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Dr Brown's Natural Flow Wide Neck

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  • Bottle LeakageYes (89%) · No (11%)
  • Incentivised Review Yes (0%) · No (100%)
  • Build Quality
    2.0 (10)
  • Value for Money
    1.7 (10)
  • Ease of Use
    2.1 (10)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    2.5 (10)

Carla T

Carla TPerth

  • 2 reviews

How can a bottle leak so much


These bottles are terrible. They leak so bad even when the lid is on super tight which is then so hard to get off. My husband rang to complain and they were totally not interested. Look for another brand as these bottles are useless. All you’ll be doing is wiping up spilt milk off the floor.



  • 5 reviews
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Leaks and lid get stuck


Three days into using the bottles and the leak a lot and god forbid I put the cap on I need to use blunt force to open it - which is super frustrating when you have a screaming baby and you literally cannot open the bottle without lining the tab against a hard surface and smashing the bottle down it to jimmy the lid off.


JennyNew South Wales

  • 4 reviews

Leaking nightmare


I bought the Dr Brown wide neck bottle set as my baby had reflux. Although my baby did burp less but the leaking was really bad. We made sure to not fill the bottle above the max line but when your baby is screaming for milk the last thing you want is to have expressed breastmilk leaking out making your baby cry even more and wasting your breastmilk that was already difficult to express! Do not recommend this product at all.

Bottles leak


It's frustrating that the bottles leak everytime. Changing the brand to something else. I am sick of the bottles leaks. Its spilling so badly that you even need to change the babies clothes. It worked fine in the beginning but now i hate it. I have 4 bottles and all of them does the same.



  • 7 reviews

No more gas pains! So much cleaning!


These bottles are fabulous for stopping wind getting trapped and giving your bub tummy pains. I've been using for 5 months now after being referred to them by a staff member at the baby shop! I have 7 of these bottles, 5 plastic 2 glass. I love having a happy baby but my goodness the extra cleaning and bits and pieces to sort is a pain BUT I way prefer a happy baby :) Like others, I also had a few leaks but probably user error clicking the tube into the top! Have recommended to friends who are also loving them!

Grace B

Grace BNarrabri

  • 3 reviews
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Waste of money


Bottles really are a great concept but after 1 week of using daily started to leak. I did everything recommended to stop the leaking but did not help. They are a waste of money in my opinion. Went back to Avent bottles as they do not leak in the slightest.



  • 6 reviews
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Expensive but not worth it! I’ve been using these bottles for weeks now, never failed to leak and make bub and I wet and sticky EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Gave me more work to do as I have to change bubs clothes whenever it leaks on him! Only reason I kept on using this is because its said to reduce baby’s colic and I didn’t want to waste my money for not using it. But now, i’ve just had enough. Lost so much of my breastmilk because of this bottles.



  • 25 reviews

Working well for us


Have been using these bottles for a few weeks now due to a colic/reflux bub. We were using event classic but bubs was in pain for 5+ hrs every day so i gave these a try. Have noticed a huge difference in him- much less fussing and less wind.
Haven't had any issues with leaking as others have mentioned.
Can be a bit fiddly & time consuming to wash all the extra parts, but if it keeps bubs satisfied i'm happy to do it.
Plan to stop using the green filter around 3 mths when colic tends to ease up.




  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Each to their own I found they work


Worst bottles ever


I lost so much expressed milk because of those bottles its so frustrating, they leak if you are trying to warm up the milk and if straw comes off with moving the bottle, with time to get a straw part will not sit on bottles properly and will keep coming off, very frustrated and i don't like them.

Absolute waste of money


I bought these bottles as I'd read great reviews about them helping with wind/colic. No idea if that's actually true because I've only used them three times and I'm ready to throw them away.

If you shake them to mix formula, they leak. If you heat them in a bottle warmer, they leak. If you tilt them to test milk temperature, they leak. They even leaked all over my baby during feeding. After two washes (with the included mini bottle brush) the nipple went from low-flow to no-flow. Exactly what I want to find out with a hungry infant waiting to be fed.

Don't waste your money on these overpriced, cumbersome bottles. I'm going back to my Tommee Tippees.

