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Dirty Harry's Bin Hire

Dirty Harry's Bin Hire

1.3 from 72 reviews

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Very happy customer.

Just like to say how great it is to deal with this company. Service is professional and the staff always friendly and helpful. Pricing is very reasonable and have had no issue with delivery or pickup of bins. Would not hesitate to use this company again.

Happy customer.

I don't know what people are complaining about. I have hired bins many times from this company and the service is great. I never have any issues with dirty Harry's. They are the cheapest and the Service is good. We should support all our small businesses in this country.

Stay Away From This Company

We called Dirty Harry’s Bin Hire to arrange for delivery of a rubbish skip. They advised the skip would be delivered on the following day and on that basis, payment was made.

On the following day we waited until late afternoon before calling the company to establish the whereabouts of the bin delivery, only to be told that they had a busy day and that delivery would occur first thing the next morning. This was given as an assurance. We again waited for most of the day and then telephoned late afternoon to be advised we were the next delivery but were told the current delivery was over 30kms away, which meant it would be highly unlikely the delivery would be made to us that day.

We then cancelled the order and it was agreed the payment would be refunded. I had to resort to going through my credit provider for assistance to obtain the refund.

Lesson to be learnt - do your research first.

Rude and unprofessional

Bin left on driveway blocking garage access for over 19 days. Then when they finally came they were rude and aggressive. Also posted lies on their face book page.
If I could give negative stars I would.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - I wish I could give this company less then 1 star

I am writing this review on behalf of my mother.

I wish she had known to look at the reviews as we have experienced the same issues as everyone else.

Bin dropped without issues but major issues with collecting. The bin has been on our property for over 2 weeks now and every time we ring we are told it will be collected the next day.

Absolutely terrible. DONT USE THEM

I ordered a 6m3 bin and requested a pickup the following day. Was told that would be no problem. I called 3 times a day for next 13 days and got excuse after excuse as to why it couldn’t be picked up. The trucks broken, no drivers turned up to work today, Australians don’t want to work...I was even laughed at several times by guy that answers the phone while he flippantly asked ‘ahhh what can you do, we’ll pick it up soon’. This was after I had to tell him my address 3 times, what size bin it was and when it was delivered. The bin had no signage in it (which I later discovered to be illegal) and looked prehistoric, as did the truck.
When the bin was collected, the driver told me the yard was broken into the previous night and the Petrol tanks on the trucks were filled with metal fillings...I guess someone else was having issues with these cowboys. DONT USE THEM

I have no driveway

Wish i had read reviews prior to ordering. Request made for bin to be picked up 2 days in advance told to call back day i wished for it to be picked up. So Rang requesting pick up told tomorrow.. No show, rang saturday and new to me tips are closed saturdays.. will be Monday, Monday 3pm i ring a very rude man who responded with h"if he said he will be there he will: Um no he didn't come. Tuesday hello a new day will you be picking up the skip.. I will let them know upstairs. (upstairs where ??)
3pm are you picking up skip um no trouble with the trucks try to be there by end of the week ..UM NO i can't get my car out, dogs stuck in back yard... needs to be tomorrow .response see what we can do... To be continued i feel


Have to be honest when I first contacted Dirty Harry and spoke with Helen she seemed pleasant and extremely accommodating for what we needed. However, the nightmare began when I called the office to request a pick up. We were promised on numerous occasions that our bin would get picked up. The last time I called the guy (I am guessing it is the owner) that answers the phone was extremely rude and abusive and told me to stop calling and that the bin would get picked up when it gets picked up. In the end Helen came through and the bin was finally picked up. However, the pick up was without drama. The driver was abusive and yelling how annoying we were asking the office about our pick up. I have no idea how this business is still in operation and personally feel that he uses peoples driveway as garage for his bins until some poor person orders a skip. To add further stress to the situation he proceeds to take a video of our home, post it on his Facebook with our address and makes outrageous and false claims. After looking at Dirty Harry’s Facebook posts it became clear to me that this man needs to spend less time taking and posting falsified videos on facebook and more time concentrating on collecting his skips as promised. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTACHE AND STRESS AND DON NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ENGAGE THE SERVICES OF DIRTY BIN HIRE.


