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Dux Proflo 315F148G

Dux Proflo 315F148G

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Expected more

The last Dux made it to almost 10 years, got told it rusted because the anode has never been replaced. Bought another one 9 years ago, changed anode twice and it's still rusted out. Not a quality product for the price. I would have though if someone makes water tanks for so long they would have sorted the rust part out.

Date PurchasedAug 2007

Great product had my unit for 12 years and looking to buy another one

Happy with my dux electric 315 litre hot water system it has lasted me 12 years and 3 of those years my home was rented out. I have had great service from dux and from my own experience I would highly Recommend Dux. Iam now in the process of buying another Dux unit.

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Hi, Dux would like to thank you for your feedback in regards to your Dux Hot Water heater.Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 365 115, should you require any further assistance. Thanks Dux After Sales.

Very Disapointing

I have had his unit for only six years or so and it has given up! Water coming out everywhere at the base!
I called Dux and they could not care less as it is out of their 5 year warranty.They offered to put me through to buy a new one ! NO Chance
A water heater should last more than 6-7 years

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Hi David, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW164, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux After Sales


Purchased a Dux hot water system 7 years ago, expecting to get 10 years service from it, particularly given that it is in a garage location, not in all weather conditions. When water started flowing from the base, I contacted Dux only to be told this is not unusual and could be due to the type of water used! We are a normal suburban family who expected better from Dux. I was also told that someone could come and look at it, but that it probably could not be fixed anyway. I get the feeling there is built-in obsolescence at work here. I will be looking to replace with something other than a Dux product I think!
It did work well - while it lasted, but we were told it should last at least 10 years.
Did not meet expectations as to longevity.

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Hi Nicole, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au, please include your 12 digit serial number and include your reference number PRW119. Thanks Dux After Sales.

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Questions & Answers

Hi! We have a DUX PROFLO 315F1 48 Manufacture date 17 7 03 and no hot water. After reading some bad reviews, I am wondering if it is worth replacing the element if that is the problem or just cutting our losses and buy a new heater? How much to replace the elements? That's a good run so other components may be due to expire. Not sure which way to go how much to replace that hole unit? Thanks!
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Hi Jeff, If you give Dux a call on 1300 365 115, here some one can advise further in regards to who could repair and arrange quotes for you. Dux Manufacturing also suggest every 5 years to have your hot water system serviced. Regards Dux Hot Water.


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