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Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M500 Liberty

Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M500 Liberty

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Thanks for the reviews

Reading all the reviews, it looks like the older models were not that flash. Looks like the 2017 model is a much better system then the predecessor, its hard for a product to pull up after getting bad reviews so the new model must be good. Everyone seams happy with it so I am going out to get one. keep you posted.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Not worth the money

We have quite a few trees surrounding our property so we bit the bullet and bought the most expensive pool cleaner on the market to make our life easier. At $2700 in Feb 2014 it was an expensive investment and I admit had high expectations! We had a dolphin rep come to the house and recommend the right dolphin for us and assured our situation would easily be handled by the pool cleaner. Fast forward four years and we’ve had the dolphin in to the pool shop numerous times and within weeks going back to slow inefficient service of the pool, avoidance of leafy spots and inability to pick up some leaves etc. Since out of warranty the dolphin has been in for repair just before Xmas at the cost of $460 to repair and now again only 6 weeks later needing another repair of over $400. We’ve been recommended to replace rather than continuing to repair a lame duck. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
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We are sorry to hear you’re not completely satisfied with your Dolphin. We at Maytronics strive for this with every robot we produce, hence the 3-year bumper to bumper warranty on your Dolphin. This is unmatched in the pool industry today. Our spare parts are also the lowest in the industry compared to other makes. Most customer have a great experience with this product. If you would like further support, please call us on 1300 693 657.

Unbloody believable

Best thing I've ever spent money on. Chucked my dolphin in my unused pool of 5 years before I went out for lunch, and when I got back half an hour later, the murky black water was sparkling clean, the branches had gone, my lawn was mowed, and even the washing had been hung out. Highly recommend

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Best pool cleaner on the market

A little pricey, but worth every cent. Fully programmable via Bluetooth. Does not require the pool pump to be operational, hence saving a lot of money. Its computer system 'learns' and maps the pool Cleans unbelievable well and easy to clean the filters.
Highly recommended. Beats any other pool cleaner on the market.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Does a great job

My Dolpin has served me well for a long time now. Far superior to the crawly cleaners that get stuck on everything and clean small sections of the pool.

I recommend the Dolpin. It is expensive initially but mine has lasted a long time. It also polishes the walls and floor as it cleans.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Lack of durability

The cleaner is approximately 4 years old. Spent $840 in 2016 on power supply and needs another $770 to replace the motor.
Will be looking for a cleaner that's more durable.
At purchase of $2650, Repair $840 & $772 in 4 years it's way too expensive for the job it does.

Date PurchasedMay 2013
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Hi Stormy, We are sorry to hear you’re not completely satisfied with your Dolphin. We at Maytronics strive for this with every robot we produce. We would love to connect with you to see if there is any thing we can do to help and understand your experience. please call us on 1300 693 657 so we can help.

Great at start - will not last 4 years!

Great for first few months - better than suction cleaners. Two early visits back to dealer under warranty as it did not work (should have been replaced instead of repaired). By 3rd year, mainly cleaned the deep end & never climbed walls beyond first 30cm. At just over 3and1/2 years, just circled within 1 metre diameter. Out of warranty and $950 to fix. Buying another robot instead (non-Maytronics, of course!!!) Essentially a disposable cleaner after 3-4 years at cost of approx $800/year... (Are there any positive reviews of more than 3 stars for this expensive unit after 3 or more years of use?)

Date PurchasedSep 2014
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HI DeniseK, we love to help you were we can. We will send you a private message to see how we can help.

Died after warranty ran out - $790 to repair!!!!!

Our Dolphin has died on us. And just after the warranty ran out. Sent it to the pool shop where we bought it from - $790 to repair!!! No way am I spending this amount only for it to die again. Looking at buying another pool cleaner. Looks like the Davey cleaner is much much cheaper and has the same 3 year warranty.

Date PurchasedDec 2013
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Hi David K, sorry to hear about your Liberty. We will send you a private message to connect to see if there is anything we can do to help.

I love Dolphin

Love my Dolphin. Cleans like a electric toothbrush: cleans thoroughly leaving the pool crystal clear. Way better than Mr Kreepy. It sucks up the smallest particles. I have palms around my natural pool so dome of the large stalks need to be removed manually.
It is a bit heavy lifting out of the pool for a senior citizen but no problem for a man.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Bloody great!

