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DJI Phantom Standard

DJI Phantom Standard

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DJI Pathetic 6 month Battery Warranty

DJI only offer 6 month warranty on batteries. In todays world a 1 year warranty on batteries is pretty standard as a minimum in the industry. I'am very disappointed. My battery only last 8 months and probably less then 50 charge cycles. DJI did nothing for me. After spending thousands with DJI, I will no longer support them. DJI has lost be as a customer due to the poor warranty.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


Takes forever to calibrate if it does. Goes 50m, if your lucky & gets signal warning. Constantly warns of wifi interference & loss of video connection. Looses gps more often than it keeps it. Has worked properly twice for a total of 30 minutes. Recommend not wasting your money on this model. But a better one.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Lose signal all the time
Waste of money and paid extra warranty but still DJI wouldn’t fix it very disappointed .
And for them to fix they said it will cost me nearly the price new one
Now this is ridiculous so don’t bother and buy that thing trust me it’s not worth it

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Good drone, appalling peripheries

Bought one of these to undertake hobby aerial photography around our 13 acre property in a rural area, and perhaps record some action during our boating adventures. The model was highly regarded during CHOICE magazine testing, scoring higher than some much more expensive models.

Be aware that the Phantom 3 has NOT been replaced by the Phantom 4 as shown above by Product Review. The Phantom 3 is continuing to be made in 3 or so spec levels, and complements rather than replaces the Phantom 4.

The package includes the drone with built in attached camera, removable battery (can only be recharged while removed), remote controller, charger and a lead used for charging the controller via a USB outlet and also for transferring images via hardwire from the drone's 8Gb SD card to a computer. A complete set of replacement propellers is also included in a fabric carry bag.

The drone itself seems solid, and is reasonably intuitive. The controls are similar to the little Spidex drones that the family has come to love. The camera is beautifully stabilised via a gyroscopically stabilised gimbal, and the image quality is more than satisfactory in our application. The battery seems very good quality, and the run times we are getting seem to conform with the results submitted by CHOICE and other reviewers. Flight is stable, and if you release the controller sticks, the drone will simply hover in position until you resume control.

The camera can capture either video or stills, and one can toggle between the two during flight. Auto exposure can be selected ... or manual can be used to allow the user more control over the output.

The package requires a smart phone .... which acts as the interface between controller and drone, and this is held in place via a swivelling clasp on the upper section of the controller. Compatible models are shown somewhat elusively on the company's website, however a recent edition of either Apple or Android will normally do. I strongly suggest that you have or get one with the biggest screen you can ... but bear in mind that the clasp which holds the thing in place is limited to a maximum screen size of 5 inches .... or 5.5 at a pinch. The phone has an extremely important job to do, and the bigger the screen the better the experience will be, given that It's essentially your cockpit windscreen.

The big downfall with this package is the very scant information on how to operate the darned thing. The quick start guide that comes in hard copy with the package is only just better than useless. So one has to download a proper manual from the website. Even this has next to zero information on how to edit the images, and the editing tools provided are completely UNintuitive. Once you have finally stumbled your way through the awkward editing process, you can then save the completed production, or share it to social media. When sharing, the option of sharing to the company's owner community is a mandatory selection, and then one can choose between any or all of the other known social media platforms.

After wading through the awful process, and finally finishing up with a short video I wanted to share, I selected Facebook as the only platform I wanted (apart from the obligatory company group as mentioned). It took forever to upload ... but finally said that it successfully had. HOWEVER my contacts were provided only with a still image, with a bit of stuff related to the company app. The image had the "play" triangle on it, but it steadfastly refused to play video ... for ANY of my contacts when selected. In other words .... useless!!

It seems that for any tips on the finer points of flying and editing with this product, one has to turn to youtube, and harness the experience of others. This is inexcusable in such an expensive package which is terrific in most other respects. There are some pretty average tutorial videos on the company's webpage, but none I've found relating to editing. To be honest I should think it would be easier to use Moviemaker ... or some other public domain editor of your choice to finish your productions.

The other downfall is the elusive error messages that flash onto your flight screen either during or before flight... there is NO information available that I can locate that lists the possible error messages or their fixes, so you just have to try to interpret and fix them as best you can. My first flight had to be curtailed while we waded through 3 or 4 error messages, despite having followed the install instructions and firmware downloads as directed in the literature, and performing several compass calibration procedures.

I regularly receive "poor image transfer" messages - despite the drone being only a dozen metres away, and the images often do not record to the smart phone - probably in association with this message. This is only a minor inconvenience, as it's simple enough to transfer the collected footage directly to computer via the hardwire from the drone afterwards. What's more concerning is the inconsistent range of the drone. Controller transmission range is said to be "up to 1 KM", however in reality this is 500 metres, and I'm pretty sure that this is what CHOICE listed in their findings. I regularly receive weak controller signal messages at around 400 metres, despite clear line of sight, and low interference from any known sources (rural area!!). When the drone can't interpret a controller signal, it automatically returns to home, so this can be really annoying if one is in the middle of recording something really important!!

Overall the drone is very stable and easy to fly, and after an embarrassing crash while landing once, I can say it's surprisingly durable. The package itself really does earn a 5 star rating. However the score is badly hampered by the fact that pilots have to trawl around trying to accumulate pointers from other more experienced users to use the package to its potential .... and this is very frustrating!!

The other thing I'd strongly recommend is a carry case to protect this expensive investment while stored or in transit. We picked up a very decent one via e'bay for around $40. Be aware that some require removal of the props ... which could be a bit of a pain ... I'd suggest a model that allows the props to stay on.

