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I received a message quoting a reference number to talk about something important, came on here to check what the heck it could be about. Decided to block and delete.

This was not the end. I have received a phone call every single weekday whilst at work, all from different numbers, leaving voice messages that are silent. When I ring them back goes to Milton Graham automated message.

I've had enough! I don't even know if I should call them back as I'm scared from what others have said!
blocking doesn't work.. they'll harass you from other numbers! I don't have any debt!


Incompetence at its highest they dont even have access to emails I was asking questions regarding an email they had sent and he said they dont have access to emails sent uuummm seriously they are also short on information or have incorrect information they don't listen and if you ask a question there's a 98% chance they dont have answers they will just keep repeating themselves oh and the way they speak to you is disgraceful. Be careful they will try to get as much information out you as possible (previous address etc...) and they'll try using that against you. Extremely annoyed.

Name changing affairs

Recently all my information was taken on line these people who work in this company have been scamming people for a long time, tip of the ice burg all other complaints . I’d start with Investigating this company’s shareholders and see how many times their names have been changed.

Chasing debit I don't have!!

I received a number of messages from Dun & Bradstreet and then a threatening text saying things had bee escalated. I don't have any outstanding debt so checked here before I called. I won't be calling them and giving ANY details.

Continual harassment via SMS for outstanding accounts that aren't even mine

For the last 6 mths or so I have been receiving messages on my phone about outstanding accounts in names that I do not recognise for companies I have never dealt with. I rang D&B about 3 mths ago and they said they would look into it and remove my phone number and I have since received another 3 such messages. I just tried to ring D&B or Milton Graham whoever they are and the guy just would not listen to me (quite obviously loved the sound of his own voice) he kept talking over me and in the end I told him to just shut up and listen to me and he hung up.

Not sure if this is a scam or not, or complete incompetence as D&B used to be a trusted firm now they are crap. I suppose I'd better give them one star as there isn't any provision for zero stars.

Incompetent debt collectors

Absolutely incompetent staff ..requested details of debt owing and received text message asking me to contact. Did so and back to square one..did not have details??? Asking me to pay a debt with no knowledge of what the debt is for?? Incompetence at the highest level ..I suggest the staff apply for a career in a field they would be able to manage...Ie..Mcdonalds; hungry jacks etc....

Telco ask me contact DnB

I went online looking for DnB because Optus declined my online application.
Google it, took me to unsecure site- dnb.com.au. I click on Standard Credit Report Free.
It took me to www.checkyourcredit.com.au. Fill up personal detail, address, employer name, secret questions, also upload id document, so i did. It say free online copy in 3 days.
Once click NEXT at the end, i gave me reference number. I also received email on my reference number.

Now i see all this comments. I am getting worry whether i just gave all my details to fraud party. Not sure they will ring me. But i think i will avoid ringing them. I will re-post my comment if i received my credit report.

Scammer's stay away

Yup add me to the list of potential people that have been scammed by this company. Just received a message just like all of the other posts here. I foolishly called them and supplied them with the reference number. They asked for my name, I gave a fake one (John Smith) and they, ok john, if you can give us your mobile number then we can remove you from our database. So I did and was told they would remove me from their database, and apologies from the IT department. Also as previously stated, I spoke to a female singaporian accent if that's of any use. I guess I'll now just wait for the slew of spam messages and calls from fake companies as my phone number is sold from company to company.

Harrassing text messages sent every day

I got tired of receiving text messages every day for weeks, so I rang the number. The lady (foreign) tried to tell me that i had a debt with the ATO. I laughed, telling her that I don't work, and haven't in a long time as I am disabled. She refused to't give me any further information because she couldn't verify who I was even though i gave her my name, dob, phone number, etc. I told her I was reporting them to the Federal Police.

Scare tactics and harassment

They sent a message with a reference, I rang and asked what it was about and they wouldn't tell me without giving my FULL name, address and D.O.B.

Absolutely ridiculous, turns out the debt wasn't even mine!!!

They NEED to change their processes, if you have a reference number and give them your phone number that should be enough.

Text message sent in error from a large reporting agency

With the amount of scams going around, I as very wary of the text message I received on my phone from Dun & Bradstreet. Curiosity gave way and decided to call them on a number provided from my Search engine rather than the number that was sent. Incidentally I do not have any debts owing. Got through to a call centre supposedly in Auckland NZ. He wanted my name, I said no, you sent me the text you tell me what this is about. Very rude and arrogant. Said the message should have been sent to a male, which obviously wasn't me as I am female. Very concerning that they claimed that this text message was sent in error.


They have been harassing me for over 1 year now also giving me discounts if I call them & only once they told me in a message the debt was from Terri Scheer insurance who I've never heard off. I've blocked all their numbers and they continue to harass me under other numbers this time MiltnGraham. They email me as well with same messages. Need to be reported and shut down.

Harassing sneaky

Had them harass me thanks to dept of housing for a debt i knew nothing about. I rang dept of housing and sorted the issue. They still kept ringing me, i told them its been sorted im not dealing with them. They told me they wanted proof i had to send paperwork to them. I said no, I've already sorted it. I get up to 6 calls a day every day, lucky its a private number so i just dont answer it, but they got sneaky and started trying to call off 3 similar mobile numbers!!

