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Not up to Australian Roads

CarSubaru Levorg

Good tyres, great price


I got the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres fitted on my partner's BMW X5. I've been reading about noise and design problems, didn't have any issues myself. A mate of mine got them on his Ford G6 and recommended these tyres, saying hey were better than the Kumho KU 31's he had last time. I bought these from Tyroola and they gave me an excellent price and quality service on them.



  • 4 reviews

Dunlop SP Sport

CarMazda 3 Neo



Sport Maxx were designed for the XR6 Turbo. Mine came with Sport Maxx 2, just fitted the newer Sport Maxx 3000a, as fitted to NSW Highway Patrol. Excellent feel & confidence inspiring for me. Would not fit other type. Sport Maxx SP came standard on my new Supercharged XR8 manual, but have not put them to the test yet.

CarXR6 Turbo

Poor Tyres - Marketing Hype Has A Lot To Answer For

Car2016 Subaru WRX

21,000 thinking of changing

CarSkoda fabia rs


RalphSouthwest, VIC

  • 10 reviews

Good tyre, but surpassed by other is looking for the best


Would have comfortably got over 50,000 kms out of the set if not for a dodgy wheel alignment & then a screw through the tyre that had suffered from the alignment issue. Gripped well, noise was OK. Mix of highway & town driving, but with the first 7,500 Kms as a demo for a FG G6E Turbo in Melbourne the tyres got off to I dare say a lively start to their life. There are better tyres out there (which are also more expensive). Comes down to the amount you have to spend up front, just keep in mind tyres cost around 2 cents per Km over their life.


GeeEm61Sydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Despite a good review, these tyres were not confidence inspiring.

Car2007 Nissan Tiida

Excellent Tyres!


Superb Grip on this tyres, got to be one of the best i ever had. Grips well on both wet and dry condition!



  • 2 reviews

Great long lasting tyre


Came standard (245/40/18) on my new 50th Anniversary XR6 bought in Jan 2011. Have been an excellent tyre which are just about at the end of their life after 70 000km run at between 38-40 psi. I do mainly freeway city driving and found that they handle extremely well and have very good even wear across all tyres. If you have a tyre pressure under 38 psi and you are a spirited driver around corners, you will notice the side walls wearing a lot quicker and the tyre will not last as long. The tyre is reasonably quiet given the high psi and tighter suspension, but not loud enough to cause to much intrusion into the cabin. I'm very happy with this tyre and plan to get another set within the next 6 months.

Michael S

Michael SMelbourne

  • 11 reviews

Good grip long lasting


OEM tyres on Ford G6 LE. got 70,000k mostly freeway driving between burbs and Melbourne city. I was happy with performance till the end. Will go back to these after trying some Bridgestone RE001 (or2 ?) which are great but I'm expecting half the mileage the way they are tracking after 15,000k.



  • 4 reviews

Reasonable performance when new, but getting worse after 20kms


Barry O'Brien

Barry O'BrienJandakot

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Dunlop Sport Maxx




  • 4 reviews



These tyres are the factory fitment on my FG XR6 Turbo. I have done 25,000 km's (mostly highway) and they need replacing. I have always run them at 40p.s.i, as recommended by the Ford mechanics and they have worn very evenly, but quickly. Wet and dry handling has been good, but they have become very noisy (groaning) in the last 5,000 km's. I will be trying a different tyre when I change them shortly.
Good handling
Fast wearing, soft sidewalls, noisy.



Great tyre


keep up the psi


my FG XR6 2011 is on 40,000km and my back left has the least amout of tread but still within legal limits maybe another 6 to 10,000 i will replace, I drive 120kms each day 25km on a zig zag where i have a little fun, Every 2nd tank I pump the tyres to 40psi i loose between 2-3 psi between the 2 fills.
I will be getting another set of these tyres
they stick

Noise noise noise


My fg mk2 xr6 turbo ute is an amazing car let down by the noisiest tyres I have ever owned on anything but smooth road the tyre roar is horrendous !! They are even noisey when slowing down like I said they spoil a fantastic car can't wait to get rid of them
They don't go flat
Noise noise noise


Dazza45Kingaroy Qld

  • 3 reviews

Not buying these tyres




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Why do companies like FPV continue to use this tyre as standard fitment, they are seriously bad, compared to that fitted by HSV, these tyres makes the FPV an inferior car. I could't wait to get these off the car and am much happier now. Never use them again. Not in any way a performance tyre.
They are made of rubber and black and round and are called tyres
everything else, they are noisy, dont wear well, provide less grip that a cheap kmart tyre, cant be driven hard on, oh did I say they make alot of noise. Oh and Price...not worth it.



Got rid and put on GT Radials on AU but don't know what to do about the GT at moment. Looking at options. Seems tyre companies making too harder compound tyres for Aussie roads. And if you want quallity then you pay big dollars for 19inch with no garrantee you get the mileage.
Good when new, lots of grip, The GT seemed great to handle on FPV day at Willowbank.
In the wet not so good. Tyres went off really quiclky at around 15000ks, Had similiar problem on AU3 Fairmont Ghia in NZ from new. Found compound too hard. Not good for performance cars.

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I have bought a BMW X5 with SP Sport Max 325/30 ZR21 I am getting some unusual wear pattern on the inside of the tyre and they are very noisy is this a design problem with these tyres. they have only done 5000klm as the cost of replacement at this size I want to make them last as long as possible or have some sort of waranty

1 answer

Hi Stan
Tyres wearing on the inside would indicate steering alignment for the front and maybe camber alignment at the rear.
the X5 would look nice with the low profile
this issue should be able to be fixed by most places that sell the Tyres, as for the noise it is strange that they would be noisy unless the alignment is out a fair bit or the tyre pressures are out a fair bit as well.
I check my tyre pressure every 2 weeks when I fill up with fuel, if I drive around town I set at 38psi or if country driving going up and down ranges where the altitude is around 800 to 1000 metres I pump up to 40psi.
I got this information from the tyre dealer
hope this helps

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