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Dux Proflo 250S1 (250L)

Dux Proflo 250S1 (250L)

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The best investment we've made in a long time!!!

Worthwhile paying a little extra to get a 250L. We never, ever run out of hot water now. Great service & fuss free installation. Very happy customers. Thank you Dux. You saved the day!!!

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 3 person(s)
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
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Hi Al and Tracy, Reading your review made our day! Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a nice review. We are incredibly grateful that you took time out to leave the review!! Best Regards, The Dux Team

Lasted ages!

We installed this Dux water heater around 9 years ago. Never had any issues. Plenty of hot water for me and my growing family. With friends that recommended us to buy a Rheem, I'm glad I bought a Dux! Probably time to change the anode and it will last me hopefully another 9 years!

Date PurchasedSep 2009
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Hi c_dej, Thanks for your positive feedback - much appreciated!! The Dux Team

So far so good

Had a Dux hotwater system installed in June, excellent install by the contractor, so far so good with the unit but only time will tell if it proves to be a durable & reliable unit, so watch this space for any reported issues :). I got 11 years out of the previous Rheem system so the bar is set.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi John, Thanks for the positive feedback - much appreciated!! Best Regards, The Dux Team

Bunnings should not sell inferior products

Purchased a DUX the thermocouple keeps failing, had to have repaired multiple times. I have asked the plumber to change to a Bosch, had a Bosch in the old house that had lasted 10 years and still going strong.
I have also written letters to Bunnings to stop selling inferior products because it makes them look bad as well.

Date PurchasedSep 2014
Hi Darren, We're sorry to hear about your product experience. We understand this would be frustrating. As a committed local manufacturing business with a 100 year heritage, we take product quality seriously and are constantly investing to improve the quality of products we deliver to market. So we can identify your records in our system, are you able to email your full name, property address where the water heater is installed, best contact number, product model number and serial number to help@dux.com.au? We'd be happy to review your situation. Best Regards, The Dux TeamHi Darren, Thanks for sending through your details. A job has been raised in our service system and we are confident this will resolve the issue. We're pleased to hear you were satisfied with this outcome. Best regards, The Dux Team

Less than five years old and the tank has failed. Not happy

Really dissatisfied....less than five years out of a hot water service! What a joke! Surely in this day and age we can get more this out of a hot water service? I don’t think that is too much to ask! Talk about a throw away society! This is just ridiculous!

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Poor service

Supplied and installed a damaged tank. Emptied old one on my lawn. Which killed the grass. Did replaced the tank but accused me of lying about the lawn. Even after showing them photo's. They still say I'm lying. Wasn't after financial compensation. Just wanted lawn repaired. God help anyone who has a major problem with this company.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Absolutely would never recommend DUX.

Our hot water cylinder lasted just over 24 months before it began to leak from the base. Dux agreed to replace it but the warranty DOES NOT cover installation. I am on a pension and felt very ripped off being forced to pay over $343 just after Christmas to install the replacement. It is the DUX product that is faulty so they should pay replacement installation. I already paid to install it the first time and expected to get a lot longer than 30 months from it. Shouldn't be able to continue such a poor product or, if they do, DUX should cover replacement installation. Won't ever buy DUX again.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Rubbish... Beware last 2.5 years. Don't believe the 7 year warranty. They won't even acknowledge 1!

Purchased a dux 250L electric. After 2 years the top of the cylinder started to warp. The unit is leaking slightly and second call out to a plumber advising me that it is rusting. My plumber recommended me never to buy a DUX and as per this review site you can see why. He advised only to install Bosch or Rheem. You may save a few hundred buying Dux but is it truly worth it if it only lasts 3 years as opposed to 10?!

Date PurchasedMay 2014

2nd one. Lasted 3..5 years

This is the second Dux I have had installed inside of 8 years. First one died after 4 years This one lasted 3.5 years. They just stop working. One day the water is hot the next it's all gone I will not be buying another Dux, they should probably rename it to Dud. Plumber said it all, "install a Rheem"

Date PurchasedMay 2013

the plumber told me - dont buy Dux.

My system with a 5 year warranty failed inside 6 years. Leaking tank. It's cost me a couple of hundred to find that out. I call Dux service and it's too bad as its out of the warranty period. For the cost of this HWS you would think it might last more than 6 years. You would also think that Dux might actually do something to create a positive reaction from their many disgruntled clients. How about 'Sorry to hear that sir. Dux will sell you a new one at wholesale price.' I might then not say....don't buy Dux. The plumber said buy a Rheem mate because he see's broken down Dux heaters all the time. Say no more.

