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Dunlopillo Cool Comfort Mattress Protector

Dunlopillo Cool Comfort Mattress Protector

MPN: DUN-T5904
3.0 from 6 reviews

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Useless at cooling

I was looking for a replacement for my Kmart cotton mattress protector, so since it's summer, I decided to try the Coolmax. I found it even hotter than the one it replaced, and I woke several times per night drenched in sweat. I ended up hanging on for 7 days, but couldn't stand it any more and ended up changing back to my old cotton Kmart one. Now I have to find space for an $80 piece of linen that will never get used.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Average performer

My Coolmax arrived and I put it straight on my Memory Foam mattress and will now give you the results.

The Coolmax is just a moderate performer,the memory foam mattress is the problem because of its density.Your body heat goes into the mattress and then because of the density it does not travel very far below the surface and it starts to dissipate the heat in the easiest direction and that is back in the same direction from which it came,your body,so you then start to get a heat build up and start sweating .
The Coolmax is much like an Insulation batt in your ceiling.The fibre construction holds air cells between them .As heat enters it travels from air cell to air cell loosing heat along the way.This resistance is called the R factor.
A ceiling batt though actually gets hotter as the day progresses and the heat keeps pouring in until it reaches a point where it looses its effciency to reduce the air temperature.Heat builds up in your roof space and places more heat stress on the batt .The interior of the house at this point begins to warm up and the heat tries to escape back through the ceiling but meets resistance from the ceiling batt which is meant also to hold heat inside the house.
Much in the same way the Coolmax operates but the Coolmax has a much lower R factor than a ceiling batt so this cycle starts after a few hours and you will notice once again perspiration and hot spots where you are laying.
I found it worked Ok for the first few hours and then once it reached this point it basically did nothing.I would recommend buying the gel type overlay in preference to this and I guess I should have read the literature carefully before I bought it as I thought I was getting a gel type overlay.I am giving it 3 only because you can use it as an underlay on a normal mattress as its quality is very good and thick compared to average underlays .You will find this item heavily discounted on most sites and should be able to pick it up for around $90.00 delivered.

Made no difference at all

I bought this product because our memory foam mattress was too hot to sleep on. It says it is perfect for these situations. i used it last night and it made no difference at all, I still woke in the middle of the night so hot I couldn't get comfortable. I looked at a Sheridan product and in hindsight I should have gone that way.

Made a big improvement

We were given this free by our local HN to fit to our Sleep Nova Bad which has been really hot to sleep on - in fact most nights I couldn't sleep on it.

Well this has made a big improvement! It does cool the bed down and we are not getting hot and sweaty at night.

It hasn't completely removed all the heat but about 90%

Expensive if had to buy, looks cheaply made.

Not happy

We bought a sleep number mattress from Harvey Norman and were recommended the Coolmax protector. We found that it pilled badly damaging out mattress. We have used other protectors on previous mattresses and never had this happen. We spent a lot on our mattress so wanted the best product to protect it so we are extremely disappointed.

It damaged our mattress


Excellent quality, soft touch protector. Not cheap but quality feel and quality materials. For those who don't want rough or plastic-feeling protectors on their bed. Excellent product and I would recommend it to those with sensitive skin. Shop around for the best price. Forty Winks has it in stock I believe.
Luxurious feel

Questions & Answers

I'm also wondering if it works in keeping you cool. I have an expensive mattress that I can't sleep on because it retains so much body heat. I have just ordered the Dunlopillo coolmax mattress protector but it hasn't arrived yet. I'd love to know if its worth the money I spent on it! Anyone who has had experience with this product please comment.
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It's cooler than any other protector and doesn't retain heat. But that's all I can say.AW, any feedback on the coolmax? I know you may have only just received it. I have the same overheating problem with my mattress and am looking for a solution. Any information you can add about the coolmax would be welcome.

Does it work in keeping you cool?
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You can read my review.I meant to add also that the efficiency of this product is also affected by body weight as by compressing the fibre the air cells trapped in the fibre are squeezed out,much like a ceiling batt made for temperature control versus a batt made for acoustic noise transmission reduction.A ceiling batt to operate must be at its full height,if it is squashed or compacted it looses its abilty (R) factor to operate.


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