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Dux Proflo 50W136

Dux Proflo 50W136

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Frustration with leaking & corrosion of the 50L model

We live in the inner West of Sydney, and as with other reviewer, we had the same problem- after being in operation for less than 2 years, we noticed early one morning that the 50L electric heater suddenly began leaking badly, which we traced to water coming from under the plastic cap in the centre of the top covering access to the sacrificial anode. On priding off this PVC (?) cap, we found a transparent plastics lining/membrane bulging with hot water and brown rusty corrosion evident on the brass plug that held the sacrificial anode by its braided steel core. We phoned the DUX emergency number and the DUX operator arranged for a plumber to come and inspect it that day. He arrived 2 hours later, and after conducting his check, he declared that the tank itself had failed and formally notified DUX. DUX then agreed to replace the unit which we picked up from one of their outlets 2 days later. DUX did not want the faulty heater returned, so, after the installation of the new tank, we took the old one apart and were horrified to find thick rusty gunk & particles filling the hollows of the brass plugs that sealed the unused portholes, especially the one in the spare socket for the pressure valve as well as around the pressure release valve unit that was installed. When we unscrewed and pulled out the anode (which was surprisingly easy if you have a 27mm socket or tube spanner), we found it to be covered with a dirty brown film as well as showing partial corrosion (which was expected) with the highest amount of corrosion at the brass plug end of the rod. We cannot understand why there was so much iron rust gunk/particles evident in the unit if most of the sacrificial anode was still intact. If the sacrificial anode (probably aluminum) was working and supposedly sacrificing itself, why was there so much evidence of the ferrous tank corroding- even on the exterior of the tank (DUX please answer)? Hope the new one works better and lasts longer or we will be dumping and discouraging people from the brand. Meantime, we have removed the heater element and thermostat board from the old tank and keep them as spare parts for any appropriate future failure.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Dux? More like Dud

my Dux 50l hot water heater manufacture date 26/12/2013 has failed. Water leaking everywhere, has ruined my timber floor which i now have to replace at my own cost. Have called the hotline and they are sending someone out. The cost of a replacement tank is covered but all associated costs aren't covered. So my tank only lasted 2 years, pretty poor in my opinion. Go elsewhere, i have had 3 rheem tanks in the last 5 years as well. Will try a Rinnai when my Dux replacement tank fails in 2 years.

Hi Kev, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW311, please include your 12 digit serial number. Regards Dux After Sales.I have your plumber coming out tomorrow to replace the unit at a cost of $290. So I paid close to 600 for a new unit and install 2 years ago, and now I have to pay $290 to have your plumber come and replace your crappy product.

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Hello, Ive been using dux proflo 50w 136 model for 3years and It starts to make beep sound evey 30seconds or 1min. How I can stop it making sounds?
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*Ive been using it for less than 1 yearHi Aiden, Sorry for any delays, we are back on deck after the Holiday break and will get back to you asap. Best Regards, The Dux TeamHi Aiden, Could you please provide us with the serial no. of the unit and you best contact number so we can investigate further? It's best to email the details to help@dux.com.au for privacy Best Regards, The Dux Team

Can the "seal' on the base of the sysytem be replaced as water is leaking from here?
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Dear Janelle, our system has just been installed and is brand new. If a seal is faulty it most definitely is replaced under warranty. My understanding is that we have a ten-year warranty of which I am yet to test. Under consumer law this warranty could be extended depending on how long such am appliance should really last. I would immediately contact DUX by phone and or email with a Mobile photo if possible and get them to replace the seal under warranty it should not be leaking. If the seal cannot be simply replaced then DUX should replace the system.Hi Janelle, Thanks for your question. Please contact our After Sales & Service on 1300 365 115 Option 2 with the serial no. of the unit and to arange a service call. A leak at the base could possibly indicate an issue, one of our Service Agents would need to attend to inspect. The 50W136 has a 7-year tank leakage warranty. Thanks, The Dux Team

Hi I have a 50L unit that only have hot water for less than 10 mins and turn to luke warm water when I was taking shower. What could be the problem? Thanks
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Hi Katie. No problem here, the 50L tank (just 5 standard buckets) is simply too small for your requirements. A standard shower head uses between 15-25 litres per minute of water, while a 3-star shower head only uses 6 or 7 litres per minute, but obviously equates to only around 10 minutes of shower time, with perhaps some additional cold water as well. Easiest & cheapest option is to take shorter showers. Raising the thermostat, if not already at maximum, may give another few minutes though. Otherwise you need to fit a larger tank. Cheers


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