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Dux Proflo 315S2 (315L, Twin)

Dux Proflo 315S2 (315L, Twin)

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You'd be an idiot to go through Dux

Built this house 3 years ago and the second hot water tank just carked it! Diverted valves on both systems faulty and replaced at the cost of $480 (not incl. call out fee of $90) only for the whole system to die within months afterward. Dix absolutely no help- hello fair trading!

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Sep 2008 Manufacture 7June 2016 Rupture

Robust and reliable goes on forever or at least just until warranty expires.
They must have genius dialing in expiry dates on these things.
Top of the tank has ruptured somewhere and water is flooding out the front panel.
Bought the model suitable for internal installation and guess where it went... Inside in a drying cabinet.
Unfortunately it replaced a deleted model that this model superseded and this one doesnt quite fit in the footprint of the old one and the cabinet that was made for. Most of the water was collected and drained away so it wasnt a complete disaster.
But under eight years? What was the warranty again?

Hi Rob, If your hot water system was manufactured in 2008 and has a "F" in the model number, then it came with a 5 year warranty. We do still make the 315L twin element hot water systems and they do now come with a 7 year warranty. If you would like more information please call 1300 365 115 - option 2. Regards Dux After Sales.Hello Mr Dux. It has a G in the model number. It was sold to me as a seven year warranty. It is not a well kept secret that these systems fail after the anode corrodes. Given that you know Australian conditions and the water conditions anywhere the hot water service is on sale, and given that the sacrificial anode corrosion rate is very well understood one might think that you understand fairly precisely the failure date of the systems you sell. Your commercial decisions are your business. Systems that fail on or shortly after warranty expiry leave little to recommend the manufacturer. Yes I tried the Dux line before posting. Yes I was told I didn't really have a leg to stand on and there would be little point proceeding with a warranty claim. Im more than happy to provide copies of receipts for the re installation if you decide to make an ex gratia compensation payment.

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