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Dulux Duramax Bright Finish Spray

Dulux Duramax Bright Finish Spray

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Furnace Bright gold be taken Off shelves

I reasonly used duramax range metal primer and bright gold finish and clear coat. First attemt with the bright gold the finish look good, 3day drying touch leave finger prints, and smudge into a dull gold wherever it been touch.
So I decide to give a protected layer of clear coat duramax, my hold project just react and gave a crocodile skin texture, uneven surface, and paint waves.
Strip the paint off did it again, this time didn’t react the same, but made the gold so dull like brown after the clear coat, no shine to the paint at all.

Purchased in March 2019 at Brown plains bunning for $80.00.

Value for Money
Painted SurfaceMetal
Finish Quality
Ease of Application

This range of paints is variable in quality, metallic finishes problematic, the epoxy gloss is expen

Ok, so I used Dulux Duramax paint to give my bicycle frame a fresh look. I followed the instructions, and sprayed in a dedicated spraying facility. I also stripped my frame back to bare metal, and then used nothing but Duramax products because I know that some paints don't work well with others. Even so, here's what I've learned the hard way.

1. The Duramax metal primer is ok on my aluminium frame... although other reviewers have reported that they had issues on whatever they were painting.
2. Depending on the paint colour, the paints need to be applied in wildly different ways, the primer, gloss black, gloss white and grey all applied in different consistencies, some ran more, others were thicker/more textured than some. So make sure you get a feel for it before you put it on your (potentially expensive) project. I will say that the metallic chrome paint can brush/smudge/smear off once dry. As such, any paint applied over the top is prone to coming off more easily. So only use the metallic finishes if you don't intend to put another coat on, and do not subject the painted surface to contact... with anything at all.
3. The Duramax epoxy resin gloss coat is extremely expensive ($25+ per very small can) you need to move VERY quickly when spraying it else it starts to run, it takes quite a while to dry (so it can slowly run while drying, particularly in low-but-within-recommended temperature range conditions). The WORST part of the epoxy resin is that thin coats actually can yellow white painted areas (I used the gloss white), and the yellowing is quite noticeable. Unfortunately the epoxy gloss coat's problems don't stop there. Even after a WEEK of drying, the epoxy resin (and underlying paint) was scraped off by a rubber coated hook... when I stored my bike out of the way... so it is very soft long after the recommended drying times. I am not even sure if it ever hardens up to a sufficient level.

Now, I know it's a spray can of paint, aimed at the DIY market, and all that it entails. But I do not think this product is durable, (despite the name) nor is it suitable for many of the tasks that people might use it for. I don't know anyone who's particularly happy with the metallic finishes, and I have to say that the chrome really is more like a dull grey steel.

Overall, I have a very hard time recommending this range of paints, which is a shame because I really do like some of the colours. If you want to do something like repainting a bike frame, consider getting it professionally painted by an automotive painter/powder coating business. By the time I spent cash on sanding the old paint job down (nicely) and well over $100 (three $26 gloss coats... some unused due to the yellowing issue, 1 primer, 1 black, 1 white, and 1 grey) on these paints, I probably could have paid someone professional to give it at least one clean colour with much better results.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Harmo, Thank you for taking the time to write a very detailed review. So that we can give you the right advice and ensure you get a great result moving forward and any advice on this current please call the Help&Advice line on 13 25 25. We look forward to hearing from you Harmo - the team at Dulux.

Can react to some paints.

I used this as a top coat over "Wattyl kill rust" on some metal motorbike parts, only to be disappointed with it bubbling and reacting to the kill rust as an undercoat.. Also sprayed onto existing paint on the bike without using an undercoat an it once again bubbled up and looked terrible. Disappointing results..

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Gmg, Thank you for taking the time to write feedback. Unfortunately, we do not recommend our range of Dulux Duramax spray paint products with any other paint systems. We also do not recommend the Bright Finish range of sprays to be used onto substrates that may be exposed to extreme heat (eg. Motorbike parts). If you wish to have further support, feel free to contact our Help&Advice team on 13 25 25. The Dulux team .

