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Hi. My proflo 50l is brand new snd keeps activating circuit breaker in main meterbox. I pushed the reset switch the first time this happened but now its bypassing the the unit and settling off house breaker in meterbox. In fact this happens as soon as you plug the unit into the PowerPoint. Could this be fried thermostat or possibly dodgey element? PowerPoint has been checked and no fault there. Any suggestions for a remedy to this problem would be appreciated? Thanx Scottie.
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Hi Scottie .... Sounds annoying & worrying ... I'm no Electrician so don't have a solution ... But, suggest you contact DUX at : help@dux.com.au ..... and/or a good local Electrician.Hi Scottie if the unit is brand new you need to get back to the manufacturer or supplier/installer. it seems like a product fault

50lt plug in went fine 6 months and stopped heating. Thermostat reset not out. Is element only other possibility?
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Does the 50L need a tempering valve and what does that look like please?
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