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  • 2 reviews

Never had a tyre as good as this


When I bought my Ranger XLT in January 2016, I looked at the tyres and thought they won’t last long. I hate being wrong but these tyres have been great. 57000 at present. Only time it has got loose in the back end is where there has been diesel or oil dropped on the road and it’s wet. I have never seen these problems with wet weather driving that others mention. Maybe I am slowing down in my old age. I’m looking to get some replacement ones, not because my original ones are performing badly, just because at 57000 I think I should. 99% on road but travel short distances every day on loose gravel and a 4WD track.

CarRanger 2015 XLT
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Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop T.Dunlop Tyres

Hi there, we just want to thank you for such an honest and awesome review. We're stoked to hear that the AT22s are best tyres you've had and glad to hear you're replacing the tyres at regular intervals


SeanGold Coast

Pajero's love them


These are my third set over 2 different Pajero's and over 160,000km's. I think they are a good allrounder tyre.
On road they are quiet. In the wet I've never had problems either, though I always flick it into all wheel drive when wet. Towing a 21' van has had been fine as well including 3x 5,000km + trips. I do note the other reviews that seem to have problems are mainly utes (Rangers & Bt50) perhaps rear weight is a factor. When 4x4 I was surprised how they well performed considering they are made for road more than off road. Never had problems beach driving as well.
These are good tyres for the price. Are they the best? No. Would I buy them again? Yes.

Car2013 'Platinum Edition' Pajero
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Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop T.Dunlop Tyres

Hi Sean, awesome to hear you're on your third set of the AT22s! We appreciate your honesty and the five stars :) Thanks, Team Dunlop

Slippery slide


Tyre seems to fairly good in dry. But gees need a crash helmet when it comes to wet. I dont think i have ever had a tyre so bad in the wet. Even at roundabout have to do walking pass cause any quicker and ur off, while granys pass me in their Hyundai.

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Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop T.Dunlop Tyres

Hi there, thanks for your review and we're sorry to hear you're not impressed with the tyre in the wet. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to assist. Team Dunlop


GaryWyndham Vale

  • 2 reviews

Punctured by a twig after less than 500KM and 10 KM off road.


I have just received a brand new Prado Kakadu 5 days ago, hoping to travel around Australia, getting a puncture by a twig today leaves me very concerned. :( The twig is around 10mm diameter and went in just outside the tread area. I can't believe that a tyre fitted to an off road vehicle could be punctured by wood so easy. Or have I got a dud set?

CarToyota 2018 Prado Kakadu
Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop T.Dunlop Tyres

Hi Gary, we're sorry to hear this has happened. Please let us know if you require further assistance with this one and we'll do our best to help.
Team Dunlop


The tyres have been good since for all I have been off road in many places. I will give Dunlop the benefit of the doubt and put this down to being a fluke. Thanks for the reply. :)



  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Best Buy for Ford


Without any second thought, I bought this tyres for my old Ford Fiesta. It suits very well and great performance so far. After changing the tyres, the brake and accelerate quality is exceptional. I'm really enjoy driving the car after changing the tyres. I would recommend this product to all.

Car2012 Ford Fiesta
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Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop T.Dunlop Tyres

Hi Vaish, so great to hear that you enjoy driving your Fiesta after changing the tyres. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this review :) Team Dunlop



  • 5 reviews

No fuss


Purchased a second hand Ford pk Ranger 2009 which already had Goodyear wranglers on. Very worn, caused so many slips and slides and lowered performance. Swapped to the original tyre that the car is manufactured with, the Dunlop Grandtrek AT22, and not a problem since. Only one or two minor slips in the past year and held air fine. Perfect for a rear wheel drive Ute that is used for work around the suburbs and taken into dirty sites and scrap yards and occasionally the dirt track on a weekend. Still fine.

Car2009 Ford PK Ranger 3.0 Cab Chassis
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Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop T.Dunlop Tyres

Hi Cam, awesome to hear that the AT22s are doing great on your Ranger. Cheers for the five stars! Team Dunlop

Good wear, Ok Off Road. Terrible in the wet.


These were on my FJ Cruiser as a OEM tyre.

Ok in the dry on the bitumen and surprisingly ok also on dirt roads, handled sand Ok.

On road Wet weather performance was disgusting. Changed them at 35,000 km and got a pair of Maxxis All Terrains instead.

Ok if you do dry road driving only.

Car2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser.



  • 3 reviews

Ok tyre. Not the best you can get though.


MichaelGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Can't give 1/20th of a star. Made in Thailand!!!


Purchased in February 2017 at Ford Dealers.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 55,000 km
Car ModelFord Ranger PX.II (2015-Present)
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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  • 30 reviews

86000kms From new. Great tyre ignore the idiot ute drivers

CarToyota landcruiser (supercharged.)


johnGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 10 reviews

good tyre


these tires are durable and last long on the tarmac. I had them on a pajero. Its a bit slippery in the wet and noisy as well. Over all The tyre has its positives and negatives but for the price its offered, I am ok with buying it again over cheap Chinese brands.