I have just released the beast into the pool and after 1 hour the filter light was on. Opened it up and the filters were absolutely full of sludge and dirt. Not many leaves as we don't have many trees. Happy so far! Only problem is can't get the Bluetooth to connect. Might need tech support. Bingo!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

cost of spare parts is outrageous

my M5 works reasonably well-not really good in corners or steps.I had to replace 4 foam rollers-I was charged $270.I am bewildered that any company could charge that sort of price 4 pieces of foam.overall I am happy with the performance of the unit but not looking forward to any further breakdowns

Date PurchasedAug 2011
Hi Harry, a great tip to take care of your wonder brush foam rollers is to ensure you remove the pool robot and rinse them after each cleaning cycle. They should have a very good life span over several years with good care. The rollers are like a car tyre.I do that but i still can't believe the cost of replacing foam rollers

disposable Pool cleaner

I went out on a limb four years ago and purchased the great revolutionary M5 dolphin pool cleaner cleans well BUT!
Under warranty it has been in the shop 3 times for 3 drive motor replacements. (The 3rd time we had to fight and argue as it had just past its warranty and it was the same motor only previously replaced 3 months prior)
3 x rollers replaced over $250 each time, 3 X set of filters $105 ea set and now the PCB board has gone and reset switch is faulty $35 also have told due for rollers filters again. Total cost $620.
Our dolphin after 4 yrs is now faded and fragile looking and probably also soon due for a new blue power cord.$$$
The machine is very heavy to pull out of the water and obviously not manufactured with the parts and materials to with stand water damage .We have always squirted with fresh water after use.
Conclusion with out pulling the heavy thing out and into a dark storage area every time after use 4-5yrs total life is all you will get before replacement of the unit.
The unit at minimum will cost you over a 4yr period $81.25 per month after summarizing its total costs with filters and rollers and assuming the breakdowns are completed under the warranty period?

Date PurchasedOct 2012
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Hi Lou, glad you cleaner works well, but no so happy to hear about your replacement experiences. The prices you quote seem quite high compared to our recommended retail pricing. At Maytronics we strive to provide great customer service. We will send you a direct message to find out more details so we can help provide you with the best advice to get the most out of your product.

Dolphins fails to climb/clean walls of pool

very disappointed with overall Performsnce of the dolphin cleaner. It fails to climb and clean the walls of the pool. As a result I need to manually clean the walls which is one of the prime reasons I purchased this cleaner. Unlikely to buy another and won't be recommending this to friends

Date PurchasedSep 2013
Have just had a Maytronics tech Support guy visit and check out my Dolphin Supreme M5. We put it through its paces and once we "rinsed & squelched" the foam rollers in fresh water, the cleaner performed a lot better. I will monitor this over the next few weeks, but for those having similar problems, this simple 5 minute cleaning technique appears to make quite a difference. I should up my rating on the cleaner to 4 STAR and if performance continues - to 5 Star. btw, my retailer didn't mention this requirement when I purchased the cleaner and I cant recall seeing this suggestion in the M5 manual.Great to hear John - that is also a good to tip. This is the sort of feedback that can help us continually improve. Thank you and all the best.

Greatest disappointment ever

Unlike many I have waited to write my review on the Maytronis Dolphin Supreme M5 pool cleaner. I am glad I did so as my first opinion was it’s the best I have ever bought. After owning it for just over 4 years it is the worst most expensive cleaner I have ever bought.
During this time the unit has been sent in many times for warranty, the electronics have been replaced twice, tracks have been replaced locking clips on the filters, bearings the latest was the greatest, I used it once since the last repair only for the main controller to fail due to water getting in from windblown rain. The unit is meant to resist this as it is IP65 rated. Again the unit sat around before I used it again, well it worked well for one run, after cleaning the filters out and went to place it on for the second time it would not start up again, unit totally dead.
I had enough of this and called Maytronics direct, under the fair trading act I understand if a product continues to fail 3 times or more for the same reason I am entitled to a full replacement. Stupid me I let them repair the unit each time when I should have requested a full replacement. Today I was told by Maytronics that I have neglected my cleaner and they have taken photo’s of it by neglect they mean I did not keep my PH levels stable and that my pool was not well maintained they made this assessment without seeing my pool or testing the waters. In short their explanation was because my PH levels were not maintained the cleaner has discoloured and the clips have become brittle.
In short Maytronics are saying that their own product is not really suitable for this environment, I have had pumps running waterfall for ten year plus in ponds and they have not faded or become brittle and they are in less than perfect conditions unlike the pool which is maitained.
In short after the comments received today from the manager I will never buy another product of theirs. I am going to try the Zodiac CX20 and see how that compares to the very costly Dolphin which was $2400 compared to $860 for the equivalent machine.

