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Dynamiclear Rapid

Dynamiclear Rapid

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ITs changed for the worse

I found this product in 2015 and had to order from Australia - I used it and it was simply amazing- so good that I quit getting my anit viral meds. Now that this stuff is out on amazon and other marketing and purchasing outlets, I feel that the formula has changed and is not as effective, and the cost has skyrocketed. So unfortunately this once great product is now making money over keeeping it’s efficacy and I’m so disappointed.

Jury is out

I used this at the beginning of a cold sore, and yes it stopped the cold sore BUT mere hours later I ended up with a cold sore just under the area and another one above the area! In other words I currently have 2 cold sores although they aren't big and one is nearly healed. I would try this product again but next time I'd also put it around the cold sore area not just on the cold sore itself like the directions specify.

Questions & Answers

How long dose it take to hill the cold sore?
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For me it will normally heal up within a few days without a scab. If I don’t use this product my cold sores would take at least 2 weeks to heal, and have a big ugly scab as well. Everyone is different, so my experience may not be the same as other users.

What it the name on new packaging
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Hi, the name on the box is "Dynamiclear Rapid". The easiest way to find this product at the moment is on eBay, just type the name in the eBay search box to find the Sellers.

is this item still available to buy, or is off the market? I keep trying to go to their official website to buy it but it never even opens to their webpage.
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Hi! Where are you located? I'm in Canada and I just go to my pharmacy, who then orders it for me. It has been working like a charm, and I seem to be getting cold sores more often in the last year.The feedback email address on the package also returned a "non-deliverable". I think I bought mine at "Flannery's" in Wynnum, Queensland. But they don't have any anymore and they told me today that they also wouldn't be able to re-order it (the supplier is not in their system any longer). You can still order it online: www.healyourself.com.au www.myhealthwarehouse.com.au or www.naturalcity.com.auThere was some action taken against the product a short while ago in relation to some unsubstantiated claims made on the packaging, so it disappeared from the Pharmacy shelves for a while. But it is now back with new packaging. At the moment I find the best source for the product is on eBay, but I'm hoping that it finds it's way back into Pharmacies soon. Be aware that the new Packaging makes no mention of Cold Sores, it merely describes itself as a Lip Care product, but the ingredients are exactly the same as the old product

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