Life saver


I read so many reviews before going out and buying them. I read that they leaked and was hesitant. Went out and bought 6 and they honestly are life savers. The only time i found that they leaked was when i put in hot water and put it all back together. Amazing bottles

Leak terribly


Bought these bottles with the hope of fixing feeding problems in 4 week old. After trying many formula's we settled on goats milk at $33 a can and then tried dr browns bottles, how disappointing! Bub wears most of this liquid gold on his bib due to excessive leaking by the bottles, regardless of how tight or lose the the cap is screwed on. Total waste of money.



Very disappointing


We bought 2 of the Dr Browns Options wide neck bottles and honestly it was the biggest waste of money. The biggest complaint is it just leaks everywhere! No matter how much I tighten all the parts it still leaks everywhere. It's just terrible you end up with more milk on bubs clothes/bibs or your hands then what gets consumed.
Don't buy the options bottles!


ChelseaJaronCharlieQLD, 4227

  • 45 reviews

Life changing


My son has suffered with sever reflux since birth and he's now 4 months and I've only just tried Dr browns bottles and NO spewing! I am incredibly happy as now he can put on weight (he's still in 0000 clothing and 4 months) I only have 1 bottle but will be getting more now I know they're amazing


MissygirlThe Mallee, VIC

  • 12 reviews

Used once! ANAZING!!


I love them that much I just sent my husband back into town to buy 3 more! Our 4 week old drank perfectly with no fussing and crying like usual and no collapsing teat. After a feed he didn't even seem to have wind and fell asleep as opposed to crying in pain and being irritated with our other bottles. I mentioned to the sales assistant people saying they leak and she said it's because they tighten them too much. You only tighten until it grabs and we didn't have an issue. Not one bit of leaking. Love them!!



  • 15 reviews

Huge improvement to baby's wind and reflux issues


I would not have a baby and be without these bottles ever again. My baby used to take a long time feeding from Medela, Avent, Tommee Tippee and even a cheapy Dymples brand because she wasn't comfortable. This has changed dramatically with Dr Brown's bottles and her reflux and wind symptoms have improved greatly.

Some people say these bottles leak and I found that they only do that when the teat and collar is wet from a previous washing. If you dry these parts properly first with some paper towel there are no leaks whatsoever.

Easy to flow but it leaks!!!


The wide neck bottle leaks, i bought a pack of three and they all have the same problem. The milk runs through the edge of the cap when feeding, and my figure gets burnt when I rinse the bottle with hot water. It is very annoying! Can't feed baby like this as the milk would go everywhere on his face neck and clothes. How could this product be on market!!??


NicoleSoutheast, SA

  • 10 reviews



Great bottle to reduce wind, switched over from Tommee Tippee and noticed the difference almost straight away. However the bottles leak at every single feed no matter how you put them together or how tight you screw the cap on. The leaking from the bottle drives me insane, it drips on my baby and formula gets everywhere. I have contacted dr browns about this asking as to wether it is normal for them to leak that much however got no response.

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Questions & Answers



Where can I buy these please - I need some urgently. Many thanks. Cheryl

1 answer

I buy them from babybottles.com.au and if you get the "Damaged" ones they have damaged boxes and are 100% fine inside and much cheaper. The delivery is fast also. I have purchased them a few times from this same website.



My son is 3 days old, in the hospital wer were using a different kind of bottle & he was feeding perfectly & I noticed no gas problems. Yesterday we got home & I started using the wide neck Dr B's range that I had bought, he is now struggling with wind his tummy is making wind noises as he feeds. What am I doing differently from everyone else? Coz everyone seems to be getting the opposite results. Now he refuses to feed he pushes the bottle with his tongue because he struggles with this bottle.

1 answer

Just forget about the Dr Browns and go back to whatever you were using when he fed perfectly. As you said yourself - he fed perfectly and you noticed no gas problems. Can't fix what isn't broken!



Im having my baby in 3 months and was thinking of buying these bottles as im not breast feeding. If my newborn doesnt have wind/gas are these bottles still good??

1 answer

They are the best investment my baby has no fuss and sleep through the night after two months. No reflux whatsover i am exclusive pumping.

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