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DJI Phantom Advanced

DJI Phantom Advanced

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Extremely Disappointed with DJI

Extremely Disappointed with DJI

Like another reviewer, everyone was lovely until it came to warranty repair.

My Phantom 3 flew perfectly for the first 8 months. The problems began when I (mistakenly) upgraded the firmware while on holidays.
The first flight with new firmware lasted less than 2 minutes. The Phantom fell from the sky with 96% battery remaining. It even filmed it's own demise.

When I asked DJI for what I presumed would be a straightforward repair the excuses began.

1st: I was given a straight out lie that said I crashed the drone by flying it wrong using bizarre manoeuvres. I was able to disprove that with my flight records which showed I was flying in a dead straight line back to me.

2nd: They changed the excuse to 'I must have hit something in mid air, but the camera somehow didn't see it. Quite a different story to the first.

3rd, after I started a Fair Trading case against them, they are now making thinly veiled threats that CASA will come after me because I was flying at sunset (they are calling night flying) and in a no fly zone (isn't one of the features of DJI to refuse to take off in a no fly zone). Apparently they think threats will make me give up on the repair after their lies didn't.

Very, very poor form DJI! Buyer Beware!!!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Impossible to get worse

Ordered a phantom 3 advanced , it took 6 weeks of non stop emails and phone calls before I finally cancelled, they kept telling me that they would notify me when it was dispatched but could not tell me when they expected it , as it was for my sons b/day I had plenty of time , at first . then as weeks went by with more follow up emails and phone calls and the same old responses I notified them that I wanted to cancel. the funny part of this story ( besides me being so stupid and using them in the first instance ) was they offered me a....wait for it..a " free memory stick " to extend my patients . what a insult as they are worth a couple of dollars . After cancelling I finally got my $ 800 an something dollars back( after waiting another 9 days )when I was told the refund would take up to 5 working days . Just to top the joke off they then wrote me a email stating how sorry they were and that they would now escalate my horrible experience to " managerial level to see if they can improve their service" . My god they should have done that after the 7 th email I sent not after I had already cancelled . What a business !! how good does it get .
how the hell do businesses like this survive . I have since ordered the product direct from DJI in the USA and got sent a tracking email by them and DHL couriers two days later giving me the exact day when it would arrive .
5 days in total it took delivered to my little sweaty hands .
Value Bull....t you should be in a faulty towers movie or something your a joke . Thanks for the laughs

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Phantom Advanced
Included CameraYes
Max Speed16m/s
Max Range1000m
Price (RRP)$1699
Flight Time23mins
Replaced byDJI Phantom 4
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