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How can I stop the excessive loud banging/popping noise from the unit. This happens every time the water is being used!!
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I don't know why.I too am a consumer.Hi Pauline, We'd be happy to assist you with your question. If you can email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed, model number and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au it will be great. Regards, The Dux TeamHi Pauline, The heater (as it is a hollow vessel) might be amplifying noises in the plumbing and valves fitted to the cold water supply to the tank, as the water is being drawn off, any 'chattering' of valves is amplified by the hot water system. It might be worth either getting a local plumber in to test and replace any inlet valves as required, otherwise one of our service agents (contact Dux After Sales on 1300 365 115 Option 2) can change valves as required and inspect the heater for correct operation. To save you from calling us, we would appreciate if you can email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed, model number and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au and we will be the one to get in touch with you. Regards, The Dux Team

How long should the hot water last havin a shower.... lasts for about 8 minutes before going cold..... mmmm.... model 135fng...
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Hi Craig, this was a regular thing in winter. Shorter sunlight hours or often overcast or just cooler ambient temp in general all contributed. Even though the thermostat should have made gas kick in and get temp up it was often a struggle to more than 10 min of usable hot water with hot tap on full. Eventually we had to get rid of it and installed a 230lt Aquamax and haven’t looked back.

How can I de-scale my Prodigy, the popping and banging is starting to irritate.
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Why does my pilot light keep going out? My unit is just 3 months old.
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Hi Jan, like my original unit the thermocouple was a constant problem. This device is integral to the continuous operation of the pilot. Faulty, dirty etc. given only 3 months old perhaps is faulty or fitted incorrectly. Left field suggestion might be wind? Really windy conditions or simply a small opening or gap is the HWS outer cabinet is enough to blow out the pilot. You should be covered by installation and manufacturers warranty either way so just get your supplier/installer back out to check it for you. Good luck.

Hello, I have a Dux Prodigy 3 ( 135FNG) Unit installed at my house which works fine. I have noticed recently that the Expansion ( Relief Valve) on the cold water inlet is constantly dripping and as the unit has been installed for possibly 8-10 Years I suspect it will need changing. I have a Nephew that is qualified to do the work but we just wanted to check on the pressure rating of this valve as the metal tag has broken of at some stage and the little section that is left has no details on it. I know that the same valve on the Hot Outlet at the top is 1400 Pressure, but would appreciate it if you can advise what the lower cold water inlet relief valve should be ?? Don’t want to get a wrong part fitted !! Thanks: Best Regards: Peter
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Hi Peter, the 135FNG comes with a 1400kpa pressure relief valve. HT55 1400kpa. In regards to the cold water inlet valve would be a 1200kpa If you require further information please call 1300 365 115 - option 2 Regards Dux Hot Water

The pilot light will not stay on, is there a easy fix? It's a new unit.
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Hi, please contact Dux Manufacturing Limited, please provide the serial number. Here we can advise further . Thanks Dux After Sales.Never buy a Dux again mate , it's a common faultIt could be a few different things. Start with the cheapest. Clean pilot and check for water leaks, or exposed to high winds etc. Next buy a new pilot or thermocouple. If that doesn't solve it you may be looking at a new thermostat, which could be around $400 installed. If no warranty.

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