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DDP Can be trusted and Worth the fees paid

Hi I have used DDP to buy my first property , it has been 3 years now and is doing good for me with positive gearing . All the process and system they heard in place went well . I have engage them in for the second one through my SMSF , which is underway and hoping to get the same . Despite some staffing issues faced internally in the company , Zaki did manage to keep up with his words for a promised deliverable of the outstanding matters and hope this property through SMSF is done ASAP .


Pathetic - ZERO RATING

Worst experience ever!!!! Have been chasing for our refund since October 2017 which was agreed by [Name Removed]. I fail to comprehend how this company still exists after so many people had such bad experiences. We do not recommend this company!!!!


They're OK, did everything I asked for

Bought 2 investment properties through them. I don't know how much of a discount they negotiated, I don't think it's a lot. Although not doing brilliant, at least not losing money either.

Also bought my house currently being built. Never really used them for advise, just as a buyer's agent. I had issues with financing but that's just bad timing, their recommended finance broker is very good!


Would recommend to all my friends and family (and that’s saying a lot)

Buying a property is without a doubt the scariest thing I’ve ever done! DDP effortlessly took this and made me feel 100% comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Their professionalism and knowledge is second to none.

Good experience for first time buyers

I had always been interested in real estate, but never really knew where to start. I contacted DDP and was able to get a meeting with them right away. The team was very thorough and knowledgeable. I happily have one property (after viewing several), DDP and I are now in the process of getting another one. And I don't want to stop there! I highly recommend the guys at DDP.


DDP stole my money

I was introduced to DDP as they were bent on helping me buy a property in Queensland. Turns out as part of their signed contract, I could get a refund on their fees if I couldn't secure a finance. I have had direct contact with Zaki himself along with Jay and Julia and they have ignored all my emails and contact. You can see my review on Facebook. I have all documents and communications to prove that this is legitimate.


Great experience and treatment

My husband and I had been looking in to doing property investments for so long and thought we would be happy with 3 properties and through it would take up to 10 years to do so, but once speaking with Zaki and the DDP teams we realised that we were thinking too small, within 8 months we are now purchasing our 2nd investment property with DDP and hope to be on our 3rd but next year. DDP has been amazing in there results and have given us new goals to achieve with them by our side, we would and have advised them to family and friends

Be weary...

I do not recommend this company based on my experience with them. Watch this segment about this company on A Current Affair and you can decide whether you want to do business with them or not.


It's been an uphill battle with DDP. We initially signed a contract with then based on promises they made to us about obtaining a home loan. They tried 5 times and were not able to get even a pre approval for a loan. Then they just disappear, don't take your calls or reply to your emails.

Pay attention to the negative reviews, and event to the positive as you will notice something common with the positive ones, I will let you make up your own mind if the positive ones are fake. They are know to remove negative reviews from their Facebook page and block reviewers including myself.

We are currently going through the motions in court with them and I will update here on the outcome. Protect yourself, if you are signing anything with this company make sure you get what's promised before handing your money to them.


Great story here if you are a journalist for Four Corners or A Current Affairs!!

Who would anyone write “I would give DDP 10 Stars If I could!”? ... seriously???

Make up your own mind whether the 5 star reviews here are fake, coerced or otherwise...

My experience with DDP has been obscenely bad. I prefer to call them real estate scammers than consultants. I read the reviews here and I can’t believe they have stoopped so low to advertise jobs and then turn around to scam job applicants.

But my story is... After I signed the consulting agreement, I paid a small deposit to DDP as a gesture of goodwill. Within 2 weeks, the accounts department and the CEO himself hurl verbal abuse at me because they haven’t received the balance. Surreal. This is in spite of the fact that NO WORK HAS BEEN DONE YET because I wasn’t ready to make a purchase.

I paid the balance and the horror continued. Almost immediately, they sent me recycled properties. I know this because they hadn’t even removed the previous customer’s name from the forwarded reports.

Saw a property that fitted some of my criteria and asked my bank to value. The bank valuation was far lower than the DDP fake report and needless to say, the bank didn’t approve the loan.

For months and months, lousy (and recycled) properties were emailed to us. I think all they do is to send out emails to local agents in Queensland (or wherever) and properties that can’t sell are being shown to unwitting NSW buyers. DDP then gets a cut from the local agent (they admit so in their agreement) plus the $15k fee you pay them. Not a bad gig for doing no real work.

Despite DDP strong advice against visiting the properties, I flew down to Queensland to see for myself and the property market is far from rosy and contrary to what their reports say. I got first hand intel from the local Brisbane agents who were more honest than DDP.

They never found a property that fitted my criteria to my satisfaction and in their agreement, it clearly says that they will NOT be required to do so. Then why are we paying money to this fraudulent buyer’s agent?

