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Best thing I've ever purchased

Decided to post a review as I want to update the vacuum to a new one.

This is around 15 years old now and in that time I've pulled it apart once to clean inside and out a new seal kit in and for all of 15 dollars it was as good as new but now it's getting really old, hose is cracking and cord won't retract etc.
I remember lending this to everybody years ago and everybody was shocked how much crap is in the carpets.

Once you've owned a Dyson you can't go back.

Im buying a new one, the cost is quickly forgotten and honestly worth every cent

Hi Dre, Thanks for your product review. We are excited to know that you will be upgrading your machine through Dyson. If you would like to upgrade through us directly, you will be happy to know that for owning this machine, you are entitled to an upgrade offer as this machine is now obsolete and unable to be repaired. Please make sure you check out our latest range of barrels, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball range, prior to calling us on 1800 239 766 to take advantage of this upgrade offer. Our helpline is open Mon to Fri 8am - 6pm and over the weekends from 8:30am - 4pm. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes, Taryn Facebook.com/DysonOh wow thank you !Any updates on when the V8 handhelds are going to be released here? I've been waiting and was tempted to just import one but have some hopes they are coming.

Old school Dyson so much better than new models

I have owned a Dyson DC08 for over 10 years and love it. Had the engine replaced in its 8th year which was far cheaper than a replacement machine which you can't get anyway as they are discontinued but It still works perfectly. I recently decided to upgrade to the DC54 pro and thank god I held on to my old one! The DC54 is a piece of cheaply made rubbish compared to the old school design which I have reverted back to using. I wasted over $1000 on a machine that does not do what it claims. It blow dust and dirt everywhere if you can get it to pick it up in the first place my stick Dyson has better suction. It is very awkward and messy to empty and the new ball technology is a joke, there is no stability and it tips over at the turn of a hat. Mr Dyson WAS truly the innovator of the bag less vacuum when he designed his first models in the UK but it now seems since VSI in Malaysia has taken over manufacturing his good name has gone to the dogs. There are hundreds of bad reviews all over the Internet for the DC54 range which mind you is the most expensive too, that surely would ring warning bells for Dyson. I will be returning my DC54 and possibly look at purchasing a completely different brand.

Love it!

I have had this Dyson for I think 7-9?? years and it has done some major work! I have managed over the years to blow up many machine and to this day the dyson is still ticking over nicely! The motorhead is great on carpets and the hard floor is brilliant on floorboards! I have a large home and it has done a lot of work.

I have replaced the motorhead and maybe the barrel a few years back. I have used other machines and even compared with friends cleaners and the dyson still cleans the best. The cord now doesn't pull out all the way but I have had this machine forever. I clean out the filters. I will be replacing this machine with another dyson.

I am a real dust phobic person due to allergies, I believe this machine helps clean my house keeps them at bay, where possible. My husband has been quite ruff with this machine and it is holding up! We have really have pushed this machine and it has held up. I have had my value out of this machine and have no issues with buy another one, when this one dies.
Cleans beautiful!

Hi Deanna, Thanks for reviewing your DC08 Telescope Wrap. We are glad to hear you are happy with your machine. If you would like assistance with the cord of your machine please don't hesitate to email askdyson@dyson.com.au and we will be in touch. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/dysonmy name is gery and i have had one for many yr and there is like a air vent on side which no longer stays out so i cant vaccum the carpets anymore ...help please

Makes Cleaning a Breeze!

Had this vaccume cleaner for 6 years now. Nothing has broken, and when cleaned and washed regularly it still performs as well as it did the day I bought it. I handles tiles, solid timber and carpet just the same - Brilliant!!! A must have if you have a long haired cat that loves the furniture too!!!
Great suction, easy to use, great with fine cat hair.
cable is too short, wish the carpet head had silicon or rubber teeth rather than fibres - would be much easier to get the hair out!

Makes cleaning a breeze

I love my dyson. It was definitely money well spent. It easily transforms from vacuuming the tiles to the carpet to the car. Lots of fabulous little attachments make cleaning out the car a breeze.
It comes with lots of attachments to get into all the nooks and crannys
The only con I find is it's a little heavy to carry when trying to vacuum the stairs also a good excuse to make hubby do the stairs.


In comparison to the upright turbine head Dysons this one is not so good. But in comparison to other brands of barrell vacs, this on is 100X better. I have been borrowing my mums upright to compare and hers does a better job on my sisal carpet, but before the sisal we had twist pile and it did a fantatic job on that. I think the new Dyson Barrell vac with a motorised head would be fantastic and solve most of the cons I mentioned. I would still never go back to a less expensive brand you really do get what you pay for.
Small and compact it fits in the cupboard
The turbine head is only powered by the air flow, not real strong. The brush gets tangled up and stops spinning, the brush cover is dificult to remove and teadious to cut off the hair and string, it only has a small hole before the main hose so anything the size of 5cents or bigger will block it.

I've always heard great things about Dyson so ended up with this one. Loved it at first, but very soon the turbine head stopped working. Mentioned this to a rep at a field day & he replaced it within a week - obviously a known issue? This new turbine head lasted less than a year before it no longer performs again. Very poor to use on carpets with little results & definitely will not pick up the cat hair. I can get more off the carpet using the hard floor attachment or my broom!! So not really very happy afterall.Hi Tracey, Unfortunately, in spite of spending millions of pounds and countless hours each year testing, researching and developing our technology, sometimes one off failures in the field can occur and I am sorry to hear you have had this experience. Please email askdyson@dyson.com.au and we will be in touch to provide further assistance. Best wishes, ShanI too have had problems with the turbo head(s). We replaced onea couple of years ago (expensive) and even with a lot of close attention and care, this one has died too. Hair seems to be it's killer. The inner case has cracked and now finally the shear pin to the drive system has gone. The new style head needs an adaptor and I don't know whether to go this way again or try the new Shark upright being marketed heavily on TV. Thanks Dyson but i'm running out of patience with your product??


Money well spent, I would definatly reccommend this product as it is the best prforming vaccum I have ever used. I can't wait to save up for the hand vaccuum now.
This vaccuum has amazing suction and picks up everything with ease.
It looks great, is sturdy is easy to empty.

Only that it is heavy and that the hose tends to get twisted while vacuuming

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Price (RRP)$899
HEPA Filter Yes
Cleaner HeadTurbine head
Storage TypeTelescope Wrap
Bin Capacity2L
Cord Length6.5m
Replaced byDyson DC37C
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