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Diplomat Tea English Breakfast

Diplomat Tea English Breakfast

3.3 from 9 reviews

Musings on the Earl Grey

The Earl Grey is a life affirming concious expanding cup of existential possibilities. It's bold aromas and poinetly exentuated flavanoids are a delight to the palette and leave all other teas in its wake as the snivelling sichophants that they are. It's also well priced.

Purchased in March 2019.

Perfect tea bags

I bought Diplomat tea by accident and so glad I did. So much more flavour. Other products pale in comparison

Best ever tea bag.

This is the most fantastic tea bag I have ever used. I love it and it will always be in my pantry.

Great tasting tea

I cannot tell the difference between the Diplomat tea and my usual brand. I will buy again from my ALDI store

Weak tasteless tea, pathetic copycat of Dilmah Tea!

I can't believe Aldi is getting away with making copycat brands of all the foods and drinks we grew up with.
Cheap tasteless tea, not worth spending your money on. Please buy the original tea brand instead!

a nice tea

I tried this when we were on a tight budget and I am really happy with it. The flavour is smooth and I gave stuck with this brand rather than the one I used to buy.

Weak as and terrible taste Aldi teabags

Enough said its rubbish don't waste your money, the flavour is terrible it is as weak as pee. I wouldn't even give a one star rating.

The reason it tastes terrible is that it is boxed with Earl Grey tea and the teabags are not sealed with foil so the Earl Grey permeates the English BreakfastStill haven't changed the packaging so still permeated by the strong Earl Grey flavour yuck!

Aldi Diplomat Teabags

Since the box design changed from Blue to Yellow in October the tea has become weaker and the taste changed- I will not be buying any more.

Tasteless green tea

Aldi's blends for their Green Tea (among other aromatic blends) is tasteless please improve the blend of leaves, strength or our options of brands.

Questions & Answers

My mother fell in love with this tea after a friend brought her some from UK but we live in the US. Is there a place we can order it online and shipped here?
No answers

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