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Dr Brown’s Standard Narrow Neck

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  • Bottle LeakageYes (80%) · No (20%)
  • Incentivised Review Yes (0%) · No (100%)
  • Build Quality
    3.0 (3)
  • Value for Money
    2.0 (4)
  • Ease of Use
    2.3 (3)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    3.7 (3)



  • 6 reviews



I've owned 4 Dr Brown's bottles, option, wide neck and standard narrow neck. THEY ALL LEAK!!! Standard narrow neck leaks the most, every single time. I know when the milk is hot the pressure inside make the milk goes up in the vent. I always loosen the cap to make share milk inside the vent doesn't go up too high. But it still leaks while DS is drinking, leaks all over my hand and on DS!!! It drives me crazy and it couldn't be any more frustrated when you're feeding your baby during middle of the night. It might help with colic, but the mess it makes definitely outweighs its pros.

Great for my tongue/lip tied baby!


My lactation consultant recommended these bottles for my then 4 week old lip/tongue tied baby as we had to wait over a month for her corrective surgery. She had difficulties feeding from normal bottles and terrible wind/tummy pain.

After the first feed I noticed the difference. Her little mouth fits over the teat very well, her wind/tummy pains have eased significantly too!

Easy to clean. I noticed some people say the bottles leak - if the lid is screwed on quite firmly this doesn't happen.

Very happy with this product!



  • 6 reviews

Seemed to help with colic


My son suffered with colic, after reading reviews we purchased these bottles. I think they definately helped with the colic (in conjunction with Wilby's Colic Mixture - see my review). My son was able to feed easier because the air was released at the bottom of the bottle. As a few other people mentioned, the bottles did leak at times which was a bit painful. Two extra pieces to clean, but worth it.



  • 2 reviews

It's leaking after been use for two months


Waste the money for standard narrow neck bottle. It's leaking just after two month when I feeding Him.
Customer service is so poorly :( they don't want to know about their faulty products.
I am NOT recommend the Dr Brown narrow neck bottle.
Now I have to buy different bottle, I will go for Comotomo bottle.... Not Dr Brown bottle again.

We love our Dr Brown's bottles


We love our Dr. Brown's bottles
They have made a huge improvement in our babys wind issues.
I will only ever use Dr.Brown's
I wish I had knew about before the birth of my son.
I don't find the parts a problem to clean at all as if they give my son relief ill clean bottles till the cows come home.
We haven't had any issues with leaks, follow the instructions and you will have no problem.
Keep in mind I don't think any wind,gas & colic relief product cures the problem 100% but I know
Dr. Brown's has made a huge improvement in conjunction with other methods of wind relief.



  • 3 reviews

Unfortunately dissapointed


After reading numerous reviews on these bottles I was hopeful that they would help my baby. The concept is sound - I believe the bottle did make a slight difference with his reflux - but they leak a lot, not just when you mix up the formula in them but also when he pulls away from the bottle when he's in the middle of eating for a breather/break the milk just streams down his chin. I have since bought another brand of bottle hoping it will be just as good if not better for his reflux minus all the leaking (and parts - this bottle has so many parts).



  • 3 reviews

Excellent for Reflux Baby



T_LingWestern Australia

  • 4 reviews

Always using this brand


Thank God, we tried this products. We were not sure at the beginning, but lucky they provide sample. And it's working for us. Our bub has less burb and less choking too. We tried Nuk and Avent, but our bub kept choking due to their wide bottle neck. Their customer service is good too. We bought them from Subiaco stores nearby St John of God. Unfortunately, they're clearing out their stocks and no longer sell this product.
Less choking, less burb
More parts to clean, but it's okay.



  • 3 reviews

No Colic no crying baby

Mumma-bubba premmie

Mumma-bubba premmie

  • 3 reviews
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Excellent- only bottle he takes!


After buying about $100 worth of bottles, and having bubs gag, choke, cough and retain wind and gas, I tried dr brown! What did I have to loose!! It was amazing! He stopped crying, spitting and squirming! Feefing time is so relaxed now and I can enjoy looking into his eyes and stroking his head- it's such a relaxing time for us now. They have reduced all his issues! Only bottle that has ever worked! I tried all the brands and this brand is the best!! Can't sing praises enough!!!
Reliable, reduces wind!!!
More parts to clean than normal bottles



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what a difference!


After reading many a reviews and peoples pros and cons re: dr browns bottles, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase some. After weeks of our 6 week old crying and straining before, during and after feeds and money spent on various wind/colic drops that didn't seem to work, these bottles have been one of our best investments yet!! Noticed a difference after 24 hours, our little boy now takes more volume and settles straight after each feed, no more straining or pain from trapped air! So worth the money for us anyway! :)
bottles do what they are made to do!
hard to read measurements on bottle but no biggy!



