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Are the products sold by this shop grey imports? Wondering why it's so cheap.
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I've ordered a sony a7r iii for 10 days have not got yet

where in Sydney is your store location? Can I directly buy osmo pocket expansion kit there? I am in Hobart now.
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E infinity is a web site, check this site for item you require my location is Lichfield England, good luck

How long to deliver a Nikon D750 (Body only) to Brisbane Australia? Any international tax? Where do you send from- Hongkong?
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It varies. Initial order 3 working days. It was faulty and I sent it back. Now after they are happy it is faulty they said 7-10 working days. Longer the second time..we will see.

Seeing mixed reviews. Looking to buy a Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS Mark II USM Lens at £1169. Its a lot of cash. Are their products genuine or copies? Anybody else spend large amount and been satisfied?
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I had 100mm macro IS, the latest one. It arrived and it's brilliant, used for portrait shots at weddings with great results. Nothing would indicate that it is not genuine. Looks and feels and performs perfectly. Not got a canon warranty, but it did register on the canon website..Hey, if I have to repair in the first year, then I'm still a lot of £ up.

If I buy canon 6d body only, will the price include 10% GST?
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Do they have a phone number ?
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They only have an email, a contact form and an office address, but no phone. I have contacted them by form and they were very quick to reply and answer all my doubts.

I am trying to buy a camera from E-infinity Europe site. Delivery point is in Germany. When i add the shipping address, My name and home country are added to it. Hence i have a mix up in the address. Also, the system wont let me finish the transaction. i get an error "We are sorry we cant send your payment now" or "Sorry we cant complete your purchase at this time. Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay" So am stuck. I cannot make my purchase. Any help please?
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I would suggest contacting them. I'm in Australia and didn't have a problem. I'm not sure what the payment policy or delivery options are in Europe. Make sure you read everything carefully. You may find the solution in the FAQ's ?Hi @HulkSmash, you bought from E Infinity?

Hi there I live in the UK and would like to buy from your online store does the cost listed include VAT? Many thanks
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Hi, I emailed then regarding this and they assured me the price on their website is final and no additional costs will occur. Nathan.Just bought a Sony 16-35mm f4 lens from them and the price on the website is the price I paid - nothing extra.

Will Goods and Sales Tax be charged by Australian Government if price over $1000?
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Beware their warranty is not valid in Australia..Hi Pete, did you have to pay the tax??

how long for delivery and does it come from australian store?
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Hi, it took 4 days in total since I put the order till I got the product in person - very fast given it's international shipping! It's from a Hong Kong store, but much better service than many of the so-called Australian 'local' stores - they actually outsource from HK as well. 5+stars recommend this one :))Hi Lynette, it took 4 working days to arrive after my order. I'm in the UK, not sure of the origin.

Is there an import duty for a dslr with lens valuing to more than $1000?
1 answer
My purchases were less than $1000 and before 1/7, import duty was not applicable.

how long is the shipping ?
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Where do you want it shipped to? It takes approximately one week to reach the UK, though it has been exactly one week every time I've used them so far. As such it's probably fairer to allow some leeway.

Is there any import duty to pay?
1 answer
I purchased the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 Lens for Sony E Mount from E-Infinity and there was no import duty to pay. Hope that helps!

Hello, the material must pay customs taxes for australia?
1 answer
i dont think so. what you see on the website is what you pay for full.

Hello, the material must pay customs taxes for Europe?
1 answer
Good question did you get an answer?

Have bought a FZ1000 from you last month which you have had back through e-fin-CS ( E-star, West Ealing) London, you are now asking for the faulty camera NOW to be sent back to OZ which it never came from in the first place . You have now got my money £472 + camera and I feel cheated is this fraud or a cock-up. I pointed out to e-fin-cs that the box did not have the same serial no as the camera and that hot shoe cover was missing and two British power leads and two lens covers were in the box and the warranty missing. The cameras LCD display screen was faulty showing garish green and yellow flares. I am very concerned that I have been conned by you please respond soon , not a happy bunny. peter_coltman@yahoo.co.uk
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Very sorry, this is a genuine company. A very complicated multi-national and all my problems have been addressed and all my concerns answered. Now a very happy Bunny!

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