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Fresh and healthy! My dog loves it.

Having tried Youfoodz, I was keen to give Dogfoodz a go with my French Bulldog. Frenchies have quite sensitive stomachs, so I was happy to find that Dogfoodz went down a treat and absolutely demolished by my dog, he loved it. The food itself basically looks like it’s human grade and its nice to know what every single ingredient is. Its a great healthy and fresh alternative to what is on the market.

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Herro Basil! Thanks for your feedback buddy, so glad to hear it went down such a treat, as proper digestion is so important to us. Great to hear you know what human grade stands for, this will be the new standard of dogfood in Australia :)

Something different and FRESH

Flavours and options are great the only
Constructive critique is that the portions are for a 5 Kg dog which isn’t many these days.
I think the same size container as the human meals plus a potential large breed portion size would benefit the business greatly.

The dogs love it and it’s refreshing to get nice fresh food delivered to the home.

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Hey Aleesha, Thank you so much your feedback! You're definitely onto something there.. keep your ears upright as we will be suppawting the bigger fellows soon. #nodogleftbehind

First time trying

Food was good Quality. The portion size was too small as I have a bigger dog who needed 2 packs for one meal

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Hi Julia, Thanks for your feedback! Keep your tail wagging as big dog food will be coming soon! #nodogleftbehind

Elsa won’t eat anything else!

Our Pupper deserved to be spoilt with fresh gourmet foodz, and you guys smashed it! She wakes up every morning so excited to have her breakky. Thanks for treating my fur babe right x

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...and this is why we do it! Thanks so much for your feedback Samantha. All dogs should be that excited to start the day especially when it comes to brekky time, you're an amazing fur-mamma!

Can’t function without Dogfoodz

Absolutely love Dogfoodz! Dogfoodz is such a healthy and easy option for my beloved pooch, she loves eating fresh food that’s delivered straight to our door!

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Hey Jordie! So glad to hear she's loving the lifestyle change to healthy and fresh. Great way to go into the new year. Thanks so much for your feedback :)

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