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Dux Prodigy 3

Dux Prodigy 3

135SL, 135SN, 170SL and 170SN
1.8 from 22 reviews

Best hot water system in the market and value for money w

With 2 kids under 3 years the demand for hot water is high at home.
The Dux is doing it's job very wel
We are extremely satisfied and recommend Dux products to all

Purchased in October 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $1,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Household Size 5 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
Hi Ellawaa, You're the best! Thank you again for sharing such a positive experience. It means a lot to us. The Dux TeamHi Ellawala, Thank you so much for your great review and helping to share the word about us. Could you email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au so we can arrange a special thank you? Cheers, The Dux Team

Only 4 years old and needs replacing

As previous people the pilot light kept going out and I couldn't get it to restart. Cost of plumber each time. Unit is now leaking and only 4 years old - needs replacing. Costly exercise! Very disappointed.

Purchased in April 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hi Lyn, We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our team would like to resolve this for you. If you can email through your full name, contact number, address where the water heater is installed, model number and serial number of the water heater to help@dux.com.au we would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, The Dux TeamHi Lyn, We would really appreciate if you can send through your details so we can try and resolve this issue for you. Regards

hot water very hot.Excellent

We installed a prodigy 3 from Bunnings after our old unit broke down and was leaking water on a Monday,by Wednesday we had it up and running . The whole process from ordering at Bunnings to the time of installation was excellent.We were well looked after.Our hot water is a lot more hotter than before..Good one.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Crowner, Thanks for your positive feedback - much appreciated! Regards, The Dux Team


I bought my hot water heater from Bunnings on 5th April 2018. I am happy with the services and installation of the hot water heater provided by the Dux Team. They even replaced the dented cover from the hot water heater! So far I have not encountered any problem with the hot water heater.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Happy Customer, Thanks for your positive feedback - much appreciated!! The Dux Team

This is a bad company don't buy

my dux 170l hotwater serice is rubbish.only 2.5years old and pilot light keeps going out.this is known problem so should be covered by waranty. i rang them and was told rudely i might add that it is not albeit it is known problem and said bad luck.i am now going to pursue this in court as it is not good enough.this people dont care but will take your money
shame on you dux. will never buy anything from this so called aussie business again
people please take heed before you buy a water heater from dux as they are rubbish and will cost you s fortune to repair.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Pretty good all considered

We installed a prodigy 3 from Bunnings in 2010 after old unit broke down on the weekend. We are a four person family but can have up to 7 with relatives staying. We always had good, strong hot water even though certain family members have very long showers!

Standard maintenance items are thermal relief valves and anodes every 5 years.

The gas regulator failed a couple of years ago which meant pilot kept going out and this was about $150 I think from one of the plumbing shops.

Ours was within a few weeks of the 7 year tank warranty when the tank started leaking, but Dux still warranted the replacement which I was pretty happy with. We had to pay for the plumber to do the install, but they fixed some issues with the previous install and upgraded it to the prodigy 4 star at the same time.

I can't comment on the issues others are having but the plumber seemed to think you should get 15-20 years from these units if you keep the maintenance up. For the life of the tank it is critical that:
1) the relief valves are regularly tested and replaced - these do fail and if they don't open properly they will cause tank to burst
2) sacrificial anode is replaced at 5 years. The anode is there to corrode instead of your tank. As soon as your anode is depleted your tank will start rusting from the inside.

I'm hoping the gas bill is a bit lower with the prodigy 4. Our gas bill has always been pretty high but we do a lot of cooking so can't just put it down to the p3.

Date PurchasedOct 2010

Not fit for purpose -- don't buy it

Same complaint as everyone else. Pilot light won't stay on.
In December 2014, Dux fitted a shield to protect it from rain. This made it slightly better -- pilot light only went out in heavy rain. Where I live, it rains a lot. Dux told me they would charge me for call out under guarantee if I complained about the pilot light again.
It got worse. In the last 6 months it's gone from monthly to daily. In the last 7 days, I have spent hours on the phone and paid out $400. New controller -- made no difference. New regulator -- made no difference.
And it uses too much gas. $180 a quarter for two careful adults, with one bathroom (no bath) and one kitchen.
That's it. This is a system not fit for purpose. I've ordered solar evacuation tubes and I am getting rid of the gas.
Think twice before buying anything from Dux.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Dud Sunpro

Purchased in 2008 and nothing but trouble. Solar panels replaced under 2 years, Anti Frost Valve 1 time, Solenoid Valve 2 times, Gas Control 2 times, Electronic Control unit 6 months ago and now is not heating up. Use up water & gas wont automatically reheat quickly. Its winter & solar is affected but gas should automatically kick in and do the job but same problem every year. Absolute rubbish.