If you are not a reporter for Four Corners, A Current Affairs or 60 Minutes, then stay away from these people to keep your own sanity, health and wealth. You have been warned.

Stay far, far away

My name is Kathryn Stuart. I was unfortunate enough to purchase a property through DDP back in 2015. The problems started before settlement and have continued ever since.

My issues with Dream Design Property (DDP) and how I believe they have not acted in my best interests as a customer, failed in their duties as a buyer’s agent, misled me and lead to financial detriment with no effort to resolve any issues are as follows. This is my opinion and my experience.

1. Failed to act as appropriate for a buyer’s agent:
a. The property had been on market for considerable time and was negotiated minimally on their part – I could have done better myself had I known
b. Signed off on pest and building without consulting me and without reading reports closely until I disputed it. They also provided copies of the pest and building reports I had paid for to the selling agent
c. Provided a property with pool against my wishes
d. Failed to inspect the property to know actual condition/value
e. Failed to act on my written request and conduct a pool inspection
2. Failed to act in line with their resolutions/complaints process

This all led to many tens of thousands of dollars in repairs from purchase.

In July 2017 I sought out the help of a solicitor as DDP was ignoring all emails. An agreement was made, and signed, where DDP would agree to pay $7000 back to me by the 10th of January 2018, with interest accruing at 7% per annum. I have since had to pay an additional $550 in legal fees to chase payment. As you would probably be expecting by now, my solicitor’s emails and further attempts to follow up since have been met with silence and I have seen exactly none of the money they agreed to pay.

What I find interesting is that I have hundreds of screenshots of negative reviews from DDP’s Facebook page which seem to have mysteriously vanished; conversations with these people have revealed that they get told to remove all negative reviews before payment will be provided. I have many more details so if you’re in a similar boat please feel free to reach out to me.

DDP – you know where to send the money you owe me.

A Dream to deal with!

I can't thank Dream Design enough.. I never thought the process would be this straightforward. The team were up to date with all the latest property investment strategies and were happy to discuss all options available to meet our budget. I couldn't have ever imagined I would have been able to secure the property of my dreams within my financial realm- But here we are... Thank you so much for your patience and expertise. A pleasure to work with!!

Professional and fast.

Expanding my portfolio was surprisingly stress-free when I used Zaki! Already have a portfolio in Melbourne, therefore experienced with other buyer agents - but working with DDP in Sydney was a dream because of their extensive knowledge and the fast turn around times. I have high expectations and still found nothing too much to ask of the team. I feel very at ease going forward with them, and encourage others to use their services.
- Thanks guys

Personal and professional.

Zaki and his team were the perfect partners for me, a relative beginner in property investing. I felt like I could ask any questions without judgement, and could speak to someone at any time about anything that popped into my head or was worrying me. Their commitment to promptly, calmly, and professionally responding to me set them apart from the myriad other consultancy and planning firms I have encountered before. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Outstanding service start to finish

I couldn't recommend Zaki and his team enough. They provided me with brilliant support and advice that was personally tailored to my needs. They are always contactable and have a wealth of knowledge gained thought their own property portfolio success. I really felt like they were invested in the whole process with me and genuinely wanted me to succeed with my goals. Thank you for everything.

DDP: Professional & Efficient

I used Zaki and the DDP team to consult regarding expansion of my property portfolio. They were fast, professional and fair. I received quick responses to all inquiries, and was met with professional advice for even the most seemingly silly questions.

Furthermore, their initial quotes were more competitive than competitors, and service/attention to detail superior. I still receive personalised emails making sure I am still satisfied with the service I received.

The team at DDP are passionate about their work, and it shows in their outcomes.

Thank you DDP

Just don't

I signed up about 4 years ago.
Paid my $14,900.
Knew in my own head I couldn’t afford what they were saying, but they were very convincing I could.
They are sales people, with nothing to sell.
Once they had my money, while ball game changed as to what I needed as a deposit, and at the end of the day........I couldn’t afford it.
I knew that. They apparently didn’t.
Was crying on the phone to them.
Was a stressful time in my life......non more so than when a DDP employee arrived at my work asking me to sign mortgage documents I knew I couldn’t afford to repay.
I did get my money back from this ......ponzi scheme.
But the STRESS.
And the stress when I wrote an honest review on their Facebook page, and then their lawyer got in touch threatening to sue me for deformation of character.

Just DONT.

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Dear Nicola we have no record of your name, please email us at info@ddpproperty.com.au with details

Would NOT Recommend Dream Design Property (DDP) to anyone!

My review is simply to advise others of my personal experiences with [name removed] and his company Dream Design Property (DDP) so the general public can make a better decision.
I believe i was a victim of a common "Employment Based Scam" which is shown on the website in the link below. Please read it as i would wish no one to fall victim to this like i did


NOTE: Someone from DDP will probably say something like "according to our records, it looks like we have not done any business with you" as they always seem to do when someone writes a negative review about them.
Please do not believe that.
I have so much evidence it's not funny.