Date PurchasedOct 2011
Hi ozi181, we are sorry to hear about your experience with your 2011 purchase. It is difficult to comment on your case without seeing the cleaner first hand. There are a number of variables that can accelerate and cause pre-mature deterioration. It may be too late, but we have sent you a private message to see if there is anything we can to help or at least look into your case. We take product support very seriously for customer satisfaction.Hi In short if you want to truly help take this unit back replace it with a new one which is what i should have done after it had broken down several times well within the warranty period, for which i was entitled do do under the consumer act. You own manager stated unless the ph is maintained 100% at all time warranty will be void read the fine print. You show me any pool which the ph levels being perfect at all times. In short your sales manager said I have neglected the unit and he had photo,s to prove it.. To tell you the truth yes the unit may be faded but none of the issues are related to a ph level not being maintained as the unit has only faded. In short your own manager has pretty much said its not really designed well for a pool environment.. I have worked in the weighing industry for 10 years, this was in the 90's and i worked in R&D were products and materials were not as good as they are now. I had to design load cells that could be submerged up to 120 feet in the ocean (salt water) this environment is much harsher than a salt water pool. I had no problems with achieving this with long lasting results. Let me assure you the electronics inside these load cells is more delicate than those in your cleaner. So I know what I am talking about. So you have your choice replace the unit or leave me alone and I will keep advising those that keep contacting me. In short I was not happy when your sales manager stated I neglected the cleaner, I will keep sending photo's of my unit to those that ask it clearly shows its not neglected.Hi ozi181, it is difficult to make any further comment as we have no details even though we have sent you a private message to connect and help you out. We get a lot of positive feedback from customers so when we heard about your experience we genuinely wanted to help. We understand if you don't wish to take up our offer of help, it is your choice. We would encourage users to contact their dealer or Maytronics as soon as possible if they think there may be a problem so we can fix it up quickly. We offer genuine customer service along with our dealers and our warranty terms comprehensive, Maytronics is always willing to help the end users as much as possible where needed.

Don't waste your money these things are terrible, won't pick up sand if you want to see how terrible

Don't waste your money , absolutely shocking product, I feel ripped off , bad value , no after sales support, worst thing we have ever bought, come and see how bad this thing is, Culgoa point beach resort at Noosa Heads . I can't believe these guys are still in businesd

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Hi Dene, there is no reason your Dolphin can not pick up sand. We have a great local Dolphin Dealer in your area who provides great sales and after-sales service. I have sent you a private message about this so hopefully we can connect you with the one of dealers who can help you.


For the price they want, the Liberty is absolutely crap. Runs out of battery quick and I feel im always charging the dumb thing. The cleaner is slow and the blue fades off and look cheep. Got an astralpool cleaner instead and don't have any of the problems. Beside the pool shop telling me that there was nothing better than it, I feel like they were just clearing stock. 0/100

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Hi Emily, sorry to hear about your experience with the Supreme M5 Liberty. We state very clearly the battery life and it is ample for the cleaning cycles available. With proper care and maintenance there is no reason your cleaner will fade in a short period of time. We are always here and happy to help with any issue you may have in the future.

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Had the M5 liberty cordless charging and was ok but later the amber light was flashing on the charger and both the green and red lights on the buoy are on constantly. I have unplugged it and reset, dried all the points but the red and green won't go off even after prolonged pressing of the bouy switch. Any ideas what to do ?
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Hi, from experience it sounds like the float unit(part that has the on-off button) might have condensation inside. Can you see if the Green-Red Led lens is cracked? Best to bring it back to where you purchased the cleaner from. If the shop doesn't know what to do, they will forward i back to Maytronics for a thorough inspection. Kind Regards, Jon


Dolphin Supreme M500 Liberty
Price (RRP)2990
Release dateJul 2012
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