  • 12 reviews

no more farty bottom!


Baby used to have lots of wind, gassy and spit up a lot after feeding. After using these bottles I notice improvements and baby no longer gassy and spits up as much. Ive read a lot of people say it leaks in other reviews but this hasnt been a problem to me. Just make sure you read their instructions and I dont think the bottles would leak
Fixed gassy/windy and spit up problem, slim and feels good in hand :)
more parts mean more washing, a bit more expensive compared to other brands, the measurement is rubbish tho difficult to read!



  • 10 reviews

These bottles saved our life's


We struggled with wind and air with our baby, we couldn't get through a whole bottle with him cry with pain.
The dr browns bottles fixed the problem. We still burp our son but its much easier and he can fed without any issues.

Great product

Baby settles much quicker too
Works very well
Harder to clean then a standard bottle


GrenaSydney, NSW

  • 21 reviews

Doesn't help to relieve wind while feeding


I bought these bottles after I read review on this site. Unfortunately, I can't say that I am happy with the bottles. Yes, teats do not lose their form while feeding but Dr Brown system does not prevent air from coming in so I have to burp my daughter as I did after using other bottles. Bottles were expensive and I am very disappointed that wind problem was not solved. Although my baby is nearly 6 months old she wakes up if she has extra air inside her stomach. For me it was waste of money as ordinary glass bottles are much cheaper. I spend a lot of time trying to find these bottles in Sydney shops.
My baby has been bottle-fed since birth with my breastmilk.
I assume that all babies are different. These bottles don't work for everyone.



  • 3 reviews

Perfect! No more wind pains :)


Bought these after reading the fantastic reviews. After I changed formula to Heinz Nurture Gold and bottles to dr browns my newborn improved within days. Highly recommend. I did find the level one teats were too fast so I bought the premmie teats but they were still quite fast for my two wk old bub at the time so I changed the teats to the classic nuk teats & it worked a treat. Now that bub is 10wks old the level one teats flow is perfect. They are well worth every cent.
No more wind, burps easily! Wash well


Shelley69Perth, WA

  • 14 reviews

Simply amazing!


I bought these as a feeding set on eBay after reading all of the reviews here, and I have just bought another set! These bottles are clear winners! My baby has been mainly breast fed since birth and after weaning him 4 days ago he has been fine on these bottles! The teats never collapse, which annoyed my baby all the time with other brands, he burps after his bottle and is happier than with any other bottle. I will never buy another brand of bottles again! They are well worth the money spent on them. I rinse them as soon as bub has finished with it, making washing later easier. I don't find the extra parts a hassle as at the end of the day they help bub so much.
The teat never collapses, no wind problems
They are not sold in Australia

1 comment

They are sold in Australia online and eBay :)


bronny88Central West

  • 4 reviews

Great bottles.




These bottles are excellent. When switching from breast feeding, my bub struggled with the common bottles due to the air getting trapped. These bottles allow her to suck, swallow and breathe similar to breast feeding. It also dramatically reduced the amount of gas she used to get with other bottles. Highly recommended!!
Reduces gas and allows the bub to feed similar to breast feeding.
Bit fiddly when washing.



  • 2 reviews



My wife and i use these bottles , they are great for our son ,he is a lot less windy now ,worth the money! highly recommend them for people with windy babies, it was quite a noticeable difference ,we can sleep again , thank you so much doctor brown you saved our sleep .
Sleep again

My knight in shinning armour


My daughter had really bad colic and within a week of using bottles she was so much better and in less pain. Would recomend to any1 with a colic baby. A few parts to clean but really its no hassel at all if it stops baby from pain. Will use it straight away if i have another baby
Helped reduce wind pain. Very light to hold.

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Questions & Answers



I have a question. What is the difference between narrow, standard and wide neck bottles? Which one is more suitable for a newborn?

2 answers

Hi Paris
The narrow neck is slim bottle. Wide neck bottle is similar size Avent bottle, it's easy to clean and no leaking after use.
Both can use for new born baby with low flow teat. Hopes this can help you :)


Thanks for your help!



Does anyone know if you can fit the slim Dr Browns bottles into an advent steam steraliser?

1 answer
Lady G.
Lady G.

The 4oz fit more than 6 bottles vertically but the 8oz you need to put them horizontally and can fit up to 5 8oz bottles.



I have a question I will be having my baby at the end of June and I would like some information on the Dr brown bottles are they only for babies with colic or Reflux or could I also use them to prevent?

1 answer

Hello, I've been using them since my oldest daughter was born, I bought them because she was having colic, after I used them with my other 2 daughters and they didn't had any issue with colic and reflux.
I recommend this bottles 100% and if you can get some one to buy them for you on USA and bring them will be better as there the difference on price is huge.


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