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231 reviews
SDGCSouth East Queensland, QLD7 posts

So far so good

I have been on Duromine for a week now and have lost 7kg I am now 73.9kg. I haven’t had any energy for over a year and my energy is crazy I stayed up til 3:45am 2 nights in a row so wired it was crazy. Last night I took 150mg pregablin and some tramadol to try and get tired it worked and thankfully I slept. 2nd night to sleep fingers crossed will update in another week Show details
MalsSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts
Louise N.
Louise N.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC
Value for Money
SSSMetropolitan Adelaide, SA
Value for Money
Bisheng K.
Bisheng K.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts
KaseySouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts
Ashley2 posts
Sareh G.
Sareh G.Sydney, NSW16 posts
immzp1nkGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

It Worked Wonders For Me

I lost 17kgs in 2 weeks.. My meals were healthy but a decent size.. I only removed junk food and soft drinks from my diet.. Drank lots of water, walked (a fair distance, twice daily) and a couple of lounge-room exercises:
- pilates 3-5 times a week (dvd, pilates for dummies haha)
- some tae bo (also a dvd)
My work shifts changed weekly so walking and exercising at home suited my daily routine Show details
No N.
No N.3 posts

Life changer

I have successfully lost 15 kgs in 3 months and could not be more delighted. I had virtually no side effects and I have not regained any weight since stopping, as I have changed my lifestyle. Show details
jodie Z.
jodie Z.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA
  Fair Incentive

Changed my life

I would like to say that this product is the only way to lose weight and actually it is the only way to keep it off. I would like to highly recommend it. Definitely worth a try what have you got to lose? Show details
RJR38 posts
LouisePerth, WA4 posts

Happy with the results

Have been taking it for 1 month now 30mg, have lost 5 kilos. I’ve still got my full appetite and have 3 meals a day, portions are smaller . I don’t snack in between and sweet things taste awful. I experience insomnia ( nothing new to me )but I’m getting 5 hours straight sleep. My energy levels have increased greatly. I buy the generic brands as they have the same components in them but much cheaper $90 Chemist Warehouse $96 Terry White. I was given a tax receipt as I can claim it on my private health insurance.  Show details
Petey Z.
Petey Z.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Not what i expected

On the first day this had no side effects beside euphoria, on the 2nd day I had severe abdominal discomfort, on the 3rd I had severe gnawing hunger pangs and this if anything increased my appetite and thirst. I also felt weird mentally, I had a meltdown, I felt restricted and down. I went to the hospital and it's likely duromine caused it. I highly recommend you don't take this if you also take SSRI and antipsychotics like me. Please don't experience what i experienced. Different strokes for different folks (my sister had no issues and had no side effects) Show details
TeeMurray Mallee, SA


Having a different affect to what I’ve been reading I’ve been tired no trouble sleeping and been feeling like a zombie then all of a sudden all emotions flow in aswell as not being able to focus confused this is my 3rd day on it and I’m worried because of the fact that I’ve been really tired and not feeling like myself Show details
Jon hon
Jon honSydney, NSW2 posts

so far so good

I've been on duromine 30mg for 2 days already today is my third and i have already lost 2.1kg. Only side effects are dry mouth but after drinking water its ok, and very hard trying to fall asleep at night those 2 nights ive been sleeping 2-3 hours Show details
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LA MUMPerth, WA4 posts
EffieMelbourne4 posts

So far really good!

I have been on Duromine 30mg for 3weeks now. I have lost 5kilos. I have breakfast, skip lunch and have a healthy dinner, but I have cut down my portions. I have not had any side effects, I do notice that if I have more than two coffees a day, I struggle to fall asleep. Oh and I hate exercising, but, I do force myself to do a little and try to walk more rather than drive. Show details
Cindy H.
Cindy H.6 posts

Great way to kick start metabolism

I’m on my 3rd month of taking Duromine. The first 4 days I felt high but since then it’s been ok. The only side effects I’ve had is dry mouth and taste is weird with some food- in particular anything sweet, Duromine makes everything sweeter which tastes disgusting.
I’ve lost 6 kgs so far, I have more energy to exercise and I still get hungry but don’t eat as much. I’m weaning myself off this month and making sure I eat well and small portions. Show details
JenSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts
RoseSouth East Queensland, QLD4 posts

