
Good food
Sometimes the veggie packs were frozen and didn't defrost well



  • 8 reviews

Best Healthly Eating Ever


I too am tired of all the preservatives in diet food. Salt content and all the numbers on the packets that are just not good for you. As a person with a vision impairment I have found Dietlicious food easy to manage and cook and it tastes fantastic.
I often do the cleanse and the 1200 menu plans. I even had food delivered for christmas. My family members had never tried it and they all loved the food.
I love this food it's so healthy and clean and I have wonderful results with weight loss and energy levels. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try the healthy option. I always feel like I have my own personal chef in my kitchen.
It's certainly a dining out experience.everynight.



  • 9 reviews

Gourmet Food on a Diet

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Anyone ordered special diets such as Frunctose Intolerant, Gluten Intolerant, and Lactose Intolerant as I have been diagnosed. A difficult diet which does not allow Garlic, Onion and lots of fruits such as Apples and Stone Fruits. I lost weight and became sick before I was diagnosed but I need tasy food I can eat to maintain my weight..

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I'm coeliac so on a gluten free diet, I'm loving the meals from Dietlicious! Each meal you can click on and see ingredients, which would be helpful for you :)

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