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Dreambaby F128

Dreambaby F128

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Good idea, won't stick

These are a collection of 12 sea-related bath stickers that change colour to white when the bath temperature hits 37 degrees C. They're non-slip bath appliques that, once stuck to the bath, allow toddlers to crawl around a bath with less likelihood of slipping and banging their head, etc.
The bath must be dried first, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, and then dried again. Once done, the stickers are applied.
And here's where the problem is - the adhesive on the stickers isn't strong enough to keep them stuck to the bath surface, making them useless. The smaller "shell" stickers actively slide around as if there's a mild gooey substance underneath them, but in no way does it adhere to the bath even after thorough cleaning.
The idea is good, I like that they'll change color if the water temperature is too hot.
They don't stick to the bath even with correct bath cleaning and preparation.

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