Date PurchasedDec 2008

Dux (or Dud) Prodigy. Never again...

Dangerous unit. Out of warranty (2 years old). Pilot continually went out, and when we managed to get it to stay alight, flames randomly shooting up through front of unit damaging internal components. My local licenced plumber took a look noting when lit, gas was escaping inside the unit causing mini "thumps" as escaped gas was igniting internally. Claimed he'd never seen anything like it in his 20 years of plumbing and called Dux to ask if the unit was possibly subject to a recall. Dux advised no, but sent out their contractor to repair it at a cost of $350.00 the following day. Unit was not replaced and fire damage clearly visibly up through the front of the unit, but I trusted the plumber and accepted the $350.00 fix. Issue of pilot going out and flames shooting up through face of unit returned however less than 12 hours after Dux's "fix". Called Dux immediately next morning to complain, who had their contractor call me an hour later to say they couldn't have anyone out to look at it until the following day. So this amounted to more than 48 hours without hot water in the middle of winter from the time the problem was first reported to Dux, or attempt to relight it at the risk of fire or worse still, an explosion. Needless to say, we went without the hot water, but rather than wait yet another 24 hours for Dux's understaffed contractor (Cavana Plumbing) to take a second look, decided to get my local plumber in to replace it. I now own the favourably reviewed Aquamax 390 which my plumber also swears by, and am now sleeping much better at night knowing the Dux unit is no longer on my property.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Simple fix for Pilot Light going out

I've experienced the exact same problem described with the pilot light failing to stay ignited in a 6 year old 170L Dux Prodigy 3 but have found a very simple and free solution!

The background is similar, I turned the gas off to replace the sacrificial anode but then found I couldn't get the pilot light to stay on. I had tried to change the anode the day before (but didn't have the right sized socket) and had switched off the gas but was able to turn it back on without issue. I then realised the difference between the two times was that when I successfully changed the anode I drained the tank completely as the tank shifted a little when I was tightening the anode and it was too heavy to move while it was full of water. My theory was that the thermostat is normally probing the tank which is usually hot and in turn is keeping the thermostat components warm.

So here's the fix. Get a blow dryer and heat up the thermostat especially the part below the red dial until it is nice and warm and voila pilot light will light and stay lit! I had been pulling my hair out for 24 hours and had even changed the pilot light thermocouple (fortunately a cheap part at $26) with no luck. I had just debated with my wife about ordering a new thermostat and being without hot water for another few days or just getting a better quality hot water tank and had decided on the latter when this idea hit me. I hope it can help a few more people and shame on Dux for not fixing this clearly defective thermostat irrespective of age of the unit.


Prodigy 3, pilot light goes out daily. 2 warranty calls to Dux with no result. Rang Dux again, out of warranty, only 1 record of me calling so not a recurring issue. Would advise everyone to steer clear of all Dux products as the quality is non existent along with the customer service.

Dux Prodigy 135D5L

We built a new house mid 2013. Have a Dux propane system to heat the water. Everytime we get a new LPG cylinder delivered, the unit develops a problem with the pilot light. Wouldn't stay on so we had a gas fitter out and he said it was a problem in the systems line. Now the Unit won't light at all. Will either be a thermocoupling problem or issue with the thermostat controller. This unit is garbage. Costs us at least $350 to get a plumber out everytime. If you buy one, on your own head be it. It will cost less to replace it with a decent unit in the long term. Never again.

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Hi Monarokid, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW312, please include your 12 digit serial number. Regards Dux After Sales.

Absolute piece of rubbish and terrible customer service at Dux

We noticed the hot water in our Protégé 3 model wasn't lasting as long as it was previously without any difference in usage. Luke warm showers at best. We checked it and there was no obvious problems. ie: pilot on, temp set to maximum. The system was manufactured in 2013 so not even 2 years old and that's when I found out the warranty is only for 12 months and only covers the parts and the workmanship. The warranty is worth nothing as far as I'm concerned. It's a piece of junk if it only lasts 2 years. Most people expect their hot water system to last for 10 years at least. the very unhelpful customer service lady did little to help my anger . Her only comment was we would have to contact a plumber to find out what the problem is. I will tell everyone not to touch the Dux hot water system. It's absolute rubbish. Quite possibly the worst product on the market

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Hi "flossygirl", We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW249, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux Hot Water.

Ongoing problems with hot water system.

