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Dr Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck

Dr Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck

3.7 from 73 reviews

Don’t waste your money

We purchased 6 bottles for our son. These bottles were great for the first month. Now the green internal component is loose and causes the bottles to leak. It makes my son wet and also myself.

I’m very disappointed in the quality of this product. There are much cheaper options on the market which don’t receive anywhere near as many complaints.

I will be advising other people on various platforms of the quality of your product. Parents in various Mum clubs on all social media need to be informed before they outlay good money for a faulty product. If it was 1 bottle I could accept it but it’s not.

Purchased in March 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Annoying but worth it!

Dr Browns wide neck bottles really helped our baby who had reflux. They stopped him from gulping air so he was more settled instantly. The bottles are annoying though. The middle part needs to be replaced every couple of months as it gets loose over time. More parts to clean and are prone to leak when travelling. Annoying but they do really work so that is the main thing. We will be using them again for our next baby regardless of if it has reflux or not. I recommend them especially for anyone who has a baby with reflux!
If you are not in a major city, you will have to order them online.

Purchased in May 2018 at Baby Bunting for $30.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child No
Bottle LeakageYes

so so

The lids are so difficult to get off which is not good when you have a hungry baby, difficult to use when out, leak easy. I only used when i was home and they are good for wind but just too fiddly so i swapped to tommee tipped and very happy.

Best Bottle

Yes, I’ve encountered all that is mentioned below! About shaking the bottle w the vent and they leak when milk gets in the filter or the bottle is to warm and yes it can be a messy job but isn’t that why u ve brought the bottle! Obviously, if the filter is working then that’s great and thank god it tells me the bottle is to hot, cause I probably would be half sleep deprived and just give it! All leaks aside I wouldnt go past these bottles, fortunately my newborn didn’t seem to suffer w reflux or wasn’t vomity but had already committed to these bottles (or was it the bottle that helped

Good bottles for colic but they leak

So, for my newborn after trying 3 different brands, settled on dr brown bottles. He loved the bottles as it made him less colic and less spitting of the milk. All good with bottles, only bit of more cleaning with vent system. Secondly, they leak sometimeS. I didn't like them without vent though. Would definitely recommend them.for colic

They Leak. All the time, No matter what you try

So frustrating trying to tamper with these bottles to get them to function properly don't shake them cause thtney are actually designed to leak the milk out of the collar if milk gets down the vent. Very fussy on if it's too tight or too loose of you want baby's milk to be warm forget it cause it can't handle the pressure from the warmth, you losses the collar to get the teat to flow and they Leak I want a refund but jot sure if they offer this. Even after trying to sort out resolve withth the company to no avail they leak.

Love them no problems here !

My 5 week old bub was struggling with pretty bad reflux and colic since he was born, we switched formulas at least 4 times trying to get the right fit until a much needed visit to the pediatrian who recommended changing bottles. We originally had been using the medela Calma as we still had them from our first baby and worked well for her but it turns out not for our new son.
So we tried the Dr browns wide necks, first they are pretty reasonablely priced compared to the medela and have less parts to clean so I was happy with that, but the best part is they actually work really affectively and we had an extremely happy bub with less reflux and gas. We had some minor leaking but after reading the instructions I worked out I was putting it together wrong so after putting it together correctly there was no leaking. Couldn’t be happier.

Leaks everywhere

The bottles leak EVERY single time with the straw insert inside. Each time the bottle leaked we always had to open the cap and tighten it back on even though it is already tightened on in the first place. Very frustrating particularly when you have a hungry screaming baby !!! We had to use an extra towel underneath the bottle so it wouldn’t leak on baby and wet his clothes and kept a finger underneath the cap while feeding to catch the leaks before it leaked out. If the bottle tips over for just a few seconds milk will leak everywhere too.

Leak badly

These bottles are terrible. They leak no matter what you do to try and stop it. Keep it below Max fill line, they leak. Shake the bottle, they leak. Valve in, they leak. Valve out, they leak. Feeding baby, they leak. Lid on tight, they leak. Lid not so tight, they leak. An absolute nightmare!

Bottle leaking

I have purchased a "Dr Brown's" gift pack which includes 3 wide neck bottles 1 soother 1 teether and 1 cleaning brush. I was really excited to use these bottles as they look attractive but to my dissapointment they are all leaking! Not just one but all 3. I am really disapointed and wish I had a receipt so I can request a refund. This bottle type should definitely be discontinued as they are not what they say they are.

Leaking constantly

We are so tired of the leaking with these bottles, and we've tried everything to prevent it. Only handwashing the bottles, not filling above the line, making sure the air vent is fitting properly, screwing the lid on tighter/looser/moderately, only putting the lid on after the milk is warm etc etc. I'm so over milk dripping all over the baby/me/the carpet/clothes and will certainly never buy another bottle from this brand.