Date PurchasedMay 2009

Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve Problem

Brought the dux proflo 250S1 model on 22 July 2014 and installed. Today on 10 July 2016. Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve Problem broken down for no apparent reason. I only found out the water have been leaking. God knows how long it has been leaking. What a rubbish hot water tank. Broken valve in less than 2 years after installed.

Short Lifespan Indeed!

I thought that only 6-7 years life out of a new HWS was very poor.
Manufactured in 2009, installed 2010, and spraying out water through the external housing by 2016.
However after reading other reviews here, now realize that 7 years was probably above average life for one of these Dux mains pressure units. PATHETIC!

The short life & other negative reviews here are IMO indicative of a design, manufacturing, or quality control problem at Dux.
The internal pressure tank has rusted, ruptured or otherwise failed, likely from a thin or poor quality internal lining. Did not remove & inspect the sacrificial anode but suspect they may also be shorter, thinner or low grade zinc alloy in Dux tanks. Whatever the technical failure, it appears that the economics of cost cutting materials & quality control has a definite detrimental effect upon the average service life.

Own a few rental properties and have had competitor`s units (can I say Rheem?) last at least 15 years, with one tank >24 years still working & watertight. Have learned from bad experience, have not this time & will never again, fit another Dux unit.

Second proflow electric hot water service not happy

Purchased our apartment in 2004 (new) the original hot water service lasted 6 years and had to be replaced in 2010 based on previous hot water services I thought this was very short life. Rang local plumber Glenelg plumbing and told that I was dissatisfied with fix and they said they had new model that attracted a seven year warranty, Purchased this unit for 1700 dollars installed, 5 years ago and tonight I find this new model has stopped working after 5 years: Once again I have to go through inconvenience and cost to replace this fix unit.


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Hi Bill, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW266, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux After Sales.

Very poor after service

Just 4years after installation, the heater just suddenly stop heat up. Contact Dux service line, they just keep saying the warranty is over before investigate the problem. At the end, contact a plumber and I have to spend another $380 to change thermostat and its switch board. Terrible service and product

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Hi Hockie, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further. Please email Dux on feedback@dux.com.au and give a brief description of the problem. Include your name, address and phone number so that we can contact you quickly. Please also include the 12 digit serial number of your hot water system. Please make note your reference number is PRW253 Regards Dux Hot Water.


I'm just in the process of replacing my Dux storage heater with another one. The old one gave me 13 years service so I was more than happy with that.

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Hi, Dux would like to thank you for your feedback in regards to your Dux Hot Water heater.Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 365 115, should you require any further assistance. Reference number PRW142. Thanks Dux After Sales.

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Questions & Answers

I am going overseas for 3 months on a business trip. I was wondering what is the best way for me to turn off the outdoor dux water tank? Do I turn off the circuit on the switch outside first and than release the water? Would that cause any problems when I come back?
2 answers
turn off the hot water power at the switch board and I'd turn off the water at the mains. No need to drain the tank.Will do~ Thanks for the advice mate :)

how to change electric element?
2 answers
Flip the circuit breakers off, (turn the main supply if not sure..) turn off the water feed to the house or if fitted the valve to the inlet tank. drain water- open another outlet fitting to let air in as it drains. remove two screws and the housing cover, the element is held on by the four bolts. disconnect wires and then remove bolts. Reece plumbing have replacement parts for both the element and the thermostat.. replace both for some reassurance... always take photos of the setup prior to disconnecting to help with the refit. refill tank before you turn the power on... good luckFYI, I did successfully change the element and thermostat however the hot water never arrived the next day. I asked a Sparky mate to look at the board and he said its wired ok at the house end but the Energex house feed was suspect. Its the feed to the old analogue style meter which has a tariff 33. I simply pushed the outer protective plastic case of the energex feed (2mm) towards the board and power was restored. (sparkys advice) the screw that had fixed this to the backing board had broken the plastic mount. no doubt they used a drill to install this and over tightened. I placed silicon over the mounting screw which will hold the protective casing in its rightful place. Note: This is Energex's property and I'm not an electrician either. I was not exposed to any wiring. Should've got a sparky before replacing the 16 mth old element and thermostat. I have spares now though.

Hi my Son and partner have moved into a rental property and the hot water unit runs out of hot water after 1 not very long shower and then doesn't heat up again until overnight so no more hot water for the day. what could be wrong?
2 answers
Check to make sure that ants havent crawled into the electical panel as this can stop the unit from working properly.Check to see if heater is operating on J-tariff. Only operates during off-peak hours.


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