Worst product on market, replaced contoller twice , first under warranty , solar panels leaking, cost nearly a thousand dollars for labour.
Now pilot light on, but not working again. So far had paid over $ 1k just for service in about six years. Would NEVER touch their product again.

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Hi Mark, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW238, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux After Sales.

Not energy efficient but works ok.

I bought a factory refurbished Dux Prodigy 3, LPG gas, 10Kw output, hot water heater from an online auction site in July 2009 for $125.00.
Obviously LP gas was going to be considerably more expensive to run than natural gas but, as there is no reticulated gas supply in our area we had no option. Having said that, we don't find the running cost to be outrageous! It uses an 8.5 Kg barbecue cylinder every 18-19 days which @ $22.00 per refill equates to a running cost of about $1.20 per day. Although this water heater only supplies a bathroom and toilet basin we don't find that unbearable.

The quality of the system has been good with absolutely none of the problems that other users on this site have reported, particularly with the pilot flame going out. The only time the pilot flame ever has to be re-lit is when we have inadvertently run out of gas....and you can't blame the unit for that! I would possibly look for causes other than the unit itself, such as.....is the heater in a windy situation, where the pilot flame is being blown out by wind, or is there another heavy draw gas appliance, ie: central gas heating, in the house that might temporarily effect the gas pressure to the pilot??

After 6 years +, the water is showing no signs of rust and the pressure tank appears to be of good quality, as is the metal case....once again, no rust. The only complaint I would have regarding the pilot flame is its location! I know it has to be at the bottom of the heater but to re-light, one has to lie on the ground to be able to see the pilot nozzle, and somehow operate the gas regulator button and the igniter button with two different hands at the same time..... a difficult task! It would have been handy to have had these two buttons grouped together and a small mirror angled in the unit base to see when the pilot ignited, without having to lie at ground level! I have thought about making this modification myself but the need has not arisen often enough to worry about it, but, in view of the number of complaints regarding this on this site, it is possibly something that Dux could give some thought to.

I made a decision to purchase this unit on a cost basis. I knew it was never going to be as efficient as a wall instantaneous unit, but one of those would have cost me another $600-$700 above the cost of this unit to purchase and I figured that with the additional cost of gas that I would use above that used by an instantaneous unit, I would never hit the 'break even' point over the life of the system! I was always going to be better off going down this path.

In summary, The Dux Prodigy 3 unit has never broken down and I consider it to have been a good purchase.....I can't think, for a second, that Dux singled me out for an exceptionally good unit. The parts in this unit would be exactly the same as in others on Product Review who seemed to have experienced problems, and I would tend to look for other reasons for their issues, not necessarily the unit!
It may not be the 'sharpest knife in the drawer' but it has been good to us.....I would definitely recommend!

Amazingly bad product

My Prodigy 3 is 6.5 years old. First time its control unit broke several days after warranty expiration. It did not keep the pilot light on. In 5.5 years after its replacement the same has happened again. It seems that it is due to the same crappy unit. I could imagine that Dux who is aware of this problem would invest some resources in developing a new reliable unit but after searching in the Internet has come to the conclusion that my idea is wrong.

Besides the failed control unit my system has two more problems. It almost continuously emits the sound of dropping water that is very annoying during the night time and one of its 3 solar panels is covered by some dirt inside that looks like black mold. Most probably it means that it lost tightness and some humidity penetrated inside it.

I would not recommend to anyone to have such system installed.

April 22nd 2016 Update:

"Attention to Dux Prodigy 3 Owners Having Pilot Light Problem"

It is clear from many reviews that people having Dux Prodigy water heaters installed experience problems with its pilot light. The light does not stay on. I had to replace already 2 control units because of that. In less than one year after the second replacement it did not stay on again. In my experience Dux is useless in fixing this problem. The company could have invested some money into investigating what the cause is, but it seems they do not bother about it at all.

After it happened to me for the second time I decided to find the reason of fault myself. I do not know if my conclusion is correct but the fix worked for me. What I found on my unit and what is clear from some reviews is that the pilot light does not stay on after the unit was switched off. In my opinion this is the key of the problem.

What can cause this behaviour? It all deals with the electrical science that is basically a science about contacts. There is a reset button on the top of control unit that is used to control the pilot light. This button is connected to the old fashioned switch hidden inside the box. The switch has metallic contacts. My conclusion is that those contacts are just oxidised. It prevents the electric current from passing through them. It is that simple. If the contacts are cleaned, the control unit will resume working. Unfortunately, to clean the contacts the whole unit should be removed from the heater and disassembled. For those ones who can do it themselves it can be a cheap solution.