1) On the 28th November 2018, I saw a job vacancy post by Dream Design Property for a “Sale Support Officer - Property ” role and I applied for this job.

2) On the same day, I received a reply from [name removed], the CEO/founder of Dream Design Property.

3) [name removed] asked to meet with me @ 2pm the next day (29th Nov 2018) at his office at level 5/203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027.

4) On the 29th Nov 2018, and 45 minutes before meeting with [name removed] @ 2pm, he asked to meet me at a Indigo cafe in double bay for the interview instead (I realised he did this now because he in fact does not have an office there anymore).

5) We spoke and he turned the conversation around by suggesting that he would mentor me one on one in order to learn more about sales and real estate investing (and me being eager to learn about real estate investing, i was interested in that).

6) He made me feel pressured.
He asked me to pay him $10K at 4:10pm while he drove me to the train station.
He told me “Belinda, you need to pay before 5pm today because successful business people make decisions fast, and if you want to be successful, prove it by acting quickly. My time is valuable, so i will send you the invoice and ​mentoring agreement​. Pay me by by 5pm and after that i will send you the mentoring agreement . If you don’t pay by 5pm, i’ll know you are not serious about success”.
He sent me the invoice at 4:20 which had a “pay now” button that was due by 29 Nov.

7) I payed him $10K via PayPal that same day at 4:40pm via paypal through his “pay now” button on the invoice he provided on the 29th November 2018.

8) [name removed] contacted me at 4:56pm and was unhappy as I payed via PayPal, which he realised makes him lose $300 due to paypal’s 3% transaction fee.
[name removed] was unhappy with this, and so he sent to me what appeared to be a legitimate screenshot of a PayPal refund.
At the time i received this screenshot, i believed it was real, however i now believe it was either fake, or he cancelled the refund from processing.

9) He then asked me to send him $10K to his bank account via debit card instead (not credit card).
By this point it was 4:56pm and he called me and began pressuring me by saying, “our verbal agreement was for you to pay by 5pm today and I’ve already refunded you the $10K via paypal which will take 3-5 business days, but if you don’t send the money before 5pm, you are not serious about success, so don’t make me disappointed”.
I felt under pressure by this point and so i then sent him another $10K to his bank account at 5:09pm, thinking I would get the Paypal refund.

10) I still have not received a mentorship agreement he told me he would provide.

11) It has now been 10 days since the above information occurred (date of writing this is 9th Dec 2018), and I still have not received a PayPal refund.

12) [name removed] keeps telling me he has sent the refund (Paypal have now confirmed that he infact cancelled the refund on purpose).
After a senior Detective investigated our case, the detective wrote us a letter to send to Paypal informing Paypal that they strongly believe [name removed] is committing serious fraudulent activity.
After Paypal received this, Paypal voted in my favour and provided me with $10K back (I am still down $10K from the bank deposit i made into his account [name removed] requested).

13) I have told [name removed] I am not interested in his services, as he was not providing the services to a quality that i was verbally told i would receive.

14) [name removed] has also sent me educational material from other education providers which i did not ask for and i did not agree on, as selling other education providers paid material is illegal in itself.
He sent me paid educational material that is sold by a man named “[name removed]”.

15) [name removed] constantly pressure me to sign his confidentiality agreement, of which, he had not signed himself.
I have not signed this confidentiality agreement.

Again, this is just my experience.
I hope that this gives anyone thinking of being employed by [name removed] or Dream Design Property an idea on what may or may not happen to you.


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Dear Belinda, Paypal has already refunded your duplicate payment. The remaining are for services already rendered.


I have taken Dream Design Property to Court. They have not refunded my deposit as agreed back in 2017. Do not trust this company. The Sheriffs have not been able to locate this company for over 2 year. My matter is still in Court and they are in hiding. They've ignored my emails. DDP will make threats to sue you but my matter has proven them wrong in court.

Hi MRT, You may have been mistaken by another property investment company that past staff may have worked with us. Please contact the person you were dealing with directly, we have had a few complaints in which ex staff have been representing DDP but have not been working with us.[Name Removed] is the one I've been dealing with. No mistake. DDP still owe me money . DDP has breach their agreement in Court. I've spoken to your Solictor and complained to him via email and he has forward my complaint to [Name Removed] and cc me in . I still have that email and never got a response. I want my money back!To make it clear to you Julia , I TOOK DDP TO COURT!! Stop shifting the blame! DDP could not prove me wrong in Court. That is why the judgment was made in my favour. DDP entered an agreement in Court to make installments but unfortunately did not stick to the agreement. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