A resident in our block of flats unfortunately chose this company to remove his waste just before he moved interstate. Their company truck looked illegal to have on the road and the skip had no identifying company logo on it. The man dumped the skip in the flat car park blocking off another residents car.
The skip was filled by our resident the night it was dropped off and he organised it to be picked up the day after it was delivered. 4 WEEKS LATER over the Christmas period the bin sat there in 30-40 degree weather – the smell was putrid and accumulated other rubbish from passers-by.
It took multiple phone calls to his company, 3 real estate agents and our body corporate to finally get this skip removed. He arrived at 8:45pm with a woman and both were smoking on the premises.
Their communication was appalling – scoffing at our complaints. The accumulated rubbish was dumped into the garden and as the skip was getting winched the truck appeared unstable.

A nightmare

A tenant in my block of flats made the mistake of using this company. The bin he filled and paid for is still sitting in the car park a month after it was supposed to be collected and now that tenant has left. A real headache

Don’t go near this mob

Took 5 weeks for them to finally pick up the bin. Contract states after 7 days. Much the same as other reviews here after numerous calls and numerous promises to pick up. Had a few home inspections with unsightly bin in plain view. Not good. This company are well known to councils who are asked to remove their bins. Not a great reputation at all. Steer clear.

Horrible experience!!

Would never ever use them again.
Horrible experience that set me back 4 weeks and cost me an extra thousand dollars in other costs that resulted from bin not being picked up
All good on phone and delivered bin quickly, as promised
Once bin was filled, in two days, they were notified.
Said they would collect in a couple of days
Numerous phone calls and 3 weeks later the bin was still in the middle of my driveway!
Could not get into my driveway or garage and had to cancel other works being done as there was no access to the front of my house.
They just did not care and would not collect the bin. Even said to me "Yeah, everyone complains."
I truly believe that they use you as a storage yard and the bin stays at your place until some else wants it. It's just tough luck until that happens.
Horrible Company to deal with

Unprofessional and unreliable

We called every day for a week to have the bin picked up. Every day we were told it would be picked up tomorrow. The bin is still in our driveway preventing us from garaging our car at night. I called today to complain and was told I was a joke and the woman hung up on me. Customer service is disgraceful. People are unprofessional. Would not recommend

Appley Named Skip Bin Company

The bin delivered looked like it came out of the Iraq war. After 5 days the bin was still not taken away. 12 days later called them 3 times to take the bin away and they promised they would do so but it did not happen. Last day threatened to pull the bin out onto the roadway and then the bin was finally taken. When I came home they knocked one of the pillars in my driveway, knocked the concreate out the top of it, cracked the pillar halfway down and they put the broken concreate on top of the now broken pillar. Never again, no apology no nothing.

very happy

great people great service they have very very happy with every thing thank.you so much aaa +++ would use again


I am a lawyer who has been doing consumer complaints since 1973. I never ceased to be amazed by the really bad service of some companies. So today when one of my client’s contacted me about his problems with this mob I just had to check the reviews for myself.
Why would anybody deal with this business.
I would suggest that if you are having problems with this mob that you contact Consumer Affairs and the media.

Disgusting service and treatment.

I wish I wish like so many others I read the reviews.
I was lied to each day that they were coming to pick up the bins we ordered two because the first one was "overloaded" this in itself was a disgusting lie however we knew we needed another bin in the next few days anyway so we ordered a smaller one. Now we are stuck with two bins and over a week of being told they will come pick them up.
No courtesy call. No apologies. Just we will come get them tomorrow. They had finished early for the day.

Disgusting traetment by [name removed] and whoever the man is Dirty Harry I assume. He is a disgusting price of work who believes that overtalking and hanging up without allowing a women to speak is acceptable behaviour.

I am in the processes of getting another company to remove the bins if they are not picked up tomorrow.
They were not placed were we wished them to and is creating further problems.

There should be a law about them fullfiling their duty as outlined when we hired their "service".

Never again

I wish I had read the reviews but I didn't know the name was Dirty Harrys to begin with. Our bins have still not been collected 2 weeks later. We have vacated the property and new tenants cannot move in.

The Worst

4 weeks numerous calls still have the bin in our yard never use this company. Will never use this bin hire again


Please do not waste your money on these dodgy people. They send you a bin and keep you hanging onto them until it suits them to collect it. They are rude and arrogant . I can’t understand why they are still in business.

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I book the bin for 1 day they charge 700$ so if they not pick up next day can I pay down ?
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Are they bins deep?
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The bins are about 1.5mtrs deep. But please do not use Dirty Harry unless you are prepared for the bin to be there for 6 weeks.....

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