What everyone can also try is to press the reset button vigorously many times. It can happen that the electric connection will be restored after that. At least it is what helped me to restore the pilot light on my second faulty unit.

If my conclusion is right, I wonder why Dux could not find this simple reason itself and replace the old fashioned switch by a more reliable one.

To those who do not want to face problems with the pilot light, I would recommend never to switch the control unit off.

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Hi Alexey, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW205, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux After Sales.

Dux -- Pilot light going out

I bought dux prodigy about 3 years ago. All is well with the unit except that the pilot light is going out , evertime we come back from vacations. Rang a plumber and he reckons it might be the the thermocouple again. I except this unit to last at least 7 years but this problem of pilot light comes on every time, the unit is turned off for vacations etc. Not happy with this Australian product.

Never buy Dux again

Unit not even 3 years old and now it's got same problem as other reviews! Pilot will not stay lit!, called dux n got told too bad. But they happy to ask for $120.00 just for turning up to look at it plus extra touch it n for parts!! From looking on net, this seems to be a common fault with this type of unit n more or less a way of dux making extra money! . Once a great Australian company with top products but now just rubbish, poor products to go hand in hand with poor service. Shame Dux , I never buy your hot water or air con units again. 1 star is still to hight .

Dux Prodigy Three problems

Have had the Dux Prodigy three 135s for 19 months and the pilot light went out and would not remain lit . Called out plumber of 16 years and he tested everything including thermocouple and found that it was the Gas valve (SIT Valve) this was not remaining magnetized inside to retain the gas flow. of course this is no longer under warranty and a Dux plumber wanted $250 just to come out and then $50 for the first 15 minutes and then the part is about $350 dollars!!!!! how can a part like this go after only 19 months. i am extremely disappointed with Dux and their total lack of interest in fixing everything. Heard that this is a regular occurrence with this part now hope Dux will come to the party for us......don't want to pay almost as much to fix as i did for the original unit!!!!
Get Dux to fix

Hi Fiona, Dux Manufacturing Limited has been in contact with you, if you have any further questions please call on 1300 365 115 - option 2 or email on feedback@dux.com.au . Thanks Dux After Sales.Thanks for the prompt and positive response to this matter Dux. I am more than happy with the fact that you are resolving this matter for me at no charge as is my plumber who has always promoted your products as Australian made. Many thanks

Giving away Dux Prodigy 3 can be found on street curb.

Unit 3 years old, Pilot kept going out, cleaned pilot changed thermocouple, still had problem so called a plumber, Thermostat faulty. was going to be $350 to replace, That plus reading reviews while trying to fix earlier problems I decided to scrap heater and go instantaneous. Thank you Dux you cost me good money...
Removed fairly easily

Hi, We would like to investigate further. Please email Dux on feedback@dux.com.au and give a brief description of the problem. Include your name, address and phone number so that we can contact you quickly. Please also include the 12 digit serial number of your hot water system. Please make note your reference number is PRW065. Thanks Dux After Sales.I have a Dux Prodigy 3 just stopping releasing hot water after warranty expired. What a bad product.Hi Caron, we are sorry to hear of your experience with the Dux hot water system. We would like to investigate your matter further, please contact Dux on 1300 365 115, option 2 with the following reference number PRW104. Thanks Dux After Sales.

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How can I stop the excessive loud banging/popping noise from the unit. This happens every time the water is being used!!
3 answers
I don't know why.I too am a consumer.Hi Pauline, We'd be happy to assist you with your question. If you can email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed, model number and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au it will be great. Regards, The Dux TeamHi Pauline, The heater (as it is a hollow vessel) might be amplifying noises in the plumbing and valves fitted to the cold water supply to the tank, as the water is being drawn off, any 'chattering' of valves is amplified by the hot water system. It might be worth either getting a local plumber in to test and replace any inlet valves as required, otherwise one of our service agents (contact Dux After Sales on 1300 365 115 Option 2) can change valves as required and inspect the heater for correct operation. To save you from calling us, we would appreciate if you can email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed, model number and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au and we will be the one to get in touch with you. Regards, The Dux Team

How long should the hot water last havin a shower.... lasts for about 8 minutes before going cold..... mmmm.... model 135fng...
1 answer
Hi Craig, this was a regular thing in winter. Shorter sunlight hours or often overcast or just cooler ambient temp in general all contributed. Even though the thermostat should have made gas kick in and get temp up it was often a struggle to more than 10 min of usable hot water with hot tap on full. Eventually we had to get rid of it and installed a 230lt Aquamax and haven’t looked back.

How can I de-scale my Prodigy, the popping and banging is starting to irritate.
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