Not happy

Bought 3 bottles of this spray paint, was told it was the best, worst thing I have bought in my entire life followed the instructions, sanded perfectly, used the right primer, waited more than enough drying time, & once the piece of furniture I spray painted is touched it rubs the bright gold away leaving it smudged and a different colour, waste of money & I have used several different brands in gold & have not had this problem ever, disgusting hundreds of dollars wasted including other materials & the piece or furniture, not happy.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi Daisy, We are sorry to hear about your experience. Feel free to call our Help&Advice team if you need any support on 13 25 25. The Dulux team

Dissappointed with inconsistant finish and instructions.

Trying to get an even finish on "satin black" is made difficult by nozzle spread which cannot be varied like some cheaper products (which I shall be buying to get a decent job). Watched promo instruction video and that was not convincing on ease of coverage. Final result borders between gloss and matt, even after several attempts.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
Hi David, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are sorry to hear about your experience. The Duramax range offers a packet of actuators (nozzles), which vary the fan width of the spray. Feel free to call our Help&Advice team if you need any support on 13 25 25. The Dulux teamI have bought two cans of Duramax for my project one satin black and white - neither is supplied with a spray width nozzle !!! there will be a lot of disappointment with Duramax if Dulux continue selling with this type of nozzle. Have been to "Inspirations Paint' seeking alternative products - alas they also promote Duramax with basic nozzles. Reckon Dulux have made a big blue with this product. The dulux team should be calling me and supplying "spray vary" nozzles. very disappointed.

Awsome color brightness, shame poor quality paint

I purchased the rose copper and the color is amazing but unfortunatley that is where it stops . The paint is rubbish, it shows all finger prints and finger prints seem to burn into it . it also rubs off easily and dissolves if exposed to the weakest of spirit based chemicals, really dissapointing for a very expensive product.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thank you for taking the time to write a review and we are very happy you enjoyed the colour. We are sorry to hear about your experience. We don't recommend applying any spirit based chemicals to any of our range of Spraypacks as it will hamper the finish. Please free to call our Help&Advice team who would like to learn more about your issue. If you would to talk to them, you can call them on 13 25 25. Best wishes, Team Dulux.

Totally misleading lid on can

Like most of these spray cans, here is another manufacturer playing dirty games with their packaging for what I can only describe as a way to trick people into buying their products.

The lid on the spray can is a beautiful clean chrome. When you spray your project at home it will look like a dull silver at best. Why these companies continue to miss lead their customers I will never know. Why would you not just spray the lid with the actual product so people can make the correct decision when buying your crap!

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Hi Aleks, Thank you for the feedback. It is disappointing to hear that you have had that experience with this product. It would be great to understand more about the item you were spraying and process that you took to apply. We are available on 13 25 25 to discuss this more. We recommend building up the layers of the product in light, multiple coats, rather than one heavy coat. We find when following this approach, it will deliver a bright finish. We are always happy to chat and understand your project so we can assist you in the future. Kind regards, Dulux Australia

Questions & Answers

Checking a can of Dulux spray paint I just bought and it doesn't tell me where it was manufactured? Where are your spray paints made please?
2 answers
Hi there, thank you for your question. The Duramax Bright Finish Spray is made to Dulux formulations. If you have any further queries, please contact our Help & Advice team on 13 25 25 (Option 2), and they will be able to assist you. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7:00pm, Saturdays from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and Sundays from 10am to 4pm AEST – The Dulux Team.I sent an email via your site and didn't get a response. I hazard a guess by your answer that it's made in China

What max temperature is allowed?
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Hi Jorgen, Avoid spraying when air or surface temperature is below 10°C or above 30°C. If you have any other questions, please contact our Help&Advice team on 13 25 25 who will be more than willing to assist with your project. Regards, the team at Dulux.

I am using Dulux Duramax Gold Bright Finish Spray Paint! Can I use polythrane to protect the paint??
2 answers
Hi, Thank you for the question. Our Dulux Duramax range of Bright Finish spray paints do not require any additional topcoat or clear to be applied on top. Please feel free to contact our Help&Advice team on 13 25 25 if you have any further questions. The Dulux team.Hi Duramax team. I am currently working with your products and wanted to add something here as I have been reading all of the reviews and the information you just provided on this question doesn't gel with what I am hearing from others. I think personally that you should be recommending adding a top clear coat to protect the underlying paint job. I am hearing "it smudges" and "it retains fingerprints".....if this is the case, all could be resolved by adding a Duramax clear coat, either gloss or satin depending on the job. Anyway, that's what I'll be doing. All the best.

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