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Dux Proflo 25W1 (25L)

Dux Proflo 25W1 (25L)

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Don't buy a Dux

Terrible product. Lasted just over 2 years before water started pouring out of the casing into my cupboard. Service centre said it was probably a cracked hot water cylinder. If the service centre found that it was a cracked cylinder, then the replacement cylinder would be provided under waranty. However, labour was not covered under warranty. Labour would cost $300. A new unit costs $380 at Bunnings. Decided to throw it in the rubbish where it belongs.
Rubbish product, rubbish warranty.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Poor Product

Got this through Bunnings. Only 4 years old and the element needs to be repaired already. Called Dux and was advised to keep receipts of any repairs. Other than that, no interest or apology from them so I don't think much of their customer service either. Should have listened to the ad and installed a Rheem!

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Questions & Answers

Where's the reset button on a 25l due proflow?
2 answers
Hi Oscar, the reset button is on the thermostat. For this to be re set or changed, we recommend that an electrician is to do this. Regards Dux hot WaterOfficial representative!!, your kidding aren't you, you just read what's in the instruction book . There is not button to press and as for the qualified electrician, I'm It , so sort this one out .


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