Stay away from DDP - zero stars

DDP have chosen to keep ignoring me and my refund since February 2017.
In November 2016 I came to DDP to ask advise about how I should invest my money. I was convinced by their representative that I could afford three properties. I then paid them the fee for three properties. After purchasing two properties it became very evident that I could not afford the third property. I advised DDP of the situation and after 3 months of heated “discussions” via phone and text messages they finally agreed to give me a refund “due to my loyalty”. Then came the silence. Not answering phone calls, not responding to emails and texts. Then finally in October 2017 they offered to pay interest on my refund and offered a repayment plan which consisted of $500 weekly repayments until the full amount, $13900, was paid back. The start date of the repayment plan came and went. They ignored my emails and phone calls. After another 3 weeks they re-paid me $1000. It is now March 2019, and I have not received a penny since. I have been sending emails and messages which are completely ignored. I’ve basically been robbed by DDP.
I made an enquiry with Fair Trading NSW and I was promptly contacted and advised that there are many other people in this boat of misery called DDP. They suggested applying to the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to force payment of my refund.
Fair Trading NSW have also asked me to supply evidence to them to assist them in their efforts to have DDPs license removed.
It does not matter how much patience, trust and faith you show DDP. They will simply abuse it, and ignore their responsibility to you. They have left me with no options other than to pursue the matter through NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), tell my story to A Current Affair and to provide Fair Trading with all the evidence I have collected over the last 24 months. I’ve recently been contacted by many others who have been ripped off by DDP, and the sad thing is that this group of people just keeps growing.
If DDP had stuck to the repayment plan THEY offered/suggested my refund would have been paid back a long time ago, and I would not have to take the drastic measures I mentioned above, and I wouldn’t have had to write this review. I will keep pushing from every angle until I get the money that they owe me.
Stay well clear of DDP. Once they have your money you become a non-issue to them, and the ignore you.

May 29th 2019 Update: Review Part 2

(See other review by Robert B)

Around 3 weeks ago I had a response by email from DDP saying “it will get sorted out”, with regards to the money they owe me, which is now $12900 plus interest over 27months. Then nothing! No emails, phone calls - nothing! They do not respond to any correspondence. They won’t even respond to my review on here.

I will keep giving updates and bad reviews wherever I can until I get my money back.

Stay away from DDP. If you value your hard earned money, stay well clear of this company. They are nothing but thieves. Check out the piece they did on DDP on A Current Affair (ACA).


So DDP, where is the $12900 you still owe me after 2 years and 3 months of waiting? You sent me a repayment schedule 20 months ago, and you have not stuck to it. Julia from DDP sent me an email over a month ago now saying "it will be sorted out", then silence. Back to the normal mode of DDP operations - ignorance. I saw the show on A Current Affair, and I can see that ripping people off is part of your business model. So Julia and Zaki, where is my money?I have correspondence confirming DDP owed me $13900 ($1000 paid back) from Brendan (founding member) in the forms of texts and emails, from Jamal in the fo of texts and emails, from Emma Smith in the forms of emails and a repayment schedule, and a few wishy washy emails from Julia agreeing DDP owed me money but dodging the subject. We are not going away DDP. We will keep going until we ALL get OUR money back.

Unreputable company

I had a very bad experience with DDP. They initially took a deposit however they went back of their promise of refunding the deposit if finding could not be approved. I have since been contacted by Facebook by multiple individuals facing the same experience or worse. One of their prior employees, [name removed], indicated that [name removed] has major cash flow problems and they have a queue of individuals awaiting refunds, but they don't have the cash to repay. This is confirmed by closing their offices and moving every so often. They even falsely offered me a payment plan to refund which they never honoured. There are now Facebook groups looking at civil and criminal proceedings against this company. Avoid at all costs.

Reading the other 5 star reviews they are obviously false reviews, praising DPP as an 'entrepreneur'

MY ADVICE: The fees they charge should be linked to actual output, never give them any money unless they have already delivered a service you are happy with. This is how all other consultants work, there is no genuine reason for paying fees upfront.

Hi Lain M , we have no record of your name with our company, please contact us at info@ddpproperty.com.auMy name is Iain - with an 'I' not 'L' Speak to Brendan.Hi Lain, You may have been mistaken by another property investment company that past staff may have worked with us. Please contact the person you were dealing with directly, we have had a few complaints in which ex staff have been representing DDP but have not been working with us.

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I would like to know when DDP will pay us the money they owe us.
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[Name Removed] please explain why you havent stuck to your payment agreement in court?
3 answers
I guess Julia cant answer this question. Funny that !Yeah funny that!Looks like many are in the same boat, must have done wrong by a lot of people to end up on A Current Affair https://bit.ly/2R5zLbJ

Why does Dream Design Property and [Name Removed] simply not care or have any guilt about taking my money or other peoples money when you provide a service they are clearly dissatisfied with?
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