This is a great package for beginners overall ... but be very prepared to be frustrated by error messages, and to spend a LOT of time looking for guidance in the public domain.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good drone for starter pro

It has fairly good camera, speed and battery life. There are several developers producing apps and software for it. It has capbility to accept codes for automatic usage. It is also very robust and after crashing it a few times it still works fine. It is good for a professional to start with.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Leaves a lot to be desired

Since my first review of the DJI Phantom 3 a lot has happened, firstly the first one didn’t work continuously, it was very intermittent, so it was sent back to the supplier DWI. They then checked it out and after about 7 days confirmed that it was a “DUD”and agreed to send me another Phantom 3, which they did, assuring me that this one would have not issues. It arrived and guess what? it had issues, this one would “link” but when you attempted to engage the “CSC” Combination Stick Command nothing happened, this procedure was supposed to engage the motors so that they would start up. After much correspondence it was agreed that I could return it, and if, there was a problem with it, they would again pay the freight. After 21 days they informed that it was in fact another “DUD” by this stage I had had enough and wanted my money refunded. Well we to and frowed for about another 4 weeks, I got no where, no way were they going to refund my money, even after sending me “DUD” Drones twice. eventually I had to relent and accept a third Phantom 3. this dually arrived and after much effort I finally got it to work. The problem was that they sold my a product that’s soft ware was out of date, I assumed that the Drone was a “Plug & Fly” this being, I unpack it, charge the batteries and away it goes. I find that the producer and the supplier of this product leaves a great deal to be desired, if there ever was a next time, I certainly wouldn’t buy from overseas to save a few bucks, no comeback what so ever on these suppliers.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Awesome product and the future of photography

I received my DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone for Christmas and whilst excited to receive such a gift I was also scared that I'd crash this on 1st flight.

After some initial set-up and firmware update I was able to get this into the air with ease. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone flies true and straight and the "Beginner Mode" tethers the drone to a 30m distance and slows down some of the controls (sharp movements on the joysticks are not experienced when in flight).

The manual is detailed and you're not going to be able to take in the information when starting off.

I fly with an iPhone 5s attached to the controller and paired with the drone the DJI Go App works well providing video link from the drone as well as additional commands like auto take off, Return to Home and Auto Landing functions.

Image quality is awesome for the average consumer and more than adequate for the average pilot on the ground.

CASA Rules for flight are included in the box and are simple enough to adhere to with common sense.

This is a fun piece of equipment and provides approx 20-25mins of flying time dependant upon flying conditions and your flying style. Fly aggressively and battery performance will diminish. There are plenty of warnings and fail-safe systems for alerting the pilot to sever wind conditions, extreme WIFI interference of flight too far away from the controller.

Treat this flying drone with respect and enjoy the results of this easy to fly camera.

Built in GPS positioning holds position well so the drone hovers in the one place even in a wind.

I've just turned off the "Beginner Mode" and have access to a more responsive flying experience and higher altitude, making this even more enjoyable for the first time pilot.

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard is an amazing piece of engineering and pretty much ready to fly right out of the box.

You know you want one.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

WOW Unbelievable Customer Service

My 15 year old son recently purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Standard an expensive (for him) but excellent drone with a fantastic camera. Soon after purchasing the drone there was a glitch with the GPS and the drone flew into a tree and broke, my son was devastated.
We contacted DJI re the issue and they organised a courier, at their cost, to pick up the drone two days later. Taking it back to the workshop and using the data stored in the flight system they determined that it was a problem with the drone. They communicated that with my son and advised him they would fix the damage. The repaired drone was shipped back at their cost again all within two weeks.
DJI have proved themselves honest and acted with integrity fixing the drone for my son. The point is we couldn't have argued the point if DJI when checking the drone had come back to us and stated that the data showed that the glitch was operator error as we don't have the experience, tools or technical know how to make such a claim.
In this day and age to find a company who will act honestly, with integrity and take ownership is getting harder to find. Then on top of that to organise and pay for couriers and get the problem resolved within two weeks, is amazing from my experience!
I would recommend DJI and their products to anyone on the basis of this experience and a quality product. Basically this is a company who has proven themselves trustworthy and we would purchase from them again.
Excellent Customer Service DJI

Absolutely perfect for the beginner who wants "hands free' flying and Full HD video/photos

Purchased my DJI P3 Standard online when DJI recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a sale.

I've only ever flown a cheap eBay $80 quadcopter and it was impossible to maneuver, so once the DJI P3S was reduced, and after lots of research on forums and YouTube I purchased the DJI P3S and it's the best $600 I've spent.

A fantastic machine to fly, after calibrating it's simply a matter of pressing the auto takeoff and up it flys to 1.4mt then just hovers and waits for your next command, all of this without touching the controller joy sticks, wow.

Then now using the joy sticks it brilliantly easy to fly higher and further but should I panic, I simply let go of the joy sticks and it stops, hovers and waits, wow.
Should I worry I can just press return home and it will fly back to where it took off from, or press land now and it will land where it is.

I like these features becaus they allow me to safely learn as I fly and once I've got the basic learnt, I can move to advanced flying which for me will be better framing of videos than crazy stunts or aerial flights.

It's still expensive at $600 but cheaper than regular price of $1000 and an investment for a few years.

Well worth, the price given how much technology it has, its ease of use and quality of build and importantly quality of video at full HD.

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Phantom Standard
Included CameraYes
Flight Time25mins
Max Speed16m/s
Max Range1000m
Price (RRP)$1299
Replaced byDJI Phantom 4
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