Being harassed

I’ve been harassed for ages now over a fake debt. They places they claim I owe money too I have never been too let alone ever hearing of the place they are on about! Then they text me regarding another person in my family about an apparent debt matter they haven’t heard of either. Plus they never call and they never email.

Awful customer service

I was hung upon and the lady was not only unhelpful but rude and raised her voice. Terrible. Try to avoid them.


Received 2 texts today from "MiltnGraham" saying I owed money to Nimble - have never used any of these payday loan services, no idea where they got my mobile from, saying at the end that they were Milton Graham formerly D&B... scam! Avoid, do not call, text, email, click on the links etc - block and delete.

Milton Graham nonsense

Have received 2 texts demanding payment for a debt I don't have. How they got my number is a mystery to me.

Last was 14/9/2018 at 12.43pm.
They claimed my number was provided by their client who gave them 2 other numbers. Said debit was held by someone with the same name as me.

Reference number 28789803

The whole seems a scam.


Dun and Bradstreet/MIlton Graham

Milton Graham formerly Dun and Bradstreet sent me 4 text messages asking me to contact them with reference numbers pertaining to matters. I called on each occasion - the Milton Graham employee told each time there was an error and my number would be scrubbed and added to their block list. This hasn't happened. Their service is slack , their methods slacker. I am fed up with the bull being fed to me and the inaction and unprofessionalism.

Convinient excuse and hung up on , This is a profesional company caught making a mistake and will no

Dunn and Bradstreet

Ref 9290173

Please invesigate this asap and reply to me

11/9/18 at 1.50 pm I received a sms from Milton Graham suggesting I have a debt that needs to be paid $255.71

Call 1300 841 850

I called they refered to me as colin ? my name is Gxxxxxx Axxxxxxx but did confirm a debt lodged against xxxx xxx xxx was applicable ????

I have owned that Number for 28 years . That person used an excuse Ohh Mr Axxxxxxx you must have recently changed your number NO I did not .

spending 2 hrs Today 12 / 9 /18 on phones calling departments I am advised conviniently that who ever lodged that debt with your company made a mistake ?????????

I question this as that excuse is Convinient , Very Convinient , Today 12 / 9 / 18 after 2 hrs I am advised by a section with a number 1300 -738 094 ( i was given 1300841 850 in a text ) that because I made them aware I was not this man called Colin my number was removed a mistake no further call or annoying texts will be sent

My question is as follows

If Milton Graham or Dunn Bradstreet have the power to chase a debt, WHO is responsible to ensure a name aligns with a mobile number?

Im lead to beleive as a excuse it was the fault of Cash Converters who do not even have my phone number ? I have never traded with them ?

Regardless as your organisation made a decison to represent a company who you now use as the excuse

what credibility do you have and what right do you have to blast a text off without checking FIRST if a number is aligned with a name ?

I have spent almost 3 hrs asking being Hung up on on 3 occasions , trying to understand and work out who made this mistake to be told because It was not correct YOUR company can not advise me who gave out or used my number ?

May I have a reply may any referance to XXXXXXXX XXXXXX be removed off your company site , the entire process smells of excuses .

Or advise if that excuse given to day by a person resopresnting your company who has the power to chase debts is acceptable ?

Sincerly xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Phone number xxxx xxx xxx

Absolutely awful. One star is two too many

Still haven't got my report yet after 8 days. Emails no answered. Clearly a bunch of idiots. Do not take any options to pay them. Scammers

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Are others having trouble getting their free credit report from illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet)? After using the online form to apply for a free credit report, I was asked to upload an ID document, which I did. I have now been waiting almost 2 weeks with no contact from illion at all. Is normal for this company?
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Update: I emailed illion to chase up my credit report and they finally did contact me after 14 days.

I am not a business...and I never heard Dunn & Bradstreet until I applied for Telephone payment plan that I discovered Brad and Dunn interfering my personal life. I was contacted by Dunn agent a young lady heavily accented, I immediately knew that this is a scam, because of the details they were chasing from me and mistakenly me a husband of somebody else. In fact the reference and the details information unheard and never knew there was. How could we lodge directly complaints to the Ombudsman so these company shall stop faking and Hoaxing vulnerable people, young and old and risking many lives in financial depression looting and scamming stripping us by these sort of HOAX AND FRAUD.
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Does any body know which government agency these oxygen thieves report to? Spoke to a so called operator in Melbourne. Answers were -- its on website NO NO NO - send an email to complaints area NO NO NO they do not answer or resolve complaints (I would like that job just sit there all day and delete everything that comes in !!!!. Could not even give a phone number to contact just website emails.... The war zone looking tram line constrauction was esier to speak to.
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I called the number after another text today and spoke to someone - obviously in Singapore or somewhere - and I told him that after all these years of harassment I was going to speak to the Police and complain formally. He said he would delete my number from the data-base. I said that I'd been promised that before. We shall see what happens. As far as I know, they are not answerable to any government agency as they are a private enterprise operation.

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