CarPAJERO nt 2009



  • 3 reviews

Slippery in the wet


Have done 15000km on these in Ford Ranger mainly onroad, minimal wear. All well and good except in the wet they have poor grip. Embarrassing when stopped on a hill in the wet as back will slide all over the place when you try to get going again. Need to engage 4wd for a while to get enough traction to get car moving, which is not desirable on bitumen for part time 4wd like ranger. Complained to Ford that they shouldn't fit these to Rangers as they appear dangerous in wet. Don't expect much from Ford, will be extremely careful in wet until I see a good deal on changing to something else. Some comments on this forum good, but seem to be mostly from fulltime 4WD vehicles.

CarFord Ranger XLT



  • 5 reviews

No good in the wet.


4000ks on a 2016 Ford Ranger these tyres are scary in the wet. Wheel spin up steep hills in wet, front tyre slides, all whilst driving carefully. An emergency stop or sudden swerve would be interesting. Can't comment on anything else about them, they may be really good everywhere else, but not worth keeping if you live where it rains a bit. I'm putting on some other tyres.

CarFord Ranger



  • 2 reviews

Dunlop Grandtrek At22


Purchased a set of Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 because the supplier was out of stock of Continentals and Pirelli's. Not bad in the dry but very poor performer in the wet. Slips on acceleration and unstable when cornering. vehicle is a Mazda BT50 Dual cab 4x4. Would not purchase these again. I was influenced by the Dunlop web site and how the tyre was described.

CarMazda Bt50

Decent normally but slippery when wet.


No complaints for dry days, quiet on the highways and grippy when hot. But i drove it during some wet weather and it got pretty slippery with minimal effort. Wasnt heavy wet weather conditions either. I would definitely change these when I get the chance and wouldnt recommend the tyre in the future.

CarMY17 Ford Ranger


Grandtrek AT22 worst tyre ever


I got these fitted on new 2016 Ford Ranger, After lacking the traction on wet roads to enable taking off at traffic lights or safely turn around corners on wet roads I contacted 2 tyre dealers after being told to make a complaint to them by my Ford Australia dealer with comments supporting my experiences but nothing else. I then drove to my Ford Australia dealer to find out what they could do for me after 10,000 km and was told not their problem, call Ford. So I did call Ford and I am still waiting after 4 weeks for them to call back. My question was how can a car have a 5 star rating when it can not drive in the wet?
I will change these tyres asap while I wait for Ford Australia to call

Car2016 ford ranger

Very unnerving when BT 50 sways on concrete M1


First trip Bris to Sydney in Brand new Mazda BT 50 GT. It sways a lot when on the new concrete rd thought it the BT but fine on Bitumen Thank goodness this happened without our new Van on! Will alert Mazda to this glad wasn't on
Wet rd as others have said

Car2016 Mazda BT 50 GT



  • 2 reviews

Just plain dangerous with slightest wet road


These came with 2016 Mazda Bt50 dual cab. I put up with them for 14000ks and they are gone. Just plain dangerous with a little wet weather. I have another ute with Wranglers and they have fantastic so replaced the Dunlops with those. It is beyond me how they call them All Terrain. Im on property and they are just not upto the work.

CarMazda 2016 BT50 GT Dual cab

  • Verified purchase

Maximise Wear by Rotating


Had tyres OEM 2012 and just finished our third trip to Syd-Dar-Ade-Syd towing a 3tonne caravan. Have just clocked 131000klm and would estimate still have at least 5-10k left, but fitted same for that extra rubber depth for off road/dirt road usage expected at xmas. This was the first time that I have rotated every 5000klm as recommended and it is the best distance ever from a set of tyres.
Great performance and quiet on the road with that confidence of grip in Mud and Sand.

Car2012 Prado ZR, 3Ltr D4D

Absolutely useless in the wet


Got these tyres as OEM with my Ford Ranger. absolutely terrible in the wet, even just a slightly damp road will make them step out under light acceleration. Wont be staying on the car long, I've had enough.
Can't access their off road performance as I haven't had the opportunity yet

Car2016 Ford Ranger

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what is the physical weight of the AT22 265/70/17 please so I can compare to other tyres ?
regards peter

1 answer

Sorry Mate, tyres came fitted as standard when I bought the car. I have no idea on the weight of the tyres. Don't suppose their website can help. Regards, JB



According to the reviews the AT22 isn't any good in the wet, could you comment on the AT25?

No answers

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stoneasked

I just replaced on my Land Cruiser of 2011 Dunlop Grand Trek tyres .
Whats written is 285/65R 17 116H AT22 OW TL JAP .

I am clear uptill 116H . Can some one explain OW TL JAP ?

No answers

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