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DMH Outdoors Cowrie Shell Chair F045

DMH Outdoors Cowrie Shell Chair F045

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Love these chairs

I have 2 of the Xl F046 chairs and found them to be the most comfortable camp chairs I've ever owned, unfortunately wear n tear on the plastic corners has takin it's toll and now they are virtually unusable which is a shame because myself and kids use them all the time.

Purchased in May 2008 at Warrnambool disposals who no longer trade for $150.00.

fancy looking but not very usefull

I got this chair as a birthday present and was pretty exited to use it for the very first time.
Being used to the simple folding camping chairs all of us probably know and used, this one looked very different and a lot more comfortable.
The first few camping trips were kind of a sobering experience.
The chair is compared to the simple folding ones very time consuming to set up. The round shaped seating area is made of bent tubing that is vulnerable to any sand jamming the connection points.
In addition, the bent seating area is not permanently connected to the remaining frame of the chair and needs to be disassembled and separately stored. It is heavier then my other chair and takes more space in my car.
the sturdy frame
time consuming to set it up and takes much space in the car


You have to try these out i think they're the best camping chair on the market. You can even get the matching kids model as well.
These chairs are great - so comfortable
needs a drink holder!

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Can you buy the corner connectors for the F046 xl cowrie chair
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I've got f046 chairs with broken plastic corners can you buy them anywhere
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Need a new bag for chair where do i source them from?
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Cowrie Shell Chair F045
Price (RRP)74.95

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