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Dux Proflo 125S1 (125L)

Dux Proflo 125S1 (125L)

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Very POOR Quality..Parts not under warranty after 12 months

Since 2001 we have had 3 of these HOT WATER SYSTEMS installed & serviced..... First one need 2 Thermostats and 1 Element fitted within 5 years...NOT under warranty !.... Second Unit installed in 2006 also had 2 Thermostats and 2 elements fitted in 10 years, again NOT under warranty ! ... Current Unit (DUX model 125S136...installed by Hall & Baum in 2016 and in 2.5 years Thermostat failed and again NOT under warranty ! ..... Cost to replace Thermostat $229.00...... No problems with supplier.... but NEVER again will buy a DUX Hot Water.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
Dear Aussie Al, We're disappointed to hear about the issues you've experienced with our 125L electric water heater. We use leading suppliers of both thermostats and elements (the exact same brands as other major manufacturers) to ensure reliable performance. The failure rate you've described is very unusual. In regards to warranty on these parts, we simply pass on the warranty we receive from the parts manufacturer. We'd be happy to review your situation. Can you please email your full name, contact number, & serial number to help@dux.com.au? We'll get in touch to assist. Best regards, The Dux TeamEmailed contact details with Unit model & serial number and copy of receiptsDUX promise to resolve the situation ...... AND they did, to my complete satisfaction !!

Excellent warranty experience

My Dux proflo 125 Litre HWS developed a hole in the tank after less than 6 years use. Warranty was fast and efficient, with the only downside being the expense. $249.00 to replace the unit (They do NOT cover labour and it was Less than two hours work). The new unit that replaced the faulty one has a LONGER tank warranty. I do not know, BUT, it does suggest they have improved their product, otherwise they have "shot themselves in the foot" Hope this helps someone.

Date PurchasedJan 2012
Hi Mal, Thanks for the positive feedback - much appreciated!! The Dux TeamYou earned it... Oh and Adam, the installer, pleasant guy & neat worker, only downside here is old system is left for owner, to dispose of...

Attention! Never buy Dux product.

i bought Dux hot water system after 2 years it did not work probably, keep turn off all the time. A gain, after 3 and a haft year from today, the foam is burned and Dux service refused to investigated. Poor product, poor service. i would recommend every one stay a way Dux production. i believe Dux will not last long because they do not have knowledge to run the business. very bad design and just want to get the money and run away from some one dont know this product.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi chi, We are sorry to hear your experience and our customer service team will respond asap. In the meantime can you please email your mobile and email address to help@dux.com.au so we can talk through your specific issues and try to assist you? Best Regards, The Dux Team

Absolute rubbish very unhelpful staff

Both relief valves failed one month out of warranty and the thermostat failed three months out of warranty and dux would not even consider helping with the cost of replacing the faulty items, also called the bunnings store from where I purchased it to see if they could maybe put some pressure on dux considering they sell the product but they were of no assistance either, shame on dux for a poor product and shame on bunnings for selling it

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Absolute rubbish product!! Avoid at all costs!

I'm absolutely disgusted with the Dux heater we bought 2 years ago at Bunnings. I just rang Dux and was told warranty was only one year.. and 7 years on the tank. Ours is totally dead it would seem.. Amazing our cost several hundred plus hefty install charges.. and after 2 years it's busted..

Our last heater went for 20 years without a drama..

Never again Dux!

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Junk - no support

Hot water system fitted in a brand new apartment in 2012 and within 2.5 years the heating element appears to be functioning incorrectly, tripping the circuit every time water needs to be heated. Call the help line to look at the so called "warranty" which is virtually non-existent after the first 12 months. Pretty much the worst experience for a home electrical appliance. Would never recommend Dux to anyone.

Lasted 2 years and 2 months

I would highly recommend NOT to buy one of these units. After 2 years and 2 months of reliable service we suddenly lost all hot water supply.

I called DUX repairs and service number and was advised that their 12 month warranty means there was nothing they could do for me, except to recommend an electrician if I didn't have one (to be paid at my cost of course).

I questioned them as to whether a system that lasted just over 2 years was what they deemed to be acceptable and was given the deliberately vague response that "our units are covered by a 12 month warranty", from which I could only summise that a 2 year lifespan is indeed considered acceptable by DUX.

Hi Mark, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW213, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux After Sales Why is that now you are prepared to investigate further, but when I initially contacted you I was told there was nothing you could do? Right this moment I have an electrician here that could potentially cost me hundreds of dollars. You're offer to investigate would have been appreciated BEFORE I had to sort this out myself.

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Questions & Answers

Just installed 125 lt tank yesterday tested it this morning only warm why is there heating control on this unit?
2 answers
Maybe turn it up to 6 or 7 ( inside the panel) or maybe the pilot light is off. Have a look and see if the flame is there if not maybe you need to restart itMy hot water service is electric

I have a Dux 125S136 PROFLOW electric hot water service that is approx 5 years old that will no longer heat the water. If all electric connections, circuit breakers, etc. are ok could it be that the element has failed and can it be replaced buy an electrician? Regards, Lanna
1 answer
Good morning Lanna, Yes, you are correct. It could be the element that is failing, or possibly the thermostat. Both of these parts can be replaced by a licensed electrician. Kind regards, Dux Hot Water

Why my 125L hot water suddenly turnedoff as it was working yesterday?
1 answer
Shamsoon, Check your circuit breaker, issue with our system was a build up of moisture in the electrical components. Reset your switch. A sparky will be able to fix the problem, ours was a replacement thermostat $300cost. Good luck. Cheers, Mick


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