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How do i get to the battery on my son's 659 Monster 2014 model i think?
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Hi Nobby, Have not had the need to access the battery, but I'm guessing it's under the seat somewhere. Just watched a You Tube Video using a 696 (same animal just a bigger heart) hmmm, looks complicated. Once you get it changed, I'd suggest getting a charger and keep the beast plugged in AND switched on. Mine is on the charger 24/7, have never had an issue so far. Cheers Chuck

Engine alarm on immobilizer . I have to push down the key and re rotate to switch it on . Also low beam and tickel charger not working.. Any help?
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Hmmm, I see a visit to your local dealer in your future sir. Im totally useless with vehicle electrics, always have been, but have built many electronic bits for my hobbies without a problem, go figure.

Had my 659 from new for 18 months . Now it has a fault in the gearbox where it doesn't select gear. It has happened between 2nd and 3rd a couple of times and two days ago when selecting top cog passing a car. Anyone else have this happen?
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I've had the odd "false neutral", but that's just me being a bit sloppy, used to get them on my other bikes as well. So far after 4 years only issue I've had is the engine warning light coming on with no code, turns out it was what I thought, with the sport/race chip and restricter still in place (to keep Mr Plod happy) the optimum breathing is compromised just a little.

Iv just bought a 2013 659abs and so far its great except for the rear break! I find that it has to be pushed down a fair way before you feel anything. The front it instant bite, its really good. Does the rear need to be bled/adjusted? There's almost 11k kms on it so its nearly due a service anyway
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I've had the same "issue", and brake has been bleed and "adjusted" by the Technician (don't call him a mechanic!) and it's still next to useless. But having said that, I've learnt over the years to only use the rear as a hill stop, My previous bikes would lockup if the rear was used and helped to add to a couple of offs (my lack of talent was about 90% of the root cause). I've just had the 12k Desmo service done, this can be pricey depending on the work needed, it's a valve train strip and check, my girl had no issues, everything was in the right place, but still was 5.50 hrs labour, price was $330. Still the best bike I've ever owned or ridden.The rear pads would be worn out. I replaced mine around 11k .Do your research, Replace them with decent pads, the ones i got are noisey.Make sure the disc is not contaminated with armour all or WD40. Spray/wipe it over with Brakecleen or solvent.

Recently purchased 659 (non ABS model). The tail piece that carries indicators etc seems to be loose but the rubber mounted hex bolts are tight ??? Is this designed or do I have a leetle problem? Cheers.
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Mate, I don't know. But I 'd suggest finding another one at a dealer somewhere and comparing. Then you'll know for sure. But sounds like a reasonably easy fix though (i hope).I'm not sure either. I put an r&g tail tidy on it the week I purchased it.Hi Dave I have put an after market tail tidy on my bike as well. So i can not give you a definite answer to your problem.

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