How can a bottle leak so much

These bottles are terrible. They leak so bad even when the lid is on super tight which is then so hard to get off. My husband rang to complain and they were totally not interested. Look for another brand as these bottles are useless. All you’ll be doing is wiping up spilt milk off the floor.

Leaks and lid get stuck

Three days into using the bottles and the leak a lot and god forbid I put the cap on I need to use blunt force to open it - which is super frustrating when you have a screaming baby and you literally cannot open the bottle without lining the tab against a hard surface and smashing the bottle down it to jimmy the lid off.

Leaking nightmare

I bought the Dr Brown wide neck bottle set as my baby had reflux. Although my baby did burp less but the leaking was really bad. We made sure to not fill the bottle above the max line but when your baby is screaming for milk the last thing you want is to have expressed breastmilk leaking out making your baby cry even more and wasting your breastmilk that was already difficult to express! Do not recommend this product at all.

Bottles leak

It's frustrating that the bottles leak everytime. Changing the brand to something else. I am sick of the bottles leaks. Its spilling so badly that you even need to change the babies clothes. It worked fine in the beginning but now i hate it. I have 4 bottles and all of them does the same.

No more gas pains! So much cleaning!

These bottles are fabulous for stopping wind getting trapped and giving your bub tummy pains. I've been using for 5 months now after being referred to them by a staff member at the baby shop! I have 7 of these bottles, 5 plastic 2 glass. I love having a happy baby but my goodness the extra cleaning and bits and pieces to sort is a pain BUT I way prefer a happy baby :) Like others, I also had a few leaks but probably user error clicking the tube into the top! Have recommended to friends who are also loving them!

Waste of money

Bottles really are a great concept but after 1 week of using daily started to leak. I did everything recommended to stop the leaking but did not help. They are a waste of money in my opinion. Went back to Avent bottles as they do not leak in the slightest.


Expensive but not worth it! I’ve been using these bottles for weeks now, never failed to leak and make bub and I wet and sticky EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Gave me more work to do as I have to change bubs clothes whenever it leaks on him! Only reason I kept on using this is because its said to reduce baby’s colic and I didn’t want to waste my money for not using it. But now, i’ve just had enough. Lost so much of my breastmilk because of this bottles.

Working well for us

Have been using these bottles for a few weeks now due to a colic/reflux bub. We were using event classic but bubs was in pain for 5+ hrs every day so i gave these a try. Have noticed a huge difference in him- much less fussing and less wind.
Haven't had any issues with leaking as others have mentioned.
Can be a bit fiddly & time consuming to wash all the extra parts, but if it keeps bubs satisfied i'm happy to do it.
Plan to stop using the green filter around 3 mths when colic tends to ease up.


I bought the wide neck bottles in blue with measurements inbuilt when my son was about 6 wks old. He was having a lot of trouble with wind and tummy pain. Within the first day or so we noticed a difference in his wind, it seemed to ease off dramatically. He is now 4 months old and we have still been using them. The only issue I have found is that when I purchased the size 2 teats and combined them with my original bottles they leak very badly. I have read a lot of reviews saying the bottles leak but we had no dramas at all until I tried to use the next size up teat. I am gathering from some reviews that you have to buy the Options bottles in order to use the next size up teat which is very frustrating due to the expense of the bottles in the first place.
We are now trying to switch back to Phillips bottles as we need the next size up teat and I am not willing to pay for a whole new set of bottles from Dr Brown's, this is incredibly frustrating as I also purchased the steriliser for these bottles as they don't fit in traditional sterilisers.

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Questions & Answers

Where can I buy these please - I need some urgently. Many thanks. Cheryl
1 answer
I buy them from babybottles.com.au and if you get the "Damaged" ones they have damaged boxes and are 100% fine inside and much cheaper. The delivery is fast also. I have purchased them a few times from this same website.

My son is 3 days old, in the hospital wer were using a different kind of bottle & he was feeding perfectly & I noticed no gas problems. Yesterday we got home & I started using the wide neck Dr B's range that I had bought, he is now struggling with wind his tummy is making wind noises as he feeds. What am I doing differently from everyone else? Coz everyone seems to be getting the opposite results. Now he refuses to feed he pushes the bottle with his tongue because he struggles with this bottle.
1 answer
Just forget about the Dr Browns and go back to whatever you were using when he fed perfectly. As you said yourself - he fed perfectly and you noticed no gas problems. Can't fix what isn't broken!

Im having my baby in 3 months and was thinking of buying these bottles as im not breast feeding. If my newborn doesnt have wind/gas are these bottles still good??
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They are the best investment my baby has no fuss and sleep through the night after two months. No reflux whatsover i am exclusive pumping.


Natural Flow Wide Neck
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