Just started Duromine yesterday

So I’ve decided to use Duromine to help kickstart my Weightloss, I’m a first time use and live in Brisbane. My starting weight yesterday (first time taking it) was 87kgs, and my goal weight for in 6 months time is 65kgs. I’m taking the 30mg and have a YouTube video all about my journey if anyone’s interested I’ll post the link here :) https://youtu.be/IH9_jFlH5E0
* I will be posting weekly updates with daily vlogs on my channel

I won’t be taking it everyday, only for the first week then after that every 2nd or 3rd day.
So far no side effects, and I fell asleep twice yesterday (could have undiagnosed adhd apparently) but a lot of sweating and heart racing. Show details

AmeliaSouth East Queensland, QLD
JasonGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
Susie M.
Susie M.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC10 posts

Feel a lot better with these but lots of side effects to endure

These have worked for me but I have to say there were lots of side effects in the first few days including sleep loss, constipation and shortness of breath in the morning. Show details
EllaPerth, WA3 posts
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Mer4 posts

I have had a mixed time on it:

When I first started I was getting really bad headache, no sleep , not hungry and very fast heart rate and could NOT drink coffee.
I now have a coffee first thing and then the tablet and it don’t seem effect me. I’m making my self eat even if I’m not hungry other wise I’ll get anxious and feel sick.

I have noticed my jaw is so sore grow grinding my teeth and clenching it closed all day.

Weight loss one moth 8kg

Hang in there it’s better then nothing. Show details

Khushboo P.
Khushboo P.Perth, WA2 posts

Love it!!!

I take my duromine 30mg at 11pm at night. It takes about 9 hours before it kicks in. I have no problems with it. Only drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning. And I sleep like a baby and have amazing dreams! Show details
George2 posts
Maria Hall
Maria HallWimmera, VIC3 posts

Very good tool to get you started

Been on Duromine 30 for a couple of months lost 20kg dont weight myself Doctor does that took measurements every couple of weeks very pleased cut back on salt sugar caffeine on low carb high protein only 1 issue bad temper . Show details
HLBSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts

You get out what you put in

I was 157kilo after an operation on my foot.
Tried shifting the weight but was always to tired or basically couldn't be bothered.
10 kilo in the first month with out exercise.
10 kilo in 2nd month with 5 klm walk once a day.
10 kilo 3 month and that's now eating 3 balanced meals a day and walking still. Show details
VickyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC5 posts
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Deancairns6 posts


started on 40mg 6 weeks ago (126kgs) and after being recommended and the reviews being good i was eager .... ( ive put on 20 kgs in 6months) but even though walking and cutting down on food, i havent lost anything in 6 weeks !! My appetite is same which is high and low energy levels. Just come back from a weeks camping with bush walks, 3 hr hikes up mountains and kayaking... but no weight loss which is depressing..... ive had lots of tests but everything shows as perfect. Feel very low. Show details
LouAnne6 posts

Week 13 - Happy with the result

I've been taking Duromine 30mg for 13 weeks, I was 120kg and have lost 17kg, I'm really happy with the results so far, it's the lightest I have been in 10 years. I've been directed by my GP to take a break, I'm a bit nervous of my appetite returning. My body got used to the dosage and the side affects have been mild - sleep disturbance and constipation. I am looking forward to sleeping more soundly, I went from 7.5 hours sleep a night to 6. As in my previous reviews I try to keep calories under 1400 a day and do at least one vigorous walk. I'm cautiously optimistic that this drug has been the kickstart I needed. I Show details
Mouzzi K.
Mouzzi K.Perth, WA

This is Crap

Started Duromine 40mg 9 days ago, had all the Basic side effects, hardly ate anything with daily cardio 30mins every day. Measured myself after 9 days and I have lost nothing!!!! Very disappointed Show details
MSWSouth East Queensland, QLD4 posts

Slow but steady

I started on 15mg and the first few days it really hit me with energy & no appetite but wore off after a couple of weeks, I was a little disappointed to find I had only lost 2kg after 2 weeks especially due to me exercising a lot but Dr reassured me it can take time. Dr upped mine to 30mg after checking blood pressure is ok & said to come back in a month so I’m hoping something has changed by then. I make sure I take mine around 6am & it helps having the tablet sitting right on my bedside table with water ready to go. Tired by 9pm which is good as I snack at night otherwise. Will update soon. Remember this affects people differently so give it a try & see how you go. Show details
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