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Dream Baby Retractable

Dream Baby Retractable

F820 and L820
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Works well

It works well it is easy to use and keeps my dog where he's supposed to be but I find it a bit awkward to use if you have your hands full as you need both hands to use it so it has pro's and con's but overall I'm happy with it as it does what it's suppose to do

My baby can open this !!

This gate is a joke and should be taken off the Australian market before someone has an accident. My baby managed to push on it which makes it spring out of its flimsy little holders and retract open in a flash. My baby is a petite 3 percentile one year old who is not yet able to crawl ie not a big strong baby. I have a video of her doing this! I will attach if possible .. Very hard to do up. Should be the other way around. 8 year old step son can’t open it which additionally makes it impossible for top of stairs. Don’t buy this.

Don't buy this!!!! Zero stars!

The idea of a retractable gate sounds good but it really is not!
This gate has a release button in order to pull the gate shut but it does not have a release button to undo this gate.
We find it a rather flimsy shut and even our cat can just paw it open very easily and quickly. When it opens it makes a horrible loud screeching sound. While I understand this is to alarm a parent when the gate is being used we now have to deal with a screaming baby that got woken up by it flinging open, a scared cat and useless nails in the wall with an unusable gate!
Now we need to go and purchase a proper gate and hope the plasterwall will not weaken with additional screws we need to use!!!
Where do I get my money back for this useless gate???
Ps: a baby gate should be designed so it's difficult to open and not difficult to shut. It needs a latch on the close!

Great gate, pity about the recent changes to latches

We purchased the F820 retractable gate a while back when our toddler worked out how to open the doors to the study / bedroom and bathroom. This gate is perfect as it stops her from going where we don't want her to and retracts at night when we need to go in and see her. The product was easy to install and I liked the fact it came with a second set of latches and can be moved from one location to another. Not that we have utilised this function. The ratcheting sound can be a tad annoying, particularly at night, however, we have found that if you hold the button down it reduces the noise. It is a great feature to have the noise as you know when the gate has been opened by a little person in the house. It takes a bit of practice, but you can actually operate the gate one-handed without too much noise.

A few days ago, our one-year-old managed to climb up the steps to, and almost fell into, our spa bath in our ensuite. We went out and purchased another gate as we love the one we have. To our great disappointment, the F820 model was replaced with the F820N which has a totally different latching mechanism. The product did not have the latch handle, square shape, with square latches. Instead it came with a round rod and round, open half moon, latches. It took my one-year-old less than a minute to open the gate by simply putting his hand on the mesh screen, yes we did ensure the gate was latched properly. Even the adults and toddler could open this gate without unlocking it. We have returned this model and thankfully we were able to see source an old model.

I would not recommend the F820N (in purple/white packaging) as, in my mind, it does not meet safety standards. I would definitely recommend the F820 in the blue/orange packaging.

Can be fiddly

The idea is absolutely fantastic for this gate and it has saved us a lot of mucking round with other gates. I have one at the top of my stairs so my daughter cant get down. It works well, however if you don't lock it in properly (and sometimes you don't even realise) the kids can pull down on it. My husband doesnt think to check the tension on it and make sure it cluxls to lock the retract. I was down the bottom of the stairs and saw a foot trying to get over it. It's just being aware of how it locks in and making sure it is and no slack in it.

The retract function can be fiddly and winding it back can tangle around itself.

Apart from that it is quite a good gate which has been a great help at bath time.

Good idea, just way too difficult to bother

I bought this for the bottom of our staircase. Being a relatively wide staircase 1350mm it seemed like the perfect solution. It is not.
it is clumsy and difficult to close. Noisy when it retracts. Care must be taken to extend it in one motion and get the bottom and top to hook into their respective catches at the same time. This sometimes requires you to kneel and latch the bottom of the gate.
The noise when retracted is horrendous, and once again a clumsy two handed operation and need to be guided back onto its roller to ensure a neat retract.
I wish I went for a more conventional child gate and save myself the frustration.

Great concepts, shame it is designed based on the 'perfect house'!

The concept of this gate is great which is why I purchased it! Unfortunately, there is a very small difference between the width of the doorway at the bottom of the gate and the top. I imagine like the majority of homes this is a very common thing as not everything is built or stays mm perfect! This means the gate does not tension and requires the use of two hands, and bending down to release the lower locking hook.

Without being tensioned, it defeats the purpose of having a gate. Needing two hands and having to bend over to operate it make the gate more frustrating to use than worth bothering with. Sent back.

Very happy with retractable gate

The retractable gate is perfect for the bottom of the stairs. It is easy to use for adults but difficult for the little ones. It makes a noise when opening or closing but if you don't want to make a noise when you are doing it (if the babies/toddlers are sleeping) - just hold it while it is retracting (this would be difficult for the little ones to do). It looks ok too - I am completely happy with our choice. If only I could find something as suitable for the top of the stairs!
looks good, great for bottom of stairs

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Just to make it clearer - to stop the gate from making a noise when opening and closing it - turn and hold the knob with your left hand whilst guiding the retractable gate with your right hand

Has its faults but does the job

This baby gate was the only one we could find that would fit our relatively narrow stair entrance.
It makes a loud noise when retracted. This is actually a "feature" so that you know whether a little one has gained unauthorised access. However, it would be great if they had a model that didn't make this noise. When I get up at 6am and go downstairs, the whole house gets woken by the sound of a 500 pound marlin being reeled in!
Overall we are happy with our purchase, once setup it does the job well apart from being noisy.
Fits where others don't and is flexible in width covered; Looks good and takes up very little space when retracted; Doesn't have a bar across the bottom to trip over (pretty dangerous at the top of a staircase) like many other gates; Youtube video and included templates are very helpful when installing
Had to buy my own screws, two of the included ones broke and are embedded in my stair banister; Was a bit fiddly to install, you have to get the screw holes millimetre perfect for it to fit properly; Very noisy when retracting; Included instructions lack detail (but watch the youtube video)

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They don't recommend the retractable gate for the top of the stairs - it could be dangerous but it is perfect for the bottom of the stairs. To stop it from making a noise - I turn the knob and hold it down with one hand and with my other hand I guide the gate back to the opening position.

Questions & Answers

I have just bought your retracable gate but Im concerned the mesh could be leaned on or ripped or torn by our toddler. Is the mesh stronger than it looks?
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I have used the retractable at the bottom of our stairs for my twin toddler granddaughters for 18mths and it has been fine. They don't lean on it but I'm sure it would take a reasonable amount of toddler wear and tear. The mesh is very sturdy (especially for the bottom of the stairs)


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