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Difflam Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

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    2.0 (5)
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Doesn't work at all


Purchased this as pharmacist suggested strongest one. Absolute waste of money. Hardly feel any improvement (used other brands in a past which worked immediately you can tell rightway), this has hardly anything in it apart from purified sweetened water. Rubbish!


BbbbHunter Region, NSW

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The product was used 3 times before it leaked in my bag, no item to use and ruined my contents in my bag. Great addition to my 2 weeks of feeling sick

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I trusted this over salt solution, worst mistake ever


Pharmacist prescribed this for sore throat, used it over salt solution hoping it would be better than it somehow. Ended up waking up multiple times throughout the night from the worsening pain (I'd used it for a whole day before then).

Don't use this, just gargle salt water.

Didn't work at all, and I lost my sense of taste


Waste of time. Doctor recommended it for pharyngitis. If anything, it made the condition worse, and also caused me to lose my sense of taste for a week (which it it says can happen in 2% of users).


SunoneWarwick Qld

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Not very good.


I'm sure there must be something better than this throat spray. Tastes awful. Gargeling with salty water is good. Almost nothing seems to relieve the pain of sore throats except for losingers. Salt and Vinegar Smiths potato chips are a good pain relief. Just have a bit when you feel dryness or pain in the throat.

Still in pain..and now skint!


This spray is completely useless (in my opinion.) I have used it now over a period of 48 hours for an incredibly bad sore throat (viral infection) and it's made no difference whatsoever. It annoys me that this has been recommended by so many doctors..as it's clearly having little or no effect. And it ain't cheap!

Amazing Product


I am so glad that I have found this spray. It works wonders and stops the sore throat on a first day before it develops into the cold/flu. Would highly recommend (also love how easy it is to use it).



Would not recommend


I was prescribed difflam spray for my really bad sore throat. The first time I used it it just tasted like sugared water. Next time i gave it a shake still tasted like sugared water. It didn't spray came out in a jet. I used every 2 hours. No effect at all. In fact the lozenges I bought over the counter worked better.

Tastes disgusting


The doctor prescribed me with this for my tonsillitis. It made me gag and it tasted disgusting. I don't take liquid medicine and I won't swallow tablets whole tasted not right

Doesn't work


I used this for my tonsillitis hoping it would relieve the pain but it made no difference at all, i think it even worsened the pain, do not waiste your money on this.

Worsened symptoms


My pharmacist recommended this over lozenges, so I tried it. I have swollen tonsils currently from a sickness. The spray makes me gag from the pain of it hitting my tender throat, and it burns as it sits on the flesh. I've been using it every 1 1/2 hours in case it might start working, but it just seems to have worsened my throat

Do not buy


Tried this after suffering with a very severe sore throat. Paid a lot of money for nothing to happen. Do not recommend at all. Pharmacists prescribed me this knowing I am asthmatic and that it's not to be used by asthmatics it took me a while to realise this on the label thinking the pharmacist would know what he was doing.



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Worked for me!


I woke up with sore throat and inflamed swollen lymph nodes. I usually take strepsils but thought to try this one. It worked for me. Got rid of sore throat and doesn't hurt anymore when I swallow. Although, having said that I still have a swollen lymph node and when I stopped spraying the pain came back. It is not a remedy and won't cure but at least it keeps the pain at bay and numbs the throat enough to get by. I'd still get tablets or antibiotics.



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Cost a lot, did absolutely nothing.


I paid 15.85 for this. The pharmacist recommended it - I have a nasty sore throat right now. I haven't seen any relief whatsoever using this product. Not even briefly. Maybe its just me, but I'm completely unimpressed.

Horrible waste of money


I only had enough money to get one product for a very sore throat and as i don't like the taste of lozenges thought i would try this. It did absolutely nothing. Used it all day with no change at all. Couldn't eat or swallow without cringing.

stu b

stu bGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Wasted money


Very limited effect on my sore throat, if anything it eased the itchy cough for a few minutes. I ended up getting better result from standard over the counter cough medicine that was cheaper



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Yes it helped me


Yes it helps with pain and also helps with the annoying tickle sometimes. They should make one that has anti bacterial agent in it too. All and all it helps and will purchase again

Expensive and do work


I have a bad sore throat and doctor recommend me Difflam throat spray. So I have a try on this throat spray not just expensive but it do not work for me. Until the point, I can take any food due to the pain. No matter how many time I spray no use at all. But one thing good about its help. When you have a mouth ulcer.

Only relief pain, but not treating the infection


The spray can temporarily relief the pain, and it does not as long. The infected area seems to be the same, no matter how much spray is used. Every time it hurts, put more spray on until a doctor is available to give proper treatment

Bad Product


I have a sore throat the chemist recommended me this I used it for about 3 days and it made my sore throat worse to a point I couldnt speak would recommend this Horrible product appsalutely a waste of money and makes you more sick

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Questions & Answers

Sandy  R.

Sandy R.asked

How do I get it to work first time No spray coming out

1 answer
Fired Up
Fired Up

Ask your chemist obviously



Can use salt water after the difl spray?

1 answer
Fired Up
Fired Up

Ask your chemist

Lindy Lou

Lindy Louasked

Can u still use paracetamol with it if in pain.

1 answer

?I have and lived, talk to your pharmacist they should know

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