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Dux Proflo 80F136G

Dux Proflo 80F136G

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No support after complete failure - just buy a new one!

Hi, We purchased our unit in 2009 & it just stopped working. When I had a look it was gushing water out of the top (between the outer cover & the top panel). It appears to have had an issue for some time as the paint coating has bubbled. Looking on the website it said 7 years warranty, so I thought great they should be able to sort it out for me. I rang the dux helpline & they said that back then it only had 5 years warranty (changing about a year after I purchased it!) so she said, "just buy another one". This wasn't really very helpful & when I mentioned about contacting consumer affairs & ACL ensuring products are "fit for purpose" she just told me to call them! Regards, Gary.

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after installing dux hot water system valve is not working. Any ideas?
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Hi Jim, For information on your hot water system please call 1300 365 115 - option 2. Regards Dux Hot WaterI called the dux line to ask about a hot water system and was put through to a call center in a different country. What is with that....No offence but if I want to know about my hot water system I Want to speak to the guys who make it.


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