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Dream Baby Fold Away F610

Dream Baby Fold Away F610

2.8 from 5 reviews


This product works great for me. Use it in the big bath and baby plays with dials
and toys around her. You need two hands to open it, be careful their fingers are free when clipping shut. Suction works well. I also use this in the shower when I want to shower baby at same time as me. I would recommend this as a basic seat. Think I paid $30-40.
Does it job in bath and shower.
Baby can slip out when they are mobile and reaching for things - but the product warns you they can get out so this is not a fault.

Fantastic for baby to sit in bath without slipping over

Both our children have used this Dreambaby Bath Seat. We love its ease of use and knowing that baby can sit in the bath and have fun without slipping under the water. The front section is easy to fold down to remove baby and secure enough that baby cant open it themselves. We have recommended this to all our friends!
Baby can sit in bath without slipping under the water


I picked this product up secondhand and it is still going strong. A previous brand was not as sturdy as this one and ended up cracking slightly and the suction cups came off. This seat seems bigger than others, though this does make it tricky for smaller babies. The bottom of the seat that baby actually sits on is a very smooth surface; quite slippery when soap is added to the water. A non stick surface or patterned plastic would be better. Washing baby's bottom can also be a bit tricky when they are sitting in the seat!

I am quite careful when I remove the seat from the bath and always break the seal on each suction cup before standing the seat on its side to dry. There is certainly a knack to getting baby in and out of the seat that takes a few baths to acquire.

Overall, this is a solid bath seat.
The front bar folds down to put baby in and out of the seat; useful for using in a shower or in a big bath; generous size is able to be used until well into toddler years.
Due to its generous size, younger babies that are able to sit up are generally too small to sit in the seat without slipping out of it. It is quite easy for baby to end up with two legs in the same leg hole. The 'clips' on each side to click the bar into place can catch baby's skin if you are not careful when doing them up.


I only used this product for about a month before ditching it. It was a waste of money for me and now just takes up valuable storage spece.
The concept of it is good as are the 3 dials (toys) on the front to keep baby entertained.
Everything else! On mine, the swing gate didn't open or close very easily and I ended up having to put baby in out out by sliding him in behind the bar. He hated this and he also hated sitting in the device. I found it very difficult to bathe him while he was in it as well.


I wasnt overly thrilled with this item. I found often if I wasnt fast enough locking the front "gate" that baby would get his fingers in there and get their skin caught in it and ending up in a crying match. Also we only used it a few times as I ended up preferring to hold my boys and the suction caps came off the bottom meaning that it wasnt very stable and didnt hold on anymore like it needed to for safety.
Hold baby well, toys
Suction caps come off, clip frame can catch baby's